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1. Give short answers to the following: 8 i) Define PARTHENOGENESIS. ii) What is SECONDARY GROWTH?

iii) What is CHANTRANSIA STAGE? How is it formed? iv) What are LICHENS? Give their components. v) Write the spore producing structures in PSIALOTUM. vi) What are AMBERS? vii) What is PERISTOME? Give its function. viii) Give structure of leaf of POLYTRICHUM.


  1. a) Write short notes on methods of FOSSILIZATION. 4 b) Write the internal structure of PHYSCIA. 3.5

  2. Write an Essay on the biological and Economic importance of BACTERIA. 7.5

  3. Write short notes on: a) T-S of stem of EPHEDRA 4 b) Male Gametophyte of SELAGINELLA. 3.5

  4. a) Write a Concise note on NUCULE of CHARA. 4 b) Write the general Characters of CONIFERALES. 3.5

  5. a) Describe reproduction in VOLVOX. 4 b) Discuss Affinities of BRYOPHYTES. 3.5

  6. a) Describe replication in VIRUSES. 4 b) Give Vegetative structure of EQUISTEM. 3.5

  7. a) Describe structure of male Cone of CYCAS. 4 b) Write a note on diseases of SMUT. 3.5

  8. Describe Life Cycle of PORELLA. 7.5

*** BA/B.Sc-I (09/A)-x v ***

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