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  11. Aga Khan University Karachi announces Higher Secondary School Certificate resul
  12. آغا خان بورڈ کراچی نے انٹر کے نتائج کا اعلان کردیا
  13. Aga Khan University Examination Board announces SSC-2009 results
  14. آغا خان یونیورسٹی امتحانی بورڈ کا ایس ایس سی حصہ اول اور دوم کے امتحانات برائے 2
  15. Aga Khan University Exam Board Karachi Secondary School Certificate result
  16. Aga Khan University inks MoU with Canadian university
  17. آغا خان یونیورسٹی کراچی اور یونیورسٹی آف البرٹا کے درمیان یادداشت پر دستخط
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  19. Your Opinion About Aga Khan Board..!
  20. Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) HSSC results 2008
  21. Is reading comprehension test in English and Urdu (Compulsory) means to read alo
  22. What scheme of studies is AKU-EB offering? Scheme of Studies
  23. What will be the cost of textbooks class wise / group wise? Textbooks
  24. Where will we get employees for this new examination board? Capacity Building
  25. What are be the subject combinations for the different groups (Science and Comme
  26. If a child fails in any subject, what will happen to him or her?
  27. What would be the status of the results?
  28. How would a child be helped to prepare for the examination?
  29. What is the pattern of the question papers?
  30. Do you send any model question papers?
  31. What will be the role of practical examinations in AKU-EB?
  32. What does an examination officer do?
  33. What about the invigilators and examiners? Who will provide?
  34. Where will the examination centres be?
  35. How do the teachers participate in the examination process?
  36. What steps are being taken by AKU-EB to make the examining process more trans
  37. Can you just elaborate what magical method you will be using to announce the
  38. Is e-marking just a sales pitch for outdated computer technology?
  39. How does e-marking work? ::Examinations: Processes, Conduct and Results
  40. Will affiliation to AKU-EB be exclusive?
  41. What are the general requirements of affiliation?
  42. Affiliation :: What types of schools are eligible to apply?
  43. What are the venues of training?
  44. What is the cost of training?
  45. When is the training given?
  46. What are the changes AKU-EB has brought in teaching methods?
  47. Will there be any training for the head teachers?
  48. What kind of training is provided to the teachers?
  49. What is the intention of the teacher training programme?
  50. Can students succeed in their examinations through selective study?