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Section -A

1. Draw E-R Model for the following scenario. 10

A large bank operates several divisions. Information technology (IT) is operated as one of these divisions. Within the IT division there are many departments that are managed by one manager, and al IT employees belong to one of these departments. The IT division assign its employees to one or more on-going projects in the bank. A project may have been planned, but not have any employees assigned to it for several months. Each project will have a singe employee assigned who acts as the project leader.


Consider the following relational schema: Student (StdSSN, StdNAME, StdAddress, StdMajor, StdClass, StdGPA) Faculty (FacSSN, FacName, FacAddress, FacDept, FacRank, FacSalary,

FacSupervisor, FacHireDate) Offering (OfferNo, CourseNo, OffTerm, OffYear, OffLocation, OffTime, FacSSN, OffDays)

Note: The primary keys are under lined: Express the following queries: marks each i) List the name and hiring date of Faculty hired in 1994 or 1995. ii) List the offer number, course number and name of the instructor of IS Course

offerings scheduled in fall 2002 taught by assistant professor. iii) Summarize the average GPA of Students by Major. iv) List students, who are on the faculty, include all student columns in the result.

Section -B

2. Develop a program in visual basic and write down on your answer sheet to calculate volume and area of the sphere using formulae: Surface Area = 4ðr2


Volume of Sphere = 3 ð3 where ð = 3.141593 OR

Develop a project in Visual Basic and write down on your answer book that sum the following 11 1

5 + ………………….. +

series: 1 + 10

3+ 99

3. Present your project to the Examiner and viva voce. 5, 5

*** B.A/B.Sc-II (10/A) P-xx ***

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