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Gandhara Hindko Board will launch translation of Holy Quran into Hindko language

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Gandhara Hindko Board will launch translation of Holy Quran into Hindko language
PESHAWAR:17 March: The Gandhara Hindko Board will formally launch the versified translation of the Holy Quran into Hindko language on Sunday.
A ceremony will be arranged by the Hazara chapter of the board at the Abbottabad Press Club. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Higher Education Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani will be the chief guest.

The translation has been rendered by a noted writer Abdul Ghafoor Malik (late) of Hazara division. He had also translated into Hindko the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) under the title of “Nitrian Hadeesan.”

The versified Hindko translation spans 1234 pages. On the right side is the Arabic text of the Holy Quran while the Hindko translation appears on the left side. There is a glossary of 142 frequently used Hindko words, which have been translated into Urdu and placed in the beginning for the convenience of the readers.

Abdul Ghafoor Malik was born in Silhed area of Abbottabad, Hazara division, in 1923 and died in 2004. The literatus got down to versified translation work and handed the manuscript to Gandhara Hindko Board that materialized the task.

Mohammad Ziauddin, a distinguished Hindko language writer, poet, research scholar and General Secretary of the Gandhara Hindko Board, who oversaw all the arrangements, said it was an honour for the literary organisation to bring the work of great importance in the fine print.

Haider Zaman Haider, secretary, Hindko Adabi Jirga, Hazara, Waqasul Islam, son of Abdul Ghafoor Malik, and Muhammad Rafique Kamran who revised the Hindko text, said the work gave them spiritual satisfaction. It may be mentioned here that the Gandhara Hindko Board and Gandhara Hindko Academy have published 28 Hindko language books of writers and poets from the Hazara division so far.

The publications cover various genres of the Hindko literature - poetry, prose, travelogues, versified translations and research-based papers. The board and the academy jointly bring out a regular Hindko language journal - “Sargi Da Tara”- that has writings by the literati from the Hazara division.

Some of the books by writers from Hazara division published by the board and the academy are Roop Saroop, Shama Tey Patang, Hindko Charbetey Dey Rango Rang Nadarey, Mubarak Safar-e-Hajj, Quran Fehmi, Mashaal, Rehmatal Lil Alameen (PBUH), Sochaan Dee Mundri, Galyan Tey Drandey, Rehmataan Dee Barish, Sanjah Bagh, Phulan Dee Satt, Ghazwaat-e-Nabvi (PBUH), Inter-Cultural Pakistan, Hik Aha Raja Hik Ahee Rani, Hazara Dey Aasar-e-Qadeema, Hazara Rang, Hindko Mazah Nagari, Tareekh-e-Sahafat Hazara, Misl Phul Gulab, Mushk-e-Gulab, Dur-e-Shahi and Mehkian Gullan, etc.The news.
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