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Punjab Education Department 'sits on' cases: College lecturers, professors waiti


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Punjab Education Department 'sits on' cases: College lecturers, professors waiting for promotion

Rawalpindi: Hundreds of grade 17 and 18 lecturers are still waiting for their promotion as their cases have been sent to the Punjab Education Department, Punjab Lecturers and Professors Association (PLPA) Rawalpindi Division President Illyas Qureshi said on Wednesday.

He said that in 2005 Shaukat Aziz, the then prime minister, had announced on Salam Teachers' Day that the lecturers at colleges and universities would be promoted to the next grade. Qureshi said that the lecturers hired in 1987 were still serving in the same grade after the passage of 21 years. While the government had promoted university professors, lectures and professors at colleges were not promoted, he added.

In all government departments, employees were given promotion after seven to eight years but it was not the case in the Education Department, Qureshi said.

He said that in schools, senior teachers were promoted in grade 19 after five years' service and demanded that time span for promotion should be adopted in all government departments, including police, revenue and education departments.

Mushtaq Hussain, a professor, said that the government officials tell the people through the media that they were raising education standards but practically they were doing nothing.

He said that since education was not a priority of the government, teachers and lecturers had been recruited on contract for five years and were being given only Rs 8,000 per month. Hussain said that after five years, it would be up to the new government whether to continue the services of lectures hired on contract bases or terminate them. He said that presently there were over 300 vacant posts in grade 18 as last year assistant professors in grade 18 had been promoted to grade 19.

The Rawalpindi district education officer (Colleges) said in 2006 that they had sent cases of lectures' promotion to Lahore. He added that after their recruitment on contract, lectures and professors at colleges would be promoted in the next grade.

Mohammad Jameel at Directorate Colleges, Lahore, said over phone that there was no timeframe for the promotion of lecturers or professors. He said that it depended upon the availability of posts and that when posts were vacant, the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) of Punjab Education Department decided about the promotion.

He rejected the claim that lectures and professors were not promoted in the next grade during the last two decades. He added that some teachers were promoted in 2006 and 2007.

Jameel said that they asked the district education departments to send cases but it did not mean that all teachers recommended by local departments would be promoted. He said that promotions were delayed as in many cases annual confidential reports and other documents of the applicants were not complete.

He said according to seniority list, 4,700 male lecturers had been promoted in the next grade, while 1,736 female lecturers had also been promoted under the same criteria. He said that in the next batch, lectures with seniority numbers from 1,737 to 1800 would be promoted.