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1-a) Bring out the Element of HUMOUR in Stephen Leacock’s essay ‘My Tailor’. 10

b) ‘Real beauty is as much an affair of the inner as of the outer self ’. Discuss Huxley’s comment.

(The Beauty Industry – Aldous Huxley) OR 10 a) Virginia Woolf gives a graphic picture of solar eclipse in the essay ‘The Eclipse’. Discuss. 10 b) ‘If bad manners are infectious, so also are good manners’. Elaborate.

(On Saying Please-Alfred George Gardiner) 10 2-a) Write a note on the Relationship between MANOLIN and SANTIAGO. (The Old Man and the Sea) 10 b) Describe SANTIAGO’s Adventure with the MARLIN. OR 10 a) Write a note on SANTIAGO’s Hand Game with the NEGRO. 10 b) What is the Moral Significance of the novel ‘THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA’? 10

3-Make an Outline and write an essay (300 – 400 words) on ONE of the following topics: -10


4-Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end:

I am opposed to Nationalism, as it is understood in Europe, not because, if it is allowed to develop in India, it is likely to bring less material gain to Muslims. I am opposed to it because I see in it the germs of atheistic materialism, which I look upon as the greatest danger to modern humanity. Patriotism is a perfectly natural virtue and has a place in the moral life of man. Yet, that which really matters, is a man’s faith, hisculture, his historical traditions. These are the things which, in my opinion, are worth living for and dying for, and not the piece of earth, with which the spirit of man happens to be temporarily associated.

I have been repudiating the concept of ‘Nationalism’ since the time when it was not well – known inIndia and the Muslim World. At the very start, it had become clear to me, from the writings of European authors, that the imperialistic designs of Europe were in great need of this effective weapon – the propagation of the European conception of Nationalism in the Muslim Countries, to shatter the religious unity of Islam to pieces. Allama Iqbal. Questions:

i) Suggest a suitable title for the passage. 2 ii) Why is Allama Iqbal opposed to European Nationalism? 2 iii) How does Allama Iqbal compare patriotism with virtues like a man’s faith, his culture, and his

historical traditions? 2 iv) Is ‘Nationalism’ a weapon of imperialism? 4 v) Make a précis of the passage. 15

5-Correct any TEN of the following sentences: -10

i) Neither Aziz nor Habib have done their work. ii) This lesson is easier from that.

iii) There is a little truth in this story.

iv) She availed the opportunity.

v) If he would have worked harder, he would have achieved his objective.

vi) I consider it as a badly arranged function. vii) You should leave smoking. viii) She ordered for a cup of coffee.

ix) There is no such problem which you mention.

x) The front side of the house is not attractive.

xi) I went to home. xii) Higher you go, cooler it is. xiii) I have met him yesterday.

***B.A/B.Sc.-II (10/A) – v ***

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