1. Identify the specimens A, B and C. Give their morphological descriptions briefly and draw their neat and labeled diagrams. 6

  2. Describe and perform Gram Staining procedure to stain Bacteria from provided culture “D”. Identify the type, draw and get it examined. 3

  3. Cut transverse section of the specimen provided “E”. Stain it. Prepare a permanent slide, draw a labeled diagram and get it examined. 4

  4. Identify the specimens / Slides F, G and H. Give at least one reason in support of your answer. 3

  5. Describe in botanical terms the leaf, clayx, corolla and gynaecium of the specimen provided. Draw its floral diagram. 3

  6. Plant Collection. 2

  7. Viva Voce. 2

  8. Practical Note Book. 2

*** B.A/B.Sc-I (09/A) P-ii ***