BA English Notes

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Here is the scheme which i am always giving to my students and i hope this works fine for all those who have no more time for exam preparation or which can not hire teachers. Short Stories The Killers Rappaccini,s Daughter The New Constitution Araby The Necklace Take Pity Happy Prince Note: Take Pity and The Bear are similar which can confuse so try to learn their characters well. Plays The Bear The Boy Comes Home Something to talk about Smoke Screens Note: Smoke Screens and The Bear are most common one which comes almost but don’t neglect the other plays which are mentioned above. Modern Essays Pakistan and the Modern world The Eclipse Whistling of the Birds Take the Plunge(Most Imp) My Tailor (Imp) Beauty Industry Nagasaki Hosts and Guests(Critical Thinking) Bachelor,s Dilemma(V. Imp) Note: Just the main thing of each story is Critical thinking….Check what the writer want to say in every Essay Poems Leisure Tartary New year Resolution The Rebel Patriot into Traitor The Solitary Reaper The world is a stage Departure and Arrival After Apple Picking Autumn Note: The first two poems are about nature and they can confuse you so learn properly. Tartary is all about imagination but Leisure is about truth. OLD MAN AND THE SEA Well Old Man and the sea looks difficult but can be easy if you once feel that you was Santiago and then write because in Novel examiner just want your deep involvement. Try to write short sentences and all the questions should be solved with usage of only two tenses……..Present Indefinite or Past Indefinite…… more tense In Characters Boy and Santiago Most repeated question is what is your opinion about Santiago? He was a coward man or brave? Never choose the question which has 20 marks… Attempt the questions which carry 10 marks each related. I prefer once read the novel in Urdu and watch the whole movie on youtube. TIP TO ATTEMPT PAPER The major mistake of every student is Noun + Use of verb Just follow one way NOUN+VERB+ADVERB Remember always write in short sentences form like…. Santiago was a brave man. He said that man is not made for defeat. He was a fisherman. Once he was unlucky for 84 days. On 85th day he decided to try his luck again. He rides towards the mid of sea. He travels for two days and reached at his desired spot. By following these My students always get success and got above then 70 in Paper A......... Wish You Ever best of Luck........

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