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1. Give short answers to any TEN of the following. 10 i) What are LOGICAL errors? ii) What is the purpose of BREAK statement in C?iii) What is INHERITANCE? iv) 1400 KB is equal to how many Giga Bytes?v) What is a STACK? vi) What is CONCATENATION operation? vii) What is purpose of getche () function?viii) What is a STRUCTURE?

ix)Representfollowingexpression in treeform (6a-4b2)3(xy)2. x) What is a BINARY TREE? xi) What are HEADER FILES? xii) What is range of FLOAT date type?


2. a) What is loop? Explain the difference between WHILE and DO-WHILE loop with examples. 6 b) Write a program in C++, to input 5 numbers in an array. Enter a value from keyboard and find out the location of entered value in the array. If entered value is not found in the array, display the message “Number not found”. 6

c) What is SWITCH statement? 3

  1. a) Write a program to print the FACTORIAL of a number using FOR loop. 6 b) Explain working and Syntax of nested if-else statement with example. 6 c) What is CONDITIONAL OPERATOR? 3

    1. a) What is a FUNCTION? How a FUNCTION is declared? How we call a FUNCTION? Explain 8 passing and returning values to a function with examples.

    2. b) Write a program to define two constructors to find out the maximum value. One constructor is for two values and other is for three values. 7
  2. a) Define POLYMORPHISM. Explain EARLY BINDING and LATE BINDING in detail. 8

b) Write a program to input records of ten students and write these into a sequential file. The record of a student contains the following fields; name, address, marks of three subjects and also calculate thetotal and average marks. 7


    1. a) Explain following string operations; Indexing, Length, Substring. 6

    2. b) What is a LINKED LIST? How a linked list is declared in memory? Write an algorithm to insert anITEM at the start of linked list. 9
    1. a) What is SEARCHING? Explain BINARY SEARCH method in detail with example. 7

    2. b) What is a QUEUE? How a QUEUE is represented in memory? Write an algorithm to insert an ITEM in a QUEUE. 8
    1. a) Explain POLISH NOTATION with example. 4 b) Consider following expression in POST FIX notation; 5, 6, 2, +, *, 12, 4, /, -4 Convert it into equivalent INFIX expression.

    2. c) Suppose following numbers are stored in an array A; 10, 7, 6, 2, 25, 1, 9, 5 7 Apply Bubble sort method for sorting the array A
  1. a) What is LINEAR array? Write an algorithm to insert an ITEM on a given location in a linear array. 8 b) Explain INORDER TRAVERSAL operation in a Binary Tree with example. 7


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