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Enrollment drive launched in Charsadda


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Enrollment drive launched in Charsadda
« on: September 13, 2017, 12:54:28 PM »
Enrollment drive launched in Charsadda
CHARSADDA:September 13: The Education Department on Tuesday launched the second phase of enrollment drive to bring out-of-school children into educational institutions in the district.

District Education Officer (DEO) Siraj Muhammad Khan said that out of school children would be enrolled during the drive in the district.

He said that play areas had been established in all the state-run schools and special attention was paid to arrange co-curriculum activities besides curriculum activities to attract more children to schools.

He said awareness walks, seminars and workshops would be organised to make the drive a success. He said that religious scholars, Parents and Teachers Council and councillors would be mobilised to enroll more children during the campaign.

He asked the religious scholars to highlight the importance of education in the Friday’s sermons so no children could miss the school. He said the campaign would continue till December next.The news.
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