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1Reproduce, with your Comments and Observations, the writer’s Description of the HOLY KAABA and his Reaction in its presence. (End of the Road by Muhammad Asad) 10 OR Graham Greene’s essay “The lost childhood” emphasizes the Importance of CHILDHOOD STUDIES & EXPERIENCES. Discuss.
2What Methods could parents or individuals use to prevent or lessen T.V. ADDICTION? (T.V. Addiction by Marie Winn) OR 10
What is the Theme of the TEASDALE poem? (August 2026-There will come soft rains)
3Write an essay on any one of the following topics (150-200 words). i) SECURITY MEASURES AT PUBLIC PLACES ii) PAK – INDIA PEACE TALKS iii) CHILD LABOUR iv) COLLEGE LIBRARY v) FASHION 15
4Correct any FIVE of the following:i) I ordered for a cup of tea. ii) I who is her father, shall pay her fee. iii) Children are taken to the circus. iv) Have you a spare pen? v) Are they have a party tomorrow? vi) I beholded a beautiful sea. vii) He enjoyed during the holidays. 5

***B.A/B.Sc-II (10/A) – xxxii ***

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