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Write short answers to the following questions. 1x8 i) Distinguish between MUTATION and GENETIC DRIFT. ii) Define PARAPATRIC SPECIATION. iii) Define PAEDOMORPHOSIS. iv) What do you mean by ENVIRONMENTAL RESISTANCE? v) Differentiate between ENDOTHERMY and ECTOTHERMY. vi) What do you mean by DIOECIOUS animals? vii) Differentiate between ATRIUM and COELOM. viii) What is BROOD PATCH?


1-a) Describe different Types of BEHAVIOUR in RATITES. 4 b) Describe ADAPTATION for Aerial mode of life in BIRDS. 3.5

3-a) Describe in detail the ESTRUS and MENSTRUAL CYCLES in MAMMALS. 4 b) Discuss Gas exchange, and Digestion in class AVES. 3.5

4-a) Give an account on Fishes found in class OSTEICHTHYES. 4 b) Write a note on LATERAL LINE SYSTEM in FISHES. 3.5

5-a) Write a note on different Types of VOCALIZATION CALL in ANURANS. 4 b) What is ECHOLOCATION? Give its Advantages and Disadvantages. 3.5

6-a) How can a NEURON integrate information? Discuss briefly. 4 b) How does an ACTION POTENTIAL cross a SYNAPSE? 3.5

7-a) Summarize the BIOCHEMISTRY of HORMONES. 4 b) Give a detailed account on MECHANISM of HORMONE ACTION. 3.5

8-a) Differentiate between PROTOSTOMES and DEUTEROSTOMES. 4 b) Explain Fundamental and General Characters of HEMICHORDATES. 3.5

9-a) Write a note on DENTITION in MAMMALS. 4 b) Describe MOSAIC EVOLUTION. 3.5

***B.A/B.Sc-II (10/A) – iii ***

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