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Video Lecture

Video Lecture

Anonymous (not verified)

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 19:16

plz help me in MA URDU Part (1) Video, Audio and Handout(Notes). I will be very thankfull to U. Best Regard Qasim Khan,Kohat 0345 - 9651905

Asghar khan (not verified)

Mon, 06/21/2010 - 10:23

Salam All Friends I found some Urdu lectures by Pakistani scholars on YOUTUBE related to Allama Iqbal(Iqbal ka Khusosi Mutalia) Topics like Khudi , Ijtehad and Poetry like Iblees ki Majlis,etc. Hope this information will help you. Thanks Asghar khan 21-6-2010

Asslamoalikum (not verified)

Thu, 07/29/2010 - 07:10

plz uplod MA urdu notes parts 1 according to islamia university Bahawalpur syllabus 1 Classical poetry 2 Fiction 3 Style of prose 4 History of urdu language & literature 5 criticism i m very very very thank ful t u obedient student
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