General Science book 9th Class

This is General Science book for 9th Class in Urdu for Urdu Medium Students
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General Science book 9th Class

یہ فیڈرل بورڈ کے سلبیس کے عین مطابق مکمل اردو جنرل سائنس کی کتاب ہے ۔ برائے نہم دہم آپ اس سے استفاد کرسکتے ہیں۔


need general science english medium book for class 9th and 10th

plz upload general science english medium books for class 9th, soon as possible.

I appreciation of your

I appreciation of your brilliant effort but some gray area e.g we have no idea relatated to download notes and mostly notes specialty bio for 9th and 10th class no available so need some improvement

downloading problem

how to download any book


good job

gerenal sci



We were wanting such a praisworthy site to help those needy students which could not affoerd fascilities regarding to their educational career, your site has blessed us the same requirment. I from Platform of My Village 's wellfare platform say thanks and pray for you further success .
Dr Muhammad Azam
Hayyal Qayoom Sahara Foundation
Jandraka Hafizabad

welll done dear. may God

welll done dear. may God bless u

want to study maths books

want to study maths books


i want to study maths books