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Police begin inquiry into missing of medical student


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Police begin inquiry into missing of medical student
« on: September 14, 2017, 01:28:22 PM »
Police begin inquiry into missing of medical student
PESHAWAR:14 september: The Police and the Counter-Terrorism Department have started an inquiry to find a female medical student who has been missing for the last several days.

There were rumours on the social media about the 4th year student of a private medical college that she is affiliated with militants or is allegedly going to become a suicide bomber. A police spokesman on Wednesday termed it baseless assumptions.

The official said that the girl, whose name was being withheld, had been facing some issues related to her education and was liberal-minded. He noted that before her final examination, she visited her home where her mother snubbed and treated her harshly for some of her habits. The student also had a medical history of severe depression and anxiety.

The official said that to come out of all her troubles she tried to leave the country and was pursuing Canadian immigration. “These plans were found written in her handwriting,” he added.

The official pointed out that during the search of her room, the police found nothing that would have shown her affiliation with a militant or other organisation or any plan to leave for Syria. “It was not a case of religious extremism. Rather, she was a liberal lady,” the official remarked.The news.
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