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Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Multan

List of Practicalís Computer Science 9th

1Write down the steps to shutdown and restart Windows

2How would you launch the start Menu and Access the Program Menu?

3How would you create new folder on the desktop and in windows?

4Write down the steps to create ,rename and delete the folder

5Writedown the steps

i) To search a file from computer.

ii)To view the properties of your computer.

6How would you search files or folders on your computer?

6How would you get help in Window Operating System?

7How would you maximize, minimize, close and restore the window?

8How would you load Windows Explorer?

9How would you Set Date/Time?

10How would you arrangedesktop icons

11How would you view and empty the Recycle Bin?


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last updated on 28-04-2019