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1Give short answers to any TEN of the followings:1x10 i) What are THREE STEPS for creating VISUAL BASIC PROJECTS? ii) Differentiate between PROPERTIES and METHODS. iii) What is Concatenation and when would it be useful. iv) Explain the difference between a PRETEST and POSTTEST in a Do/Loop. v) Explain the use of DEFAULT and CANCEL Properties of COMMAND BUTTONS. vi) Why dialog box is safer than using an input box to request the filename? vii) Explain the difference between ByVal and ByRef? viii) What is the function of application metadata? How does it differ from Metadata. ix) When should an ER-Diagram contain weak entities? x) What are the difference between PARTIAL DEPENDENCY and TRANSITIVE DEPENDENCY? xi) What is meant by ‘Union Compatible’? Which operations require tables to be union compatible? xii) How is updating a column different from modifying it? xiii) Define DATA TRANSFORMATION SERVICES. SECTION-B
2a) Explain Three types of CONSTANTS with examples. 5 b) Explain Extended IF-THEN-ELSE structure with example and block-diagram. Also explain its working. 5 c) Write a Program that get an integer from the user and display whether it is EVEN or ODD. 5
3a) Explain DO-WHILE-LOOP with block diagram and example. Also write its general syntax. b) Write down the important properties of LIST-CONTROL-BOX. c) Write a Program that uses a comboBox to display five cities of Pakistan. When the user clicks on a city in the comboBox, the name of the city should appear in Message Box. 5 5 5
4a) Differentiate between Open dialog BOX and save as dialog Box reference to their properties. b) What is difference between “Sub-Producer” and “Function-Producer”. Write their general syntax also. c) What is ERR OBJECT? Explain the properties and methods of Err Object. 5 5 5
5a) What is DATA CONTROL? Explain different properties and methods of Data Control. 10 b) Write a Program that gets two numbers from the user and passes them to a procedure. The procedure displays all numbers between these numbers. 5 SECTION-C
6a) Describe the Components of Database Management System (DBMS). b) What is function of E-R-Model? Describe the basic advantages of E-R-Model. c) What the Main Characteristics of HIERARCHICAL MODEL. 5 5 5
7a) What is RELATION? What are the basic properties of Relation? b) Define JOINING? Explain different types of join with example. c) What is FUNCTION of ‘Select’ statement in SQL? Explain with example. 5 5 5
8a) Explain with suitable example, The Procedure to represent Unary Relationship into Relations. b) What is NORMALIZATION? Explain First and Second Normal Forms. c) With the help of example. Explain CREAT TABLE STATEMENT. 5 5 5
9a) Define SQL SERVER. Write down Advantages of CLIENT-SERVER ARCHITECTURE. b) Explain the following: i) LOCAL PACKAGES ii) META DATA SERVICES PACKAGES c) What is DATABASE WIZARDS? Write down the Steps to create INDEX WIZARD. 5 5 5
***B.A/B.Sc-II (10/S) – xx ***

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