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New entrants to KU told what they must and must not do

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New entrants to KU told what they must and must not do
« on: January 11, 2017, 04:16:18 PM »
New entrants to KU told what they must and must not do
Karachi:January 11:Teaching for the new semester of the academic year 2017 at the University of Karachi will commence on January 11, an official of the institution said on Tuesday.
An orientation ceremony for the new entrants at the university was held on Tuesday.
The newly admitted students were briefed by faculty members at various teaching departments.

Students Adviser Prof Dr Ghazal Khawaja said that the new entrants were also apprised of the code of conduct that had been evolved for the students.

She said that with this an effort had been made to improve the academic atmosphere as well as discipline at the Karachi University campus.

Dr Khawaja expressed the optimism that every possible efforts would be made for the implementation of the code of conduct in letter and spirit.

According to the code of conduct notified by Dr Ghazal Khawaja, there should be no activity against national security and integrity and no interference in the varsity’s administrative activities.

Anti-social activities in the varsity and use of threats and violence are highly prohibited.

Social media activities of students must be in accordance with ethical norms and must not provoke any regional or sectarian divide.

Smoking and use and sale of Ghutka, Paan, Chhalia are also strictly prohibited and will be dealt with according to the law.

There would be no unauthorised use of the varsity’s property, including transport.

Students must respect teachers and non-teaching staff and cooperate with security staff for ensuring discipline.

Wall-chalking and posters’ pasting will also be prohibited, according to the notification.

It further says that carrying and use of arms or ammunition or explosive material will strictly be prohibited as well.

All the students have to follow the university’s rules and regulations, including maintaining at least 75 percent attendance in classes.

“Any sort of program in the varsity will need a five-day prior written permission from the relevant chairman and department.

“All co-curricular activities must take place with the guidance of the departmental student advisers.”

Students have been also directed not to enter the residential area of the campus.

Students found in violation of the university code of conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the university’s law.The news.
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