MA History Notes Part 02



Part 1 k notes me part2 k notes hn...? Part 2 me 1 k?... Confusion dor kren plzz

ma histry part 2

ma histry part 2 mein b part one ki books and links hain,,,,,,,,,,so plz upload histry part 2 books

Hard Copy of These notes

the notices you have provided are too good.
i want a hard copy of these notices.
can you provide or from where i can get?
kindly guide me.


Awara Prinda


Aslam O Alikum
thanks bro you have provided the notes of m.a History part 1 & 2.
How can I download these notes.
Awara Prinda

see this

Notes Can not be open

Aslam o Alikum
these notes cannot be open please provide the correct link to view these notes.
Awara Prinda

M.A History Notes Part 2 new

We Apologize For the inconvenience
Now Links are working properly.You can check.
Thanks for your information

Thanks Brother

Thanks Brother

Can Not open Part 2 Notes

Asslam O Alikum i am student of m.a history part 1. but the notes provided by you on this site can not open. please give me a correct link.

Not b able to open part 2

Not b able to open part 2 notes as well.....