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Nowshera teachers demand govt fill vacant positions
PESHAWAR:27 November: A group of teachers have demanded that the provincial government appoint physical education teachers on posts which have been lying vacant for the past four years.
Should the government fail to fulfil their demand, they have warned that they may approach the Peshawar High Court to resolve the matter.

The Malgari Ustazan, a faction of teachers from Nowshera, has said that hundreds of students are suffering since teachers are unavailable in different government schools.

Dilawar Khan, the president of the group, told The Express Tribune that posts for dozens of teachers in the primary, middle and high school have been lying vacant since 2013.

The incumbent government, Dilawar said, has failed to hire teachers with the relevant qualifications on these positions during its tenure.

The Malgari Ustazan president added apart from hundreds of students in other parts of the province suffering from the absence of these teachers, it was ironic how the government had failed to address this deficiency in the constituency of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Chief Minister Pervez Khattak.

Dilawar noted that the K-P Elementary and Secondary Education Department had gone on a massive recruitment drive, appointing thousands of teachers across the province after they had cleared the National Testing Service qualification exams.

However, the teacher said that while instructors were appointed in other areas, the government had failed to fulfil teacher requirements in primary and middle schools.

Since 2013, Dilawar claimed, the district education office had failed to convene any departmental promotion committee to promote teachers. By comparison, he said that other districts had managed to convene similar committee meetings twice a year.

Sharifullah Khan, another representative of the same group of teachers, said that according to Service Structure Rules 2013, around 20 per cent of the promotion quota of primary school teachers had been allocated for physical education teachers.

He said that as per the rules, the concerned district education office was bound to arrange departmental promotion committee twice a year.

But in Nowshera, Sharifullah complained, the DEO had failed to convene the promotion meeting since 2013.

The teachers’ representative claimed that only in Nowshera were teachers deprived of their rights of promotion.

He warned that unless their demands are met, they will approach the Peshawar High Court to secure their rights.

Nowshera District Education Officer Fayaz Khan rejected claims made by the teachers and said that they have been arranging a meeting of the promotion committee every year.

Fayaz added that a promotion committee meeting is arranged when some posts are available in the district concerned.

He further explained that for a teacher to be promoted, it is necessary that the corresponding posts are available and that the candidate has the relevant experience.

The DEO said that they have convened a promotion committee meeting already this year in which the promotion of a number of teachers to the next cadres was discussed and approved.Published in The Express Tribune, November 27th, 2017.
Education News from Sindh / Training for girls’ education at community level held
« Last post by sb on November 27, 2017, 01:16:12 PM »
Training for girls’ education at community level held
Islamabad:27 November: Community activists from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gathered in Islamabad to attend advanced level training on creating demand for girls’ education at the community level.
Organised by Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA), the three-day training under the initiative, ‘Empowerment of the Girl Child through Sustained Education’ trained participants on organising community activities for encouraging girl education.
Talking about PYCA’s vision and mission Hisham Khan, Capacity Building Officer at PYCA shared that according to UNESCO’s Education for All 2015 National Review, the proportion of females marginally declines as education level increase in Pakistan.
Talking specifically about the indicators of girls’ education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa he added, “The net enrolment rate of girls at the primary level stands at 51 per cent in the province, however this sharply declines to 17 per cent in middle schools and is only 8 per cent in high schools.”
It is to address this alarming situation that Pakistan Youth Change Advocates initiated a 3 year intervention in six districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that will strive to create demand for girls’ education at the community level and lobby with policy makers and parliamentarians to provide the necessary infrastructure and legal environment to meet this newly created demand.
While commenting on PYCA’s programme one of the participants shared, "This training was very important because the issue of girls' enrolment holds a lot of significance in Pakistan and particularly, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Whatever I have learnt here will help me while mobilizing the communities to send their daughters to schools."
In the next phase of the programme, the capacitated activists will reach out to different stakeholders including parents, community leaders, local government officials, policy makers and parliamentarians in an effort to create an enabling environment to ensure sustained education for girls at the secondary level.The news.
Education News from Sindh / French teacher to be tried
« Last post by sb on November 27, 2017, 01:15:29 PM »
French teacher to be tried
PARIS:27 November: A 31-year-old French teacher will go on trial on Monday for sex with an underage pupil after being dragged to a police station by the girl´s furious stepfather amid a global campaign against sexual abuse.
The maths teacher and the 14-year-old student, who was in his class last year, began chatting on Instagram on February before beginning a relationship in June.
For her parents, the teacher is a sexual predator, despite their daughter´s claim that the pair are in love. "She´s a child who believes in love with a capital L. As a teacher he knew that and used it to seduce my daughter," her mother told AFP.
There is no minimum age of consent in France, which does not treat sex between an adult and a minor as rape unless there is proof of force. The government has promised to change the law after a man was acquitted of rape earlier this month, as the jury found no evidence he had forced an 11-year-old girl into sex.
Currently, sex with a minor aged under 15 is classified as sexual assault, punishable by up to five years in prison. Adults wielding some form of authority over the child face stiffer sentences. In a speech on sexism to mark the UN´s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Saturday President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted a minimum age of consent of 15. First lady Brigitte Macron, who was once the president´s drama teacher, has also vowed to play a part in combatting sexual crimes and sexism.The news.
International Islamic University include robotics in schools curriculum
Islamabad:27 November: International Islamic University (IIU) and Robo Tami have agreed to include robotics in IIU schools’ curriculum.
It was announced while displaying Working Robotics models in the Nationwide Robotics seminar organised here by the Institute of Professional Development (IPD), International Islamic University Islamabad in collaboration with Robo Tami, Dubai.
It was also announced that Korean based company would provide two complementary robotics labs to IIU, a news release said. During the seminar more than 200 teachers were trained for use of robotics in comprehensive education in IIU schools.
International speakers from South Korea, UAE, New Zealand, Philippines participated in the daylong event.
500 delegates from throughout Pakistan participated in the seminar while, faculty members from Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) and Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences (FBAS) and students also attended the seminar.
Prof Dr Muhammad Bashir Khan, Acting President, IIU lauded the efforts of Institute of Professional Development, IPD, IIU and thanked the Robo Tami management for bringing this concept to IIU in Pakistan.The news.
Education News from Sindh / SZAMBU, PIMS postpone medical exams
« Last post by sb on November 27, 2017, 01:13:54 PM »
SZAMBU, PIMS postpone medical exams
Islamabad:27 November: All medical examinations that were scheduled to begin today (Monday) at the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University and the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), have been postponed till announcement of fresh dates.
The decision has been taken in view of the precarious law and order situation of the capital city. Exams for MBBS, MD, FCPS, as well as those for nursing and medical technology have indefinitely been postponed. The new date sheet will be uploaded on the website of SZABMU. Foreign and local students appearing for the exams are advised to keep track of the new timetable.The news.
Education News from Sindh / Speakers hail Sukkur IBA’s university status
« Last post by sb on November 27, 2017, 01:12:58 PM »
Speakers hail Sukkur IBA’s university status
SHIKARPUR:27 November: Transformation of Sukkur IBA University from a two-room accommodation to a university is no less than a miracle, performed jointly by the Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah and Sukkur IBA University Vice Chancellor Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui, observed Sukkur Chamber Of Commerce And Industry former president and a professor at Sukkur IBA University Aamir Ali Khan Ghauri. He made the remarks when welcoming the honourable guests at a dinner hosted by him in the honour of Sukkur IBA University vice chancellor, faculty members, trade and industries body and civil society.

He urged upon traders and industrialists to join hands and express their ownership to Sukkur IBA University through donating generously for the noble cause.

“Sukkur IBA University has become the pride of Sukkur and therefore we should not only feel proud of this institution, but also do whatever we could to help,” he added.

Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah, lauding the untiring efforts of Professor Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui said, “We need educationists like him, because despite taking numerous measures, we still lag behind in this particular sector.”

Even today, a large number of our children are out-of-schools, which is disturbing for us, he said. He said it was his desire to see all colleges and schools of Pakistan develop like Sukkur IBA University.

He said, “it is easy to criticise, but difficult to take ownership”. We must shoulder our respective responsibilities like Professor Nisar Ahmed and his team, which is the only way to take the country to the heights of prosperity, he said. If there is a will, there always is a way, he added.

MNA Nauman Islam Shaikh in his speech urged upon the civil society, especially trade community, to take ownership of the Sukkur IBA University and donate on a regular basis, so that, more deserving and talented students can benefit from quality higher education.

Sukkur IBA University Registrar Zahid Hussain Khand, citing example of different universities of the world, said that many cities of the world are known for their universities.

Talking about Harvard University, he said it was established by John Harvard back in 1636 and now they are celebrating its 381st anniversary. John Harvard, he said, donated his library and half of his property for the establishment of the university and today it had a huge endowment fund.

Terming Professor Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui the “John Harvard” of Sukkur IBA University, he said, what we have achieved today is because of his untiring efforts and love for education. He said that they had also established an endowment fund, in case if the Sindh government or other donors stopped funding. He said the civil society and trade bodies should help them in building a sizable endowment fund.

Sukkur IBA University Vice Chancellor Professor Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui speaking as the chief guest thanked Khurshid Ahmed Shah for his support in transforming Sukkur IBA into a university and said that he alone wouldn’t have been able to do the job and it was team work that made it possible.

“At Sukkur IBA University we are offering courses to students that can help them in getting jobs. However, with changing technologies, I am afraid that many people will be rendered jobless, and therefore we are trying to cope up with the changing scenario and offering job worthy courses. Today, Sukkur IBA University has become a “STEM” university. These subjects will never go obsolete,” he said.

Earlier, Sukkur IBA University QEC Director Dr Sher Mohammad Daudpota briefed the attendees about various aspects and courses of Sukkur IBA University. Later, Khurshid Ahmed Shah and Nisar Ahmed jointly presented a souvenir to Aamir Ali Khan Ghauri.
Published in Daily Times, November 27th 2017.
Education News from Sindh / Show me a school that prides values over results
« Last post by sb on November 27, 2017, 01:12:07 PM »
Show me a school that prides values over results"
Karachi:27 November:In their quest for commercial gains, schools are losing focus of their true mission.

There are (still) some hallowed brands that do not need any sort of advertising. In fact, the significant absence of any promotion adds to their intangible glory. They are permanent, impervious to the ravages of time.

This is the case, to some extent, in the education sector. Global giants like Harvard and Oxford, and local ones like Aitchison and Karachi Grammar School have the unique problem of turning hordes of yearning potential customers away: the greater the rejection, the higher the prestige.

This harks back to a far more innocent time, of course. A time before gigantic billboards and breathless jingles and frenzied songs and dances, all to sell a phone/a cone/a loan.
These days, barring a few relics, there is no surviving-sans-trumpet-blowing. Sadly, this reality has infected the education sector along with all the rest. Education is a product to yield a profit, a business with a bottom line. At the end of the day, it must make money.

Like many other sectors, we have witnessed a move away from small set-ups built around high quality and hard work, toward mammoth giants that have campuses like tentacles, spread across entire cities. And the game has changed accordingly.

Schools and colleges are divided into tiers, in a sense. There are the ludicrously expensive ‘designer’ institutes where admission is a privilege hard-fought and won; where high-strung parents are judged alongside their offspring, with questions around new-fangled notions like the father’s role in the child’s upbringing, the mum’s career choices and so on. There is no need for marketing here. The long queues outside the buildings and the eye-bleedingly exorbitant fees convey the message better than a 100 billboards.

Then we have the giants, born of efficiency and geared toward expansion. (I remember decades ago, City School and Beaconhouse started down the road of multiple branches. It was a brand new phenomenon back then. Confusing even, for parents and kids accustomed to one name-one school. We eyed such institutes with suspicion: how could proper standards be maintained across locations? How naïve we were!). Names like Roots and Beaconhouse are universally recognised, churning out thousands of graduates every year. The Express Tribune,
Education News from Sindh / Transfer of Islamia College control sparks outrage
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Transfer of Islamia College control sparks out age
KARACHI:27 November : After Aisha Bawany College, the government decided to hand over the control of Islamia College to the Islamic Education Trust.

The proposal infuriated a large number of students and staff, who demonstrated their opposition by blocking MA Jinnah Road on Friday. They chanted slogans and marched from Islamia College to Peoples Chowrangi. Student protests and sit-ins halted traffic at various points.

The students expressed their concerns, saying that handing over control of the college to a ‘third party’ puts their future at stake. “The college premises are only to be used for educational purposes. We will not allow any commercial activities on our campus,” they warned.

Jamaat-e-Islami leader Muhammad Hussain Mehenti criticised the education department, saying education is the key to progress for any nation and that the state is obliged to guarantee education of all citizens. “Sindh’s education department has failed miserably. We will strictly oppose the transfer of the college to an independent party,” he said.

Sindh govt seeks contempt proceedings against Aisha Bawany Trust

Mehenti claimed that court orders regarding the transfer of educational institutions to independent parties were unjust. Responding to a question regarding political conflicts surrounding the issue, he said that despite their conflicts, all political parties are on the same page as far as education is concerned.

In addition to the protests, principals from different branches of Islamia College held a press conference on Friday. Islamia Law College Principal Moin Haider Siddiqui said that the pathetic state of the college was due to the negligence of the government. “The Sindh government could have filed a petition to obtain a stay order but it didn’t,” he lamented.

He said that the college cannot be evacuated because of a bailiff’s grant of a write-off position. He acknowledged the students’ right to protest, but requested them to maintain peace. He mentioned that as per the lease, the college land was regarded as an educational institution. “The trustees can take the possession of the premises but they do not have the power to close down the college,” Siddiqui said.

SHC orders immediate reopening of Karachi’s Aisha Bawany College

Islamia Science College Principal Nadeem Haider claimed that a mafia was responsible for the current deadlock. He said that the former secretary and minister for education Pir Mazharul Haq and the land mafia were conspiring to sell the premises of Islamia College. “The future of 10,000 students enrolled at the college is at stake,” he said, appealing to the chief minister and the prime minister to look into the matter.

Islamia Arts and Science College Principal Ziauddin said that the alumnus of the college include names like Cricketers Shahid Afridi and Zaheer Abbas. “Where will we have curricular and extra-curricular activities if the control of college premises is handed over to the trust?,” he questioned. Public works personnel make regular visits but leave due to an administrative deadlock at the college. “We are looking forward to the plans of the higher authorities, and hope that they will ensure a bright future for the students,” Ziauddin said.The Express Tribune.
Education News in Punjab / 150 students remained stranded on Gujranwala station for hours
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150 students remained stranded on Gujranwala station for hours
GUJRANWALA:27 November: More than 150 school children among other passengers on board a train from Abbottabad to Lahore remained stranded for hours at a railway station in Gujranwala on Sunday as the railway track was closed owing to countrywide protest against the crackdown on Faizabad protesters.

Students and teachers were from a private school in Lahore, who had gone for a trip to Abbottabad. They were on their way to Lahore when their train was stopped in Gujranwala around noon due to protest on the railway track in Shahdara.

The protest had led to suspension of train service between Rawalpindi and Lahore. The same train, in which the schoolchildren and teachers were stranded, had three grooms along with families, who were supposed to reach their respective destinations for their weddings.

The railway administration sent the train back to Rawalpindi instead of taking the risk of getting passengers struck at another station.

Some people disembarked the train to continue their journey through other means, while schoolchildren were given space to stay at a nearby private school. Parents of some of the schoolchildren managed to come to pick them.

The protests that erupted across the country after the crackdown on Faiazabad protesters, had crippled life. Exam schedules, besides business, are also affected due to the current law and order situation.Published in Daily Times, November 27th 2017.
Education News in Punjab / All schools closed for two days
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All schools closed for two days
LAHORE:27 November: After clashes broke out throughout the province on Friday, the Punjab government on Sunday decided to close down all public and private schools in the province.

The announcement came from Punjab School Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmed, who confirmed the development to The Express Tribune.

The decision has been taken because of the law and order situation in the province and possible protests in the coming days, he said. Schools will remain closed on Monday, November 27 and Tuesday, November 28. All schools have been ordered to open from Wednesday, November 29.

School turned into relief camp not reverted

Punjab School Education Department (SED) Secretary Dr Allah Baksh Malik said that the decision was taken because of the prevalent law and order situation. He said that the department had received the directions from the provincial government and a notification had been issued in this regard.

The SED had also issued instructions to its officials notifying them of the orders. The District Education Authorities (DEAs) Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) have also issued orders to the relevant officials which said, “The Competent Authority has announced two days (November 27 and 28.2017) closure of all public and private schools. All field officers and head teachers are requested to inform parents to not send students to schools during these two days. All schools (public and private) will remain closed.”

School timing revised due to smog

Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani while announcing the closure of colleges and universities said that the decision was taken due to the ensuing law and order situation in the country. He said that the government wanted to ensure the safety of students and teachers and instructed that all public and private institutions implement the orders.

The Punjab Board Committee of Chairmen has decided to postpone the practical examinations of Intermediate Supplementary Examinations 2017 in all boards of intermediate all over Punjab due on November 27 and 28. A statement said that new dates for the practical examination due on Monday and Tuesday would be announced later.Published in The Express Tribune, November 27th, 2017.
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