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Author Topic: NUST Seminar on emotional intelligence  (Read 487 times)


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NUST Seminar on emotional intelligence
« on: March 05, 2010, 01:35:20 PM »
NUST Seminar on emotional intelligence

 Islamabad:The NUST Centre for Career Counselling & Advisory (NUST-C3A) held a seminar on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ here on Thursday.

NUST Rector Lieutenant General Engineer Muhammad Asghar was the chief guest on the occasion. Dr. Farah Malik, head of the Psychology Department at Government College University (GCU), Lahore, Mauna Gauhar, mental health professional, and Corporate Trainer Dr. Siham Sikandar were the key speakers on the occasion.

The NUST rector explained the ‘spiritual psychology’ of Islam. He said that the expression ‘spiritual psychology’ covers the vast realm of the human spirit with its almost illimitable frontiers. The spiritual doctors divide soul into three parts or overlapping centres of energy namely ‘nafs’, ‘qalb’ and ‘rooh’.

He said that ‘nafs’ is the force that binds us to the physical existence. “It consists of the desire to fulfil our physical body needs like food, drink, rest, sleep and sexual desire. It has the urges of self-preservation, self-perpetuation and self-aggrandisement. ‘Nafs’ is the connecting link between the physical body and the intelligent mind. ‘Nafs’ by its nature pulls us down and can lead us to the status of ‘Asfal al Safaleen’,” he added.

He said that ‘rooh’ is the net energy centre. It is the exact opposite of ‘nafs’. ‘Rooh’ is the breath of God. Its very essence is the love of Allah Almighty and hence it always pulls the humans upward towards Allah. Allah Almighty says, “My mercy prevails over my anger.” This is reflected in human soul in the form of selflessness, sincerity and generosity etc. The knowledge of ‘rooh’ is purely intuitive and it can be acquired through spiritual practices. It enjoys spiritual practices. It enjoys the highest degree of certainty of knowledge.

Director C3A Brigadier (r) Ubric Marvin Cornelius in his welcome address said that ‘Emotional Intelligence’ plays a vital role in defining our course of action and shaping our destiny throughout our lives.

Dr. Farah said that a lot of research has been done on emotional intelligence. “There are many factors of emotions and those are psychological arousal, conscious experience and behavioural expression. First we have to understand ourselves and then we can understand others. There are many negative emotions that can be perceived by stories, voices and music, which are directly not experienced. The main domains of emotional intelligence are interpersonal, intrapersonal, adaptability, stress management and general mood,” she said. The seminar was attended by a large number of students and faculty members. The news