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Admission Procedure Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi

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Admission Procedure Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi

1. Regular Admissions

The total seats available for admissions in each medical college and their allocation against each category of seats is shown in the following table:


Sr. No     Category    KEMC    NMC    QMC    PMC     RMC    AIMC    FJMC    TOTAL
1    Open Merits seats    171    159    159    159    159    169    135    1111
2    RESERVED SEATS                                       
i.    Disabled students seats    1    2    2    2    2    2    1    12
ii.     FATA seats

   1    1    1    1    1    1    1    7
iii.    Defence Forces Personnel Children seats    -    2    2    2    2         6    14
iv.    Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Area seats    0    4    4    4    4    0    12    28
v.    Reciprocal seats    2    3    2    2    2    2    2    15
vi.    Foreign Students seats Under Technical Assistance programme***     5    10    11    10    10    5    21    72 *
vii.    Foreign students seats on Self-finance basis     4    4    4    4    4    4    4    28
               -         -    -         -    
     Total Seats of category (i-viii)    13    26    26    25    25    14    47    176
     Grand Total    184    185    185    184    184    183    182    1287

    Note-I: An additional 334 seats will also be filled on open merit for the academic session 2000-2001 only.

    II: The admissions made against the category No.2(iii) of seats shall be provisional, subject to the decision by the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, where the matter is subjudice.

     Federal Govt.'s Share in FJMC on 50:50 basis will be 67 seats.
     Federally administrated Tribal area seats.
     Out of 72 seats, seven are reserved for Afghan Refugee students, one in each of the medical college; 2 seats for Palestinian students, one at Fatima Jinnah Medical college, Lahore and one at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur.

The admission against these seats is subject to the condition:

     That the applicant has obtained at least 60% unadjusted marks in F.Sc./ equivalent examination.
     that the applicant has qualified the Entry Test. The minimum qualifying marks of the Entry Test are 40%.
     Entry Test result is valid for the same session.
     All Punjab domiciled candidates and other candidates residing in Pakistan applying for admission to MBBS/BDS against open merit and all other categories of seats, except those nominated by the Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad, will be required to pass the Entry Test.
     It is preferable for the applicants admitted against foreign students seats to have passed SAT I and Sat II examinations.
     Pakistani Students of Punjab Domicile studying abroad will be considered for admission, if they have a  SAT I score of 1150 on recentered scale and SAT II score of 700 in each subject. The SAT II score will be accepted only if  Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English have been the subject of examination or have qualified the Entry Test.

2. Disabled students seats

The admission of the disabled students will be on merit in their category and subject to the production of following certificates from a special board/committee to be constituted by the Admission Board:-

That he/she is a disabled student.

That he/she is physically/mentally fit to carry on studies and perform professional duties after qualifying M.B.B.S. examination.

3. FATA Seats

There are 7 seats reserved for Federally Administered Tribal Area.(FATA/Northern Area candidates should qualify Entry Test either for NWFP or Punjab)

4. Defence Forces personnel children seats

   1. The selection against these reserved seats is made by the Defence Forces authorities. Applications for these reserved seats should be addressed to the Welfare and Rehabilitation Directorate, GHQ, Rawalpindi/respective Headquarters. Applications addressed directly to the Principal or Chairman, Admission Board shall not be entertained.
   2. The children of Defence Forces Personnel are at liberty to compete for general merit seats strictly on the basis of merit if they are permanent residents of the Punjab Province and in these cases applications should be addressed directly to the Chairman, Admission Board, Lahore.
   3. The procedure regarding selection of children of Defence Forces Personnel against these reserved seats will be published in their respective service order while issuing instructions for admission.
   4. According to criteria of GHQ, it is mandatory for the candidates seeking admission against the seats reserved for the children of Defence Forces  Personnel to apply for open merit seats in the Government Medical Colleges of the respective province.  Accordingly all candidates applying for open merit seats have to take the entry test, therefore there is no question of exception of Entry Test for Defence Forces Personnel children.

5. Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Areas

Candidates belonging to Azad Jammu & Kashmir should submit their applications to their own government who will forward their recommendations to the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs, Government of Pakistan. Only those candidates shall be admitted to the various medical colleges against seats reserved for Azad Jammu & Kashmir whose nominations, together with the applications and certificates are received through the Federal Government. Direct applications shall not be entertained. The Federal Government will forward nomination along with applications and all documents directly to the Principal concerned under advice to the Health Department, Government of the Punjab. The candidates will bring the originals of all certificates when reporting for admission.

6. Reciprocal seats

A). The candidates from other provinces on reciprocal basis will be selected by the respective Provincial Governments.

B). Admission of Punjab domicile in other provinces: Fifteen students of Punjab Domicile will be admitted in Medical Colleges in Provinces of Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP as mentioned below:

1. Dow Medial College, Karachi 2.

2. Sindh Medical College, Karachi 2

3. Liaqat Medical College Jamshoro 2

4. Chandka Medical College, Larkana 2

5. Peoples Medical College, Nawabshah 2


Bolan Medical College, Quetta 4

c). NWFP

Khyber Medical College Peshawar 1
                                        Grand Total: 15

Note: Applications submitted by students for admission in medical colleges in the Punjab will also be considered for the reciprocal seats. Separate applications will not be required in this behalf.

Similarly the students, of other Provinces will be admitted against reciprocal seats in medical Colleges in the Punjab as indicated below:
a). Students of Province of Sindh    2    1    2    2    -    1    2
(Girls only)    10
b). Students of Province of  Baluchistan    -    1    -    -    2    1    -    4
c) Students of NWFP    -    -    -    -    1    -    -    1
Total    2    2    2    2    3    2    2    15
d). Girls candidates from other Provinces for Federal Government quotas should submit their applications to their respective Government in the Health Department which will send their nominations to the Fed. Govt/Principal, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore along with their applications.

7. Foreign Students seats under technical assistance program

There will be a total 72 seats. The applicants seeking admission to a medical college should submit their applications through their own government /embassies to the Government of Pakistan (Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad). The names of selectees from foreign students for medical college shall be communicated to the college concerned directly by the Federal Government under advice to the Government of Punjab, Health Department. Applications from foreign students submitted directly to the Principal or to the Government of Punjab shall not be entertained.

8. Foreign students seats on self-finance basis

There will be a total number of 28 seats for foreign students on self-finance basis i.e. 4 in each college. The applicants seeking admission on self-finance basis will be required to contribute to the college endowment fund. This contribution would be US $ 10,000 per annum in addition to the normal fee till graduation. However, such students will apply to the Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan Ministry of Finance, Islamabad. The students will have to pay contribution for the first year through pay order worth US $ 10,000/- in the name of the Principal of the college where he/she has been selected and for the remaining four years a bank guarantee worth US $ 40, 000/- in the name of the same Principal. In case a student repeats any class at his/her own accord or fails in the class/university examination, he will have to pay US $ 10,000/- for each extra year. Students discontinuing their studies at their own or expelled from the college will not be refunded the remaining amount which would be credited to the college according to the bank guarantee.

Note I :- If no candidate is available against any of the  reserved seats, the remaining seats will be added to the open merit seats.

Note II :- Students admitted against self finance seats shall stay in the same category.
Note III:- The nominations by the various governments/authorities against reserved seats shall reach the Principal of the college concerned not later than the start of the session and the students shall be directed to report to the college in the beginning of the session on a date to be announced by the concerned college.

Note Iv:- Application forms for admission of candidates from foreign countries, nominees of the Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Army etc; shall be submitted along with attested copies of the following certificates in addition to certificates mentioned above.

Certificate of having passed Intermediate Examination (pre-medical) with national language, English. Biology, Physics and Chemistry including Organic Chemistry as subject of the examination or an examination considered equivalent to the Intermediate (pre-medical) examination by the (IBCC) Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad.

In case of the foreign students a certificate to the effect that the candidate can read, write, and speak English fluently enough to be able to benefit from the theoretical and practical classes should be obtained from the Government or Ambassador or other competent authority of the country concerned or from the Pakistan Embassy in that country.