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1Why did Mrs. Sunbury dislike Betty? Did she win in the contest she had with her son about his marriage? OR What were the different experiences which the lady had throughout the day? 20
2What is the point of difference between LISBY and her two sisters? Whom do you like most in the story? OR What made Oliver Bacon buy the false pearls without testing them properly? Do you think such dealings were in consonance with his character? 20
3Write a critical summary of the play, “The Riders to the Sea”. OR “An Old Friend” by Edmund See is a study in contrast of two friends. Elaborate it giving references from the text. 20
4“The End of the Beginning” is a play based on the theme of “Male Chauvinism”. Explain. OR Describe Humanity’s attitude towards time in “TIME’S VISITORS”. 20
5Discuss “ANIMAL FARM” as an allegory. OR Discuss the humorous side of “ANIMAL FARM” by George Orwell. 20
***BA/B.Sc.-I (09/A)-xxviii***

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