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Author Topic: How to Apply / PROCEDURE FOR ADMISSIONS FOR MBBS PROGRAM IN CHINA.  (Read 2575 times)

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1. The student can apply in any of one the following options:
Option 1 :

Fill In the Online Application Form

Option 2 :

 Download the Application form given in the Downloads page, Print it,
Fill it and send us a scanned copy by email.

2. Submit Your Application to the admission committee for international students of university.

3. The University will give us the instruction as to accept the application or reject it.

4. If the University instructs to proceed with the admission of student we intimate you.

5. The student has to pay the admission, administrative and processing Fees [ Depending on the university ].

6. Once the student can either pay the processing fee to to China or to India which ever will be earlier.

7. We do all the formalities and send you the acceptance letter from the University.

8. Once the acceptance letter is given to the student the student has to submit his passport copy.

9. Once the passport copy is obtained we would process it with the ministry of education in China for issuance for JWO2 form that is required by the Chinese embassy in your country for them to issue study visa for the student.

10. Once the JWO2 form is obtained from the ministry it would be forwarded to you and you pass it on to the student.

11. Then the student applies for the visa in the nearest Embassy/ Consulate of China in your country.

12. The visa is issued and you notify us of the student’s date of journey.

13. The student travels to china to the nearest airport to the University.

14. University officials and our officials shall be there in the airport to receive the student.

15. He/She is put in hostel of the university.

16. The next day the student pays the tuition fee to the international student department and joins the course.

17. If the student has any problems, our officials are there 24 hours to help the student.

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