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1. Briefly answer the following: 7
i) What are the Basic components of TAXONOMY?
ii) Name the Independent and Dependent Generations of ANGIOSPERMS.
iii) What is meant by BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE?
iv) Family COMPOSITAE is also called ____________
v) Differentiate between DEHISCENT and INDEHISCENT FRUITS.
vi) Define the term MERISTEM.
vii) Write the Botanical Names of OAT and COTTON.
2. a) Differentiate between:i) LEGUME and FOLLICLE Fruits. 2,2
ii) TRACHIEDS and VESSELS b) Describe the Economic importance of family FABACEAE. 3.5
3. a) Mention the various mechanisms by which Weak plants climb up their supports. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples. 4.5
b) Write the differences between Primary XYLEM and Secondary XYLEM. 3
4. a) Describe various Modifications of LEAF. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples. b) Discuss the chemical nature of the CELL WALL. 4 3.5
5. a) ‘FLOWER is a modified SHOOT’. Justify the statement. b) Describe SCLERENCHYMA in detail. 3.5 4
6. a) What is PERIDERM? Describe the characteristics of the components of Periderm. 4
b) Write the Economic importance of family CUCURBITACEAE. 3.5
7. a) What are PITS? Describe the structure and types of PITS. 4

b) Define INFLORESCENCE. Compare and Contrast RACEMOSE and CYMOSE INFLORESCENCE. 1, 2.5

  1. a) Describe the development of EMBRYO of Capsella bursa – pastoris. 4 b) Compare Benthem, Hooker, Engler and Prantel’s Systems of Classification. 3.5

  2. a) What is HETROGENOUS TISSUE? Explain PHLOEM in detail. 4 b) Describe the Floral characters of Family LILIACEAE. 3.5

*** BA/B.Sc-I (09/A)-xxxvii ***

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