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1-a) In the light of Liaqat Ali Khan’s speech, explain the Circumstances which led to the creation of Pakistan. (Pakistan and the Modern World) 10 b) Write a Character Sketch of YEATS’ grandfather. (My Grandfather) 10


a) How does GLORIA EMERSON maintain the focus on her feelings throughout the essay?Do these feelings change? (Take the Plunge) 10 b) How is GOSSIP different from RUMOUR – MONGERING and SLANDER? (Gossip) 10

2-a) Write a Character Sketch of SANTIAGO. (The Old Man and the Sea) 10 b) Write a note on SANTIAGO’S BATTLE with SHARKS. 10


a) Describe SANTIAGO’S dreams about LIONS. 10 b) Write a note on the LONELINESS OF THE OLD MAN. 10

3-Make an Outline and write an essay (300 – 400 words) on ONE of the following topics: -5,20 i) INFLATION ii) THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA iii) SPRING SEASON IN PAKISTAN iv) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY v) BOMB BLASTS IN PAKISTAN

4-Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end:

Now what we get, as we gradually grow up and read more and more and read a greater diversity of authors, is a variety of views of life. But what people commonly assume, I suspect, is that we gain thisexperience of other men’s views of life only by ‘improving reading’. This, it is supposed, is a reward we get by applying ourselves to Shakespeare, and Dante, and Goethe, and Emerson, and Carlyle, and dozens of other respectable writers. The rest of our reading for amusement is merely killing time. But I incline to come to the alarming conclusion that it is just the literature that we read for ‘amusement’ or ‘purely for pleasure’ that may have the greatest and least suspected influence upon us. It is the literature which we read with the least effort that can have the easiest and most insidious influence upon us. Hence it is that the influence of popular novelists, and of popular plays of contemporary life, requires to be scrutinized most closely. And it is chiefly contemporary literature that the majority of people ever read in this attitude of ‘purely for pleasure’, of pure passivity.


i) Suggest a suitable title for the passage. 2 ii) What do we get out of reading? 2 iii) What do peoplegenerally assumebythe phrase‘improving reading’? 2 iv) What is the influence of the literature that we read ‘purely for pleasure’? 4 v) Make a précis of the passage. 15

5-Correct any TEN of the following sentences: -10 i) This is one of the best – sellers that has been published this year.

ii) I met him prior than his departure for London. iii) She has the most perfect features. iv) I went there with a view to get first hand information.

v) He made him to obey his orders.

vi) This house is described the most attractive in the area. vii) My sister is in the medical line. viii) She is not clever to do it.

ix) They set the building to fire. x) I took leave from my friends and departed.

xi) He enquired that how father was feeling. xii) He is suffering from fever since three days. xiii) She cuts a pencil well.

***B.A/B.Sc.-II (10/A) – v ***

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