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  1. Write down answer of the following questions. 1x5 a)What do you mean by LINKAGE?b) Define BIOTECHNOLOGY. c) Define PLANT COMMUNITY. d) Define EDAPHOLOGY. e) Define LIGHT REACTION.

  2. Demonstration and prepare a slide for prophase of Mitosis from a smear of onion root tip. Draw and label the diagram. 4

  3. Out of the following experiments, perform the ONE allotted to you by the examiner. 10 a) Extract and estimate the amount of starch from the given plant material. b) Estimation of O2 utilized by respiring plant by WINKLERS method. c) Demonstrate that CO2 is released during respiration of germinating seeds.

  4. Viva Voce. 3

  5. Practical Note Book. 3

*** B.A/B.Sc-II (10/A) P-xiii ***

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last updated on 19-06-2016