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1. Write short answers to the following questions: 8 i) Name the MOLECULE that carries the GENETIC CODE for all PROTEIN.

ii) Define TAXONOMY.

iii) Define CLADE.

iv)Name the Phylum to which SEA DAISY belongs.



vii) Define TORSION.

viii) Name the PARASITE causing ELEPHANTIASIS.


  1. a) Write a note on EVOLUTIONARY SYSTEMATICS. 3.5 b) Account for Types of reproduction among PROTOZOA. 4

  2. a) Explain the Structure and Canal System in SPONGES. 4 b) Using a diagram account for the structure of SEA ANEMONE. 3.5

  3. a) Describe reproduction in SPONGES. 4 b) Explain reproduction in DIGENETIC FLUKES. 3.5

  4. a) Account for Some Important NEMATODE PARASITES of MAN. 4 b) Classify PHYLUM MOLLUSCA. 3.5

  5. a) Explain excretion in ANNELIDA. 3.5 b) Discuss Skelton in ARTHROPHODA. 4

  6. a) Account for Flight in INSECTS. 4 b) Describe Gas Exchange in INSECTS. 3.5

  7. a) Write a note on PHYLUM TARDIGRADA. 2.5 b) Explain METAMORPHOSIS in INSECTS. 5

  8. a) Explain the Water Vascular System in ECHINODERMS. 5 b) Write down Important Characteristics of PHYLUM BRYOZOA. 2.5

*** BA/B.Sc-I(09/A)-iii ***

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