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Education News from Sindh / Sindh’s education woes
« Last post by sb on March 25, 2017, 10:43:32 AM »
Sindh’s education woes
Karachi:25 March:SINDH Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah seems finally to have woken up to one of the most pressing challenges facing the province, and the country: the abysmal state of the public education sector. Presiding over a meeting to review the overall performance of the education department on Wednesday, he observed that illiteracy was the basic problem behind all our woes. This can be considered something of an overstatement, but of two facts there can be absolutely no doubt: first, progress requires an educated and skilled workforce that must at the very least have basic literacy at its command, and second, Pakistan has over the decades experienced a steep fall in the quality and quantity of educational services it provides to the population. This can be blamed on a variety of reasons, including the low allocation of funds and a scarcity of resources, as well as a lack of commitment at the administrative level to bring about tangible improvements; the rate of population growth too has played a role. In some areas, schools are too far for children to travel to; there are schools without basic infrastructure such as toilets and drinking water facilities, as well as ‘ghost’ schools that exist only on paper or ‘non-functional’ schools where staff doesn’t bother to show up, in many cases despite continuing to draw a salary. The sins of omission and commission are many, in Sindh and the rest of the country, and the bottom line is this: neither the state nor provinces are fulfilling their constitutional obligation to have every child in school.

So the fact that the chief minister has directed the education department to ensure that the problems are fixed, be it the provision of infrastructure or curriculum reform or the availability of scholarships, must be welcomed. Yet it is hoped that the resolve is not eventually exposed as mere rhetoric. Fixing Sindh’s education woes involves a multi-pronged strategy of considerable proportions. Has Mr Shah the determination to make it happen?Dawn, March 25th, 2017
Education News from Sindh / PIMA Convention begins today
« Last post by sb on March 25, 2017, 10:42:53 AM »
PIMA Convention begins today
Islamabad:March 25:Over 1,000 physicians and surgeons including female health experts and medical students from all over Punjab are expected to converge at Faisal Mosque for the 15th Biennial Convention of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) beginning here on March 25.

Over 30 experts will present their papers and deliver lectures at the two-day convention. The topics will include recent trends in management of different diseases including Hepatitis C, hypertension, pain management, diabetes, heart failure, surgical site infection and headache, judicious use of antibiotics, and polio eradication.

The convention also includes a seminar on medical ethics comprising lectures on Islamic code of ethics for doctors, competencies of a Muslim doctor, and patients’ rights.
Education News from Sindh / Students from 1,600 schools to compete in contest
« Last post by sb on March 25, 2017, 10:42:14 AM »
Students from 1,600 schools to compete in contest
Islamabad:March 25:The use of technology has become way of modern day life so its correct usage among the youth particularly among students is the dire need of the hour. We are entering into an era where knowledge coupled with technology will enable us to achieve excellence in all fields.
Keeping in mind this important linkage, Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with Facebook has launched second iChamp competition 2017 under which up to a million school children from 1600 schools from 76 districts across Pakistan are expected to participate in the competition of general knowledge with the help of internet technology. The 12 winners from all parts of the country will appear in a reality show telecast in one selected TV channel by end of this ongoing calendar year.

“We expect that this kind of competition will generate a lot of interest among the youth students who will learn use of technology and also improve their general knowledge,” Bilal Kazmi, Chief Market Officer (CMO) Telenor Pakistan told The News in an exclusive talk last week.

Kazmi seems enthusiastic about the outcome of this competition in the country and said that it would have coverage of whole Pakistan including four provinces as well as AJK and Giligit-Baltistan. This time, he said the students belonging to public sector schools and private sector schools would participate in it which would trigger a lot of interest among the youth.

He said that last time the winner of this competition had visited the office of Telenor in Oslo and met with the top management of our company.

But iChamp competition winner of 2017, he said, would help the whole community as the infrastructure of his or her school would be upgraded with the financial assistance of Telenor Pakistan.

Throwing some light about the initiative, he said that the iChamp is Telenor Pakistan’s countrywide knowledge-based initiative for schoolchildren which apprises them about using internet as a medium of education.

The program aims at brining greater inclusion and empowerment to the younger generation of Pakistan. It is in sync with Telenor Pakistan’s ambition of ushering in a wholesome digital revolution in the country.

First time, iChamp was started back in 2012-13 where the program reached 1,603 schools. It had trained 600,000 students nationwide with 61,380 getting the ‘highly trained’ status.

Now the second iChamp is being organized in partnership with Facebook Free Basics (2017).

The second series of the program aims to cover 1,600 schools in 76 districts across all four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

The program is being launched in partnership with Free Basics by Facebook. Under this co-venture of Telenor Pakistan and Facebook, an estimated 600,000 students will be trained by experts through Free Basics with free handbooks and other resources.

The schoolchildren will also be trained about SAFE use of internet. The program will foster the use of internet as a medium of knowledge and empower the youth by providing access to knowledge resources.

The initial phase of the 2017 iChamp entails trainings and competitions covering responsible and positive use of internet at over 1,600 schools nationwide. Three students from each school will be shortlisted for the district-level competition. District level winners will compete at provincial level and the provincial level winners will contest for the national iChamp.

Finally, 12 selected students selected through provincial levels will participate and compete in the iChamp reality show on national TV and the winner will be the ‘Telenor iChamp’ for 2017 who will be able to upgrade his/her school for the betterment of whole community, Bilal Kazmi concluded.The news.
Early Childhood Care and Education Centre to be set up at AIOU
Islamabad:March 25:Early Childhood Care and Education Centre will be set up soon at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) to promote the government’s efforts of bringing marginalized section of the society into educational net, with special focus on child’s well-being.
The AIOU will run the Centre in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Professional Development and some other relevant institutions, this was stated by the AIOU’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui at a news briefing held here on Friday.

The briefing was arranged to inform the media about the objectives and programs of the two-day National Conference on Early Childhood Development Network of Pakistan (ECDNP) being held here on Monday at AIOU. A senior officer of the Education Ministry Rafiq Tahir, Nasur uddin Rabbani, Chairman Rabbani Foundation and the Vice Chancellor highlighted the significance of the conference on the occasion. It was noted that the pre-primary education is being given high priority world over including Pakistan.

Dr. Shahid Siddiqui announced that AIOU will host such an event on annual basis. The University will soon start research work on early childhood development to fulfil its academic responsibility in the nation-building for a better future.

A research journal on early childhood will be published by the end of this year. The University will soon offer special certificate courses on early childhood. It has also been planned to introduce four-year degree program at BS level, he added.

He also briefed the media about community-based academic activities, being carried out by the University during the last two years. The activities include provision of free education to prisoners, disabled persons and drop-out girls as well as setting up Accessibility Centres for the visually impaired persons.

The conference is aimed at promoting holistic early childhood care and education for Pakistan and creating an equitable, pluralistic and sustainable society. This is the first of its kind to bring all the stakeholders to one forum to review the current status of early childhood care and education in the country and work out future course of action to this effect.

This event is being arranged by ECDNA and the Ministry of Education in collaboration with AIOU and other stakeholders including Rupani Foundation, JICA, FM99, Plan International, Unicef, Unesco, Parwan and Foundation Open Society Institute.

Federal ministers, Vice Chancellors, senior officials, and heads of partner organizations, along with around 300 academicians and practitioners from all over the country are expected to participate in the conference.The news.
CM to ask parents to help prevent cheating in matric and inter exams
Karachi:March 25:The chief minister decided on Friday to write an open letter to the parents of students who would appear in the forthcoming matriculation and intermediate examinations asking them to make efforts to prevent their children from cheating.
Murad Ali Shah was presiding over a meeting to evolve a strategy for taking preventive measures against using unfair means in the examinations.
The meeting was attended by education minister Jam Mehtab Dahar, chief secretary Rizwan Memon, principal secretary Naveed Kamran Balcoh, education secretary (schools) Aziz Uqaili and the chairpersons of educational boards.

The chief minister said it was not only the responsibility of the government, but the educational boards, examiners, invigilators and parents too had to ensure that students did not cheat in the exams. “Instead of generating ill-educated youngsters, we should produce genuinely educated children who can compete in the market, both locally and internationally, and benefit the country.”

University and Board secretary Naveed Shaikh told the chief minister that secondary school certificate examinations were starting in Sindh on March 28 and would end on April 8. Then higher secondary school certificate examinations are starting from April 28 and will end on May 15. He added that 685,672 candidates would appear in the Class-IX and X examinations and 504,907 in the Class-XI and XII examinations. 
Shaikh added that for the examination of class-IX and X, 330 centres had been set up in Karachi, 227 in Hyderabad, 211 in Sukkur, 135 in Larkana and 128 in Mirpurkhas. Similarly 112 centres for class-XI and XII examinations had been been set up in Karachi, 120 in Hyderabad, 110 in Sukkur, 91 in Larkana and 6 in Mirpurkhas.The news.
Education News in Punjab / UAF to get new research centre under CPEC
« Last post by sb on March 25, 2017, 10:39:43 AM »
UAF to get new research centre under CPEC
Faisalabad:25 March:The Centre for Integrated Research, Technology and Complete Solutions will be established soon at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad under Higher Education Commission’s China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) programme.
This was said by UAF Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan during a meeting with Higher Education Commission Adviser on CPEC Muhammad Asghar at the Syndicate Room on Friday.

Asghar said the country will witness an economic turnaround that would help ensure sustainable development due to CPEC. Terming CPEC a hallmark step that would help change the lives of the people, he asked people to learn Chinese language.

He said the country lacks trained manpower in some areas of the engineering, including mining engineering, railway engineering,   logistics etc for which tangible steps were needed.

He urged the agricultural experts to identify weak areas in the agriculture so that scholars could be sent for higher studies abroad to get benefit from other nations’ experiences.The Express Tribune, March 25th, 2017.
Education News in Punjab / Yaad Karay Gi Dunya
« Last post by sb on March 25, 2017, 10:38:47 AM »
Yaad Karay Gi Dunya
Rawalpindi:March 25:‘Yaad Karay Gi Dunya Mushahir Adab and Mustafa Zaidi’, is a compact book on persona and work of eminent modernist poet, Mustafa Zaidi. The research work on the book as well as its compilation has been done by another eminent and senior poet, Syed Nusrat Zaidi.

Mustafa Zaidi (1930-1970) was a progressive Urdu poet.  He studied from Allahabad University. Syed Nusrat Zaidi has encompassed the personality and work of Mustafa Zaidi, who was a modernist Urdu poet of exceptional expressive style and command of the poetic form in his book, which is considered to be a fine edition to the Urdu literature.The news.
Education News in Punjab / 3rd RMC International Scientific Conference inaugurated
« Last post by sb on March 25, 2017, 10:37:31 AM »
3rd RMC International Scientific Conference inaugurated
Rawalpindi:March 25:The third Rawalpindi Medical College International Scientific Conference inaugurated here on Friday at New Campus of RMC under which young researchers’ forum, thematic symposium, satellite symposium and three scientific sessions were held on the first day of two-day scientific programme.
At the inaugural session of the international scientific conference, Chairman Scientific Committee Professor Fareed Aslam Minhas gave introduction to participants about the conference while keynote speakers of thematic symposium include Professor Mussadiq Khan (Curriculum Committee, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council), Professor M Iqbal Khan (VC Shifa Tameer-i-Millat University), Professor Abid Farooqi (Vice-President PMDC), Professor Junaid Sarfraz (Pro-VC, University of Health Sciences), Professor Mujtaba Quadri (Dean Research and Academic Development, NUMS), Professor Rizwana Chaudhri (CPSP), Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed (Chairman HEC), Professor Shabbir Ahmed Lehri (President PMDC) and Professor Muhammad Umar (Principal RMC).

Talking of the theme of the conference ‘Expanding the horizons for medical education: Role of public sector institutions’, Professor Minhas said it is not only innovative but thought provoking. “It seeks to apprise the faculty members and medical students at a public sector institution for not only providing exemplary clinical services but also excellence in medical education.”

He added that in the recent years, the medical education all over the world is transiting through a revolution as regards to its concept and practice. Although, globally, there has been great innovations in this field, the situation in Pakistan remained at the lower priority at the medical institutions and more so at the public sector institutions.

He said public sector institutions in Pakistan are accredited to produce the best doctors and medical professionals all over the world who are second to none in their competence and passion about medicine. But there still remains a need that, public sector institutions make new strategies for the better professional grooming of the students. There is a need to introduce the most updated and effective outcome based curricula, innovative instructional strategies and effective assessment modalities in medical education in Pakistan, said Professor Minhas while giving introduction about the conference in the inaugural session.

Rawalpindi Medical College occupies a unique position in the public sector institution with a well-developed department of medical education employing the most recent component of integrated teaching and problem based learning to produce outcome based educational perspectives, he said.

He added that this is also a favourable time for medical professionals at RMC to interact with the movers and shakers in the corridors of power with respect to medical education of our country and take the right steps towards practicable solutions.

He added that this thematic symposium is yet another innovation and depiction of the futuristic vision of RMC. This conference and symposium in particular has gathered together the paragons of medical education from across the nation, said Professor Minhas.

Addressing the students and young doctors, he said you see before you people, who have earned laurels in the different dimensions of medical education and are currently stakeholders in the field nationally. “They will shed light on research, curriculum development, undergraduate and postgraduate education and examinations apart from other much important topics in medical education.”

He added that for 44 years, the RMC has served to polish and refine young minds before they embark on their journey of professional excellence in Pakistan and then, across the globe. “In these polished gems, who are all sons and daughters of RMC lay a vast untapped potential for contributing to their alma mater which is what we aimed to capture and capitalize on in this collaborative exploration of our mutual scientific future.”

He explained that his vision of the scientific committee has been to provide a platform to all those who came forward with a willingness to partake in this endeavour. My personal aim was to ensure that the faculty and students at RMC can maximally benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of our esteemed international delegates, he said.

“As promised, in the orchestration of the scientific program, I have used a combination of art and science. The nuts and bolts of the program include the high profile workshops bringing hands on information and knowledge from the forefront of latest medical advances, stimulating state of the art lectures and inspirational lectures and activities of the scientific program,” said Professor Minhas.

He added the organizing committee has successfully concluded 73 Pre-Conference Workshops in the fields of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Specialties in collaboration with international alumni. These workshops ensued from the 18th of February and concluded yesterday the 23rd of March, he said.

He said the present state of human knowledge available across the globe is based on scientific research and exchange of thoughts and ideas. “Various workshops conducted at the conference provided a unique opportunity for learning and experience.”

He informed the participants that the core scientific meeting (the scientific program of the conference) will consist of state of the art lectures, this inaugural thematic symposium, scientific sessions, and a concluding session. The scientific sessions will include 83 scientific papers that will be chaired by esteemed professors who were the pioneers in medical education and all specialties from across the nation.

He added that each session will consist of various guest lectures delivered by international as well as local speakers with the aim to inform, promote and globalize outstanding technological innovation, knowledge and research of medicine.

The special sessions in the programme will serve to open the gateway and build a bridge between the students of RMC (Young Rawalians) and International Rawalians in USA, UK, Australia, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.The news.
پیپر چیکنگ ، غلطیاں روکنے کیلئے نو سو سپر چیکرز کی تربیت
لاہور:لاہور تعلیمی بورڈ میں پیپر چیکنگ میں غلطیوں کو روکنے کیلئے سپر چیکرز کی ایک روزہ تربیت مکمل ہو گئی۔ بورڈ کے مطابق 400 خواتین اور 500 مرد سپر چیکرز بھرتی کئے گئے ہیں جن کا مقصد پیپر چیکرز کی غلطیوں کو درست کرنا ہے ۔
ان چیکرز کو سات سو روپے روزانہ د ئیے جائیں گے ۔ ٹریننگ میں چیئرمین لاہور بورڈ پروفیسر اسماعیل اور کنٹرولر بورڈ ناصر جمیل بھی موجود تھے ۔

چیئرمین نے کہاکہ یہ ٹریننگ پہلی بار منعقد کی جارہی ہے جس کا مقصد ایک بار پیپر چیکنگ کے بعد کاونٹر چیکنگ ہے اور امید ہے کہ اس بار مارکنگ اور مارکس ایوارڈنگ میں غلطیاں نہیں ہونگی
لاہور بورڈ کے مطابق 20جون کے وسط تک پیپر چیکنگ کا عمل مکمل کر لیا جائیگا
 جب کہ نتائج کا اعلان 20 جولائی کو ہوگا۔
Education News from Sindh / CM unhappy with education dept
« Last post by sb on March 24, 2017, 12:52:28 PM »
CM unhappy with education dept
Sindh:24 March:Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah presided over a meeting with the education department on Wednesday. The spokesperson for CM House told The Express Tribune that the CM has directed Education Minister Jam Mehtab Dahar to personally go to districts and start constructing toilets and water tanks in schools.
The CM has asked him to take it as a challenge and provide missing facilities to the schools within three months,” he said, adding that the finance department has been ordered to release the required funds.

“The CM was unhappy to learn that a large number of schools do not have toilets, drinking water facility and electricity,” the spokesperson said. The CM said that how will it be possible for students to concentrate on their studies in such a suffocating atmosphere.

According to the government record, there are a total 10 government schools in Ibrahim Hyderi and four schools in Rehri. However, not a single school had the facility of drinking water for the students and teachers. There are 42,342 primary schools, 2,046 high and higher secondary and 2,336 middle and elementary schools in Sindh.The Express Tribune.
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