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Education News from Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa / 30th All Pakistan Bilingual competition held
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 01:06:01 PM »
30th All Pakistan Bilingual competition held
MANSEHRA:October 20: The Army Burn Hall School and College Abbottabad clinched the top position in the All Pakistan Bilingual competition here on Thursday.

The 30th All Pakistan Bilingual competition was held at the Pakistan Scouts Cadet College, Batrasi.

“Such healthy competitions among educational institutions from across country are highly important for national integration,” Brigadier (Retd) Abdul Hafiz, the principal of Pakistan Scouts Cadet College, Batrasi, told the inaugural session of competition held in English and Urdu on various topics related to justice, education, national integration. The students of Pakistan Scouts Cadet College, Batrasi, didn’t take part in the competition as being host of the event.

The students of Pakistan Cadet College Kohat, Cadet College Chao Saiden Shah, Chakwal, Cadet College Palandry, Cadet College Qilla Saifullah, Army Burn School and College (Boys) Abbottabad, Pakistan International Public School and College for Boys Abbottabad, Government College University Lahore, The Fazl-i-Haq College Mardan,  Chand Bagh School Mureedkay, Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi, Cadet College Swat, Government Postgraduate College Mansehra, Military College Muree,  Cadet College Pano Aqil and Cadet College Sanghar delivered speeches on issues faced by nation and received standing ovations from the audience. Overall, the students of Army Burn Hall School and College stood first and Military College Muree and Cadet College Sanghar shared the runners up.The news.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission Exam schedule
PESHAWAR:October 20: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission has scheduled civil judges competitive examination to be held with effect from October 31 to November 8, 2017 at different centres in Peshawar.

Call letters are issued to all concerned candidates on their postal addresses. However, candidates who do not receive the call up notices up to 27/10/2017, can download their letters from official website or should contact Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission 2-Fort Road Peshawar Cantt: on Phone No. 0919213563/ 9212897/9214131 or through personal visit for receiving duplicate call up notice, said a handout.The news.
CECOS University academic programmes explained in Malaysia
PESHAWAR:October 20: Vice-Chancellor CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences Prof Dr Riaz A Khattak visited International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM).

A press release said Prof Dr Riaz A Khattak made a detailed presentation on the academic programmes offered by CECOS University.

The presentation was attended largely by graduate and postgraduate students, faculty members, heads of departments, deans and directors of disciplines of engineering and biotechnology.

The audience evinced interest in exchange programmes of students and faculty members, initiating joint research programmes, writing joint research papers and holding joint international conferences. The CECOS University vice-chancellor and IIUM Deputy Rector had a two hour long meeting wherein both agreed on the materialisation of the mutually agreed agenda of the MoU.

The proposal to launch a joint programme was discussed for assessing the possibility for extending this unique, highly involved study in social sectors to KP. This project mainly deals with educating the uneducated and prepares for the Cambridge Accessibility Test, popularly called CAT, said the communiqué.The news.
Students Organisation In Pakistan / PSF members protest arrest of leader
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 01:03:08 PM »
PSF members protest arrest of leader
PESHAWAR:October 20: The activists of People’s Students Federation (PSF) staged a demonstration against the arrest of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Malik Jangraiz Khan Mohmand and demanded his immediate release.

Led by the PSF Fata president Fawad Afridi, senior vice-president, Rafiullah Chamkani, Rashid Afridi and Khalil Mohmand, the protesters carrying banners and placards inscribed with anti-government slogans, marched on a road outside the press club.

Terming his arrest as illegal, the participants asked the government to take action against the police for arresting their leader, who had a property dispute with someone. Without any prior information, they said, the police arrested Jangraiz Khan who had committed no crime.The news.
Education News from Sindh / LADIESFUND raises funds to educate girls
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 01:01:29 PM »
LADIESFUND raises funds to educate girls
KARACHI:20 October: LADIESFUND gathered 150 female professionals and entrepreneurs, representing the pharmaceutical, medical, financial, multinational, art, fashion and beauty industries, as well as several students and young professionals, to network, showcase and observe the work of small to medium-sized enterprise artisans and to raise funds to educate deserving girls.
“Young female entrepreneurs from across the nation were given an opportunity to showcase their artisan initiatives at the #LFGNO Creative Women of Vision showcase presented by Butterfly [a sanitary napkins company],” said LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood.
The women commemorated this year included Rubina Kausar from Zed Mars, Anjum Rana from Tribal Truck Art and Sara from Sara’s Henna. Also showcased at the event was catering by M’s Kitchen, an emerging food entrepreneur.

A restaurant in Quetta’s Hazara Town is by women, for women

The event was held to bring together career-oriented females to strengthen a the community of working women in Pakistan. LADIESFUND’s partnership with Butterfly also brought forward a health awareness message for women.
Artist Amin Gulgee made a special appearance at the event and spoke about the importance of women supporting each other. Choreographer and public relations professional Hasan Rizvi also stopped by to kick off the celebratory elements of the event. Rizvi judged and presented the best dressed prize at the event which went to Nighat Shaida, one of the owners of Scentsation. She was given a special spa package from Allenora Spa and Salon. Akbar Chaudhary, a comedian, made a late appearance to entertain the guests. His brand of humour and appreciation for male and female differences provided additional charm to the event.

Woman named to head sports federation in Saudi first

During the event, a lively dance party sponsored by FM91 was organised as well. FM91 is a radio station run by Sara Taher Khan, another inspiring female entrepreneur.
Engro Foundation also supported the cause and Careem partnered not just as a travel partner but to ensure safety of the female guests. Furqan’s Make-Up Studio and Salon was the beauty partner, Nestlé was the beverage partner and Scentsation, Tay Craft Solutions, Food For Your Face by Firefly and IF Designs were guest appreciation partners.
All funds raised from the night went to educating deserving girls in Lahore as part of the Educate a Girl project, which aims to educate one million girls globally – including 1,000 in Lahore – in partnership with Facebook as well as several consulates, the Hashoo Group and a host of local and global supporters, partners and donors. Educate a Girl has educated 1,000 girls in Karachi, 1,250 girls in Lagos and is currently fundraising for Lahore, Casablanca and Istanbul. This multi-award winning initiative has been recognised by the World Bank as top 2% of women-led initiatives in the Middle Eastern North African Region.Express Turbune.
Education News from Sindh / I AM Karachi teaches girls how to defend themselves
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 01:00:40 PM »
I AM Karachi teaches girls how to defend themselves
KARACHI :October 20:n wake of the knife attacks on women in the city female students have begun to learn self defence.

I AM Karachi is training female students from various schools, colleges and universities on how to defend themselves.

Students are trained to defend themselves with a focus on being alert and aware of their surroundings and exercising caution. The participating students of private schools said that they did not know how to defend themselves from harassment before this. They learnt that they should target sensitive parts of the attacker, such as his eyes, ears and nose, and as soon as the attacker’s grip loosens, they should flee.

The students said that a single person cannot compel us to change our lives and if anyone did, they will get a befitting response.

Tae Kwan Do expert Anam Zulfiqar said that all the women, be they students or women working in offices, are victims of the ‘knifeman’. They should keep an eye on things around them while walking in streets and be generally aware, she cautioned.

Karachi’s serial ‘knife attacker’ arrested in Mandi Bahuddin: police
If anyone attacks, the girls should attack their eyes, nose or ears or use their legs to throw him on the ground and as soon as the attacker loses his grip, the girls should flee. If the attacker is in a vehicle or on a motorcycle, they should note down the licence plate number.

I AM Karachi organiser Wardah Kamal emphasised that girls should defend themselves in all circumstances. They should not think of themselves as inferior and should defend themselves in every difficult situation, she said. She said that I AM Karachi has started the training sessions in the wake of the recent events in the city and has provided training in various schools, colleges and universities in Karachi. Kamal said that the training not only restores confidence in the girls but also ensures that they are able to defend themselves.Express Turbune.
QAU / QAU administration fails to reopen campus; syndicate meets today
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 12:59:44 PM »
QAU administration fails to reopen campus; syndicate meets today
Islamabad :October 20:Despite its announcement, the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) administration on Thursday failed to ensure resumption of academic and administrative activities.

As a result, the university remained closed for the 16th consecutive day due to the strike by a group of students against the recent expulsion of their colleagues over violence, higher fee, poor facilities and shortage of hostels.

During a meeting on Wednesday, members of the National Assembly standing committee on education and professional training had come down hard on QAU Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Ashraf over the prolonged campus closure by students and asked him to either step down admitting administrative failure or ensure the resumption of academic and administrative activities at all costs next morning (Thursday).

The VC had later announced the reopening of the campus on Thursday but failed to do so. All through the day, rumours made rounds about the VC either stepping down or going on a long leave. However, there’s no official word on them.

There were also reports that the interior minister has ordered the city’s administration to restore order on campus. However, no operation by law-enforcement agencies, especially police, was reported.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate, the university’s supreme decision-making body, will meet today (Friday) to decide the students’ demands. The striking Quaidian Students Federation students announced that they would end protest only after their demands were met, especially restoration of the colleagues expelled over the May campus violence. The news.
QAU teachers association demand VC exit, action against troublemakers
Islamabad :October 20:While denouncing the prolonged forced suspension of academic and administrative activities on campus by a group of students, the Quaid-i-Azam University’s Academic Staff Association (ASA) on Thursday demanded the resignation of the vice-chancellor over administrative failures and immediate crackdown on troublemakers.

ASA secretary Dr Jamil Aslam told reporters here at the National Press Club that since October 4, the QAU had been held hostage by a handful of students, who demanded the restoration of colleagues expelled over campus violence and resolution of other demands.

“The QAU administration and faculty and Higher Education Commission have all stood prepared to accept these demands except the one about the expelled students’ restoration but since the strike was centred around restoration, the protesters haven’t conceded,” he said.

Dr Jamil said the faculty reached consensus that Dr Javed Ashraf was unfit to be the VC in light of the current circumstances and therefore, he should resign without delay.

“We, the faculty, are deeply concerned about the incompetence of the vice chancellor in securing adequate funding and development projects. He imposed on QAU a policy of austerity with brutal cuts to essential expenditure and increasing student fees. While claiming success in reducing the deficit, through such measures, it is not clear, even today, how much the deficit has actually been reduced,” he said.

The ASA leader also said the VC had failed to understand the statutory and administrative framework established by the University Act and that he had little aptitude and strategic sense of how to govern.

“In Dr Javed Ashraf’s time at the QAU, not only had no administrative reform taken place but by sending the registrar, additional registrar, controller of examination and treasurer on forced leave, he undermined what little administrative structure was already in place. Further, he failed to manage relations with the syndicate and the HEC. The HEC conducted an audit of administrative decisions taken by the VC in October-January 2016-2017, but it seems the government has not taken any action on it,” he said.

Dr Jamil said the VC’s handling of the recent students’ protests has further reinforced the faculty’s point about his incompetency and the need for his resignation.

He also said the role of ICT administration, police and QAU Administration needed to be investigated concerning the students’ protest.

“Why has ICT Administration acted slowly? Did ICT administration receive a formal request from QAU administration to end the protests? Why did the VC not follow the standard procedure – for example, closing the hostels and isolating the protesters – in such situations, but instead kept issuing daily notices about the opening or closing of the university?”

The ASA leader said unless the normal operation of the QAU was restored, it was likely that the semester would have to be cancelled, while new admissions would be delayed, causing great harm to the academic careers of all QAU students, as well as negatively impact the university’s research output.

He said the faculty appealed to the government especially the president and education minister to immediately seek the VC’s resignation, while the district administration or security forces should be called to restore order at the QAU.

Dr Jamil also demanded the syndicate and University Discipline Committee take strict action against the students involved in the current violence and harassment and hold inquiry into the possible involvement of external agents or ex-students in the campus closure.The news.
Education News from Sindh / First Karachi Biennale starts on 22nd
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 12:57:59 PM »
First Karachi Biennale starts on 22nd
Karachi:October 20:The first Karachi Biennale (KB17) is to be held in town from October 22 to November 5.  Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday afternoon, Neelofer Farrukh, managing trustee of the biennale, said that the event would showcase the works of over 140 artists and would be spread across 12 venues in various parts of the city.

She said that among other things, the shows would include artworks by children of various localities. “Such events are essential to bring people of various strata of society closer to one another to cultivate civic harmony and mitigate this air of mistrust and acrimony that had gripped the city. It would cultivate a congenial atmosphere in a city that has been torn apart by all kinds of strife.”

Farrukh said that the biennale would be free and there would be no admission fee. The director of the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (Piler), Karamat Ali, who was among those who addressed the press conference, said that there was a time when such exhibitions were held aplenty in Karachi and said that he could recall the oft-held shows featuring artists like the late Sadequain and the late Ali Imam.

“However, over time, the plunging of the city into civic frenzy brought an end to this healthy trend. It all degenerated into infighting,” he said.

Noted journalist Ghazi Salahuddin said that the purpose of the biennale was to make Karachi a pulsating place. “Art makes the life of a city meaningful. We have to reclaim public spaces where people can share their concerns, their passions,” he said.

Aquila Ismail, social activist and writer, said that the biennale would also wipe away many misgivings about the nature of various localities and in this context, said that contrary to what was generally believed, Orangi Town was not a slum.

Every home there, she said, had an entrepreneur. These biennales would be “islands of hope”, she said, and not just these but future ones too. “We have relegated art which actually is very essential,” she said.

Curator of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) museum, Asma Ibrahim, said that the objective of the biennale was to get art across to the people. Artist Amin Guljee said that the project, on which the organisers had been working since last August, was on a purely voluntary basis and all the members had been working voluntarily.

It was their urge to cultivate harmony in the city and wipe off the image of intolerance and violence that the city had come to be associated with. Highlighting the importance of art, Almas Bana, chairman of the biennale, highlighted the importance of art and said that much before the craft of writing was invented, people communicated with each other through pictures and sketches and in this context cited the cave paintings found in various parts of the world.

In all, 12 locations in town representing various social and economic strata have been selected including five on MA Jinnah Road. In the south of the city, the main venue is the Frere Hall. Neelofer Farrukh said that even though the Frere Hall management charged for the use of the hall, they had agreed to provide the venue free. The programme will feature lectures by, among others, Meher Afroze, Saqib Hanif and a number of foreign artists.The news.
Education News in Punjab / Ali Garh Public High School Seminar
« Last post by sb on October 20, 2017, 12:54:29 PM »
Ali Garh Public High School Seminar
LAHORE :October 20:LWMC conducted an awareness campaign on Thursday at UC-265, Manga Mandi. Citizens were informed about the necessity of cleanliness.  Officials said aim of the campaign was to educate the locals about the importance of cleanliness and in this regard Govt.

Boys High School Manga Mandi, Ali Gharh Public High School and Main markets of Manga Mandi were tapped. LWMC’s communication department in collaboration with operations team led the campaign.

Seminars were held in schools and a brief presentation, about the role of LWMC, and responsibility of citizens in maintaining the cleanliness, was given to the students. Ali Garh Public High School Principal Squadron Leader (r) Naeem Khan said LWMC has taken an exceptional initiative to raise awareness among citizens and it will mold the typical behavior of public.

A special walk and shop to shop campaign was also conducted in which Union Council Chairman Tariq Butt participated along with students and LWMC officials. Tariq Butt expressed satisfaction on the performance of LWMC in the area.The news.
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