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NGO Alif Ailaan,a multi-party convention For failing state of education
KARACHI:19 July: District South of Karachi may not see any stark improvement in education in the next five years as candidates of leading political parties could not share any concrete programme to improve the status of education in the district at an event organised at the Arts Council of Pakistan on Thursday.

As many as 12 candidates contesting for National Assembly or Sindh Assembly seats from District South participated in the event where they were supposed to discuss their education plan. However, none of them was able to provide a concrete plan for the improvement of education in the district.

A non-governmental organisation (NGO), Alif Ailaan, organised a multi-party convention to discuss the failing state of education in District South and analyse the next five-year education plans of some contesting candidates from the district.

Sharing district statistics, Alif Ailaan media head Shahab Siddiqi said there were 300 government schools in the district, of which 61% were primary and 39% secondary. At least 30 schools in the district did not have water provision, whereas, 50 schools functioned without power.

The drop-out rate in the district is one of the highest, Siddiqi said.  Around 7,555 are enrolled in class one yearly, of whom hardly 413 are able to reach intermediate level. “These are the numbers of the government of Sindh,” he asserted.

Political parties restate their commitment to education at landmark conference

After the figures were shown on a slide, the contestants were asked to share their five-year plan on education. The most surprising statement came from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) candidate for one of the NA seat from the district, Abdul Aziz Memon, who demanded the handover of primary and secondary education to local governments, contrary to his party’s stance.

“In the entire world, education is with the local government department,” Memon said. He, however, did not share his agenda for education for the next five years.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf NA candidate Dr Arfi Alvi boasted about his performance during the last tenure but did not share what he would do if elected. He said all parties should show equal interest in education and accepted that physical infrastructure of schools was unsatisfactory in District South.

Dr Alvi, however, was the only participant who had brought a PowerPoint presentation with him in which he showed how a government school in his constituency was adopted by him and an agreement was signed with the Sindh government, according to which the The Citizens Foundation would run the school for seven years with the assistance of the MNA and MPA concerned.

According to the PTI leader, the quality of education improved after the school was adopted. In 2015, 29 students failed, whereas, only three failed in 2017, he said.

Afnanullah from the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) opined that plagiarism and cheating was the biggest challenge to deal with in primary and secondary education. “We want our children to cram for exams,” he said.

PML-N’s Sheikh Jawed was of the view that a major reason behind the high drop-out in schools was their dilapidated infrastructure that was not being addressed. He lamented that mathematics teachers in Sindh did not know how to do maths and English teachers could not speak English. However, he also did not share his plan to address such issues.

Students outreach programme gains momentum

Social activist Jibran Nasir, who is independently contesting from District South, criticised the PPP government for imposing education emergency in the province only on paper. The government allocated Rs11 billion for primary education, released Rs5 billion and spent only Rs3 billion, he said.

Between 2013 and 2018, 1,500 private schools have surfaced in Sindh, Nasir said. He appreciated Dr Alvi and his party for their efforts to run a government school through an NGO but pointed out that it was not the job of NGOs. “Will we use TCF or private sector in every school?” he asked.

Nasir also partially explained his next five-year plan for education. “We knock at every door to ask for votes but why don’t we ask people after elections [by knocking at every door] if their children go to school,” he said, adding that the MPAs and MNAs have the capacity to do so and that is what he would do if he was elected.

Mubashir Imam from Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) did not share his five-year education plan. Fauzia Kasuri of the PSP said that it was not necessary for the MNAs or MPAs to get funds. The local government elected representatives should be given all funds, she said. Kasuri also did not inform the gathering about her strategy.

Jamaat-e-Islami’s Muhammad Hussain Mehanti spoke about how Europe prospered due to education but did not share his programme.The news.
Education News from Sindh / Capital roads to be named after literary figures
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Capital roads to be named after literary figures
Islamabad :19 July: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to rename a number of roads of the federal capital after renowned literary figures.

The matter will be taken up during the upcoming board meeting of the civic body for approval, said member planning Asad Kiyani.

According to a document, former adviser to prime minister on literary heritage Irfan Suddique had last year suggested renaming some roads/places after Josh Malihabadi, Jameeluddin Aali and Hafeez Jalandhri.

Applications were also received from citizens stating that road should also be named after writer Ibn-I- Safi, Prof Masihuddin Ahamd Siddique.

Poet Josh Malihabadi migrated to Pakistan in 1958 and died on Feb 22, 1982. In 2012, the government announced Hilal-e-Imtiaz for him.

Jameel Uddin was a critic, playwright, columnist and scholar. He wrote a number of songs, including ‘Jeeevey Jeevey Pakistan’, ‘Hum Maaiyan Hum Behnain Hum Baitayian ‘and ‘Jo Nam Wahi Pehchan’.

He won the pride of performance award in 1991 and Hilal-e-Imtaiz in 2004. Hafeez Jalandri wrote the national anthem of Pakistan.The news.
Allama Iqbal Open University completed appointing tutors for Spring
Islamabad :19 July: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and its all regional campuses across the country have completed the process of appointing tutors for Spring 2018 semester to provide necessary guidance to its students.
The tutors’ list has been placed on the university’s website The designated tutors for Matric to PhD-level programmes have sent information letters to all the concerned enrolled students to this effect.

During appointing tutors, relevant rules and regulations were strictly followed to ensure quality education.The news.
Saudi envoy promises support to International Islamic University
Islamabad :19 July: Saudi Ambassador Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Malki has promised further support for the International Islamic University (IIU).

"We will continue providing full support to the Islamic University for its projects. At the same time, we wish to see it do joint ventures with Saudi universities," the Saudi ambassador told IIU president Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, who called on him in his office here.

The two agreed on efforts to increase Saudi-IIU support and cooperation in the field of education, saying it will further enhance ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Al-Draiweesh said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had exemplary relations and the establishment of the IIU was a clear indication of it.

He said the university was striving to hold joint ventures with the Saudi varsities to address the contemporary issues and challenges.

The IIU president said the university would keep playing its role in the dissemination of Islam’s message of peace.

He said the university strove to build bridges between traditional knowledge and the latest technologies and pay equal attention to the Islamic heritage and engineering and technology, which was need of the time as it helped prevent the clash of civilisations through the rejection of extremism, prejudice and terrorism in light of divine teachings.The news.
Dutch envoy warmly welcomed by Iqra University Vice President
Islamabad :19 July: Ambassador of the Netherlands, Ardi Stoios-Braken visited Iqra University’s Islamabad Campus on Wednesday, says a press release.
The envoy was warmly welcomed by Iqra University Vice President Dr Muhammad Islam along with members of the faculty and the students. Stoios-Braken was very much impressed after touring the Art & Design Department and took a keen interest in the artistic works of the aspiring fashion designers. She not only appreciated the students but also admired the hard work that was evident in their display.

Her dialogue with the students was focused on a variety of topics including culture of the Netherlands and the difference between Netherland and Holland, as well as cultural diversity. Stoios-Braken also highlighted how moving forward in life is essentially based on one’s critical analysis and being able to think for oneself, to not just depend on all that you are taught and to always question everything.The news.
appointment of principals of three govt medical colleges of Punjab
LAHORE:19 July: Much to health authorities’ surprise, the search committee found a desperate response to interview calls sent to senior medics for the appointment of principals of three government medical colleges of Punjab.

The search committee had called 30 senior most professors for interviews from amongst the “official seniority list” prepared by the Punjab health department.

The committee, which was headed by Allama Iqbal Medical College ex-principal Prof Eice Mohammad, conducted interviews of the candidates on July 17 and 18 as per the circulated schedule, an official privy to the information told Dawn.

    Of 30 professors, nine appear for interview in two days

He said it was quite shocking for the search committee that on the first day (July 17), only five candidates appeared for interview from amongst 15 senior medics.

Those appeared included Prof Hamid Butt, Prof Arif Tajamul, Prof Umtullah Zarin, Prof Tahira Murtaza Cheema and Prof Abdul Manan Babar.

Similarly, he said, only four medics appeared [for interview] on the second day out of 15 others.

They are: Prof Mohammad Tayyab, Prof Salim Ahmad, Prof Aftab Mohsin and Prof Ghiasunnabi Tayyab.

The official said the health authorities put their heads together to come up with some solution to the issue.

In order to avoid embarrassment, he said, the health department decided to call more medics other than 30 those senior medical teachers who were notified by the search panel from the official seniority list.

“An official was designated who contacted on Wednesday other senior doctors on their mobile phones requesting them to appear for the top vacant slots of the three medical institutions,” he said.

The official said many of them got surprised to find all of a sudden calls by the health department on a very short notice.

However, six more professors appeared on the second day, he said adding that some of them seemed ‘confused’ as they were not fully prepared.

Those appeared included Prof Ayesha Arif, Prof Nadeem Hafeez Butt, Prof Mohammad Tariq, Prof Zafar Tanvir, Prof Agha Shabbir and Prof Sheikh Khawar.

The official said the move was taken to show presence of maximum number of senior medics as the health authorities had failed to meet the deadline given by Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar to complete the process of hiring of regular principals of Allama Iqbal Medical College, Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) and Sahiwal Medical College.

He said the CJP on June 6 had directed the health department to finalise the process within 10 days.

The search committee will shortlist a panel of three medics against each medical institution in next meetings to dispatch them to the chief minister for final approval.Specialised Healthcare & Medical Education Secretary Saqib Zafar said as the search committee required a panel of three candidates against each institute, those who appeared for interviews are sufficient to serve the purpose.

“However, one of the reasons behind poor response of the candidates was the summer vacation and some other issues,” he said.

He dispelled the impression that the senior medics didn’t take interest in the ongoing process of appointment of regular principals of three medical colleges.Published in Dawn, July 19th, 2018.
Education News in Punjab / Education, key to uplift Caretaker Punjab Minister
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Education, key to uplift Caretaker Punjab Minister
LALAMUSA:19 July: Caretaker Punjab Minister for Housing, Urban Development, and Environment Saeedullah Babar Wednesday said education and healthcare were the key to development. Talking to reporters, the minister said the caretaker government was fully aware of its responsibilities. The minister inaugurated the tree plantation drive by planting a sapling in the lawn of DC Office. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Tauseef Dilshad Khatana was also present on the occasion.The news.
BISE DG Khan Board / : Check DG Khan Board Matric Result 2018
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We have a good news for the students of BISE Dg Khan, dear students BISE Dg Khan Board is soon going to announce the BISE Dg Khan 10th Class Result 2018 and BISE Dg Khan Matric Result 2018. Where as BISE Dg Khan 9th Class Result will be declared in August. Best wishes for students who are waiting for BISE Dg Khan Board Results. All the Dg Khan Board examination results will be available online at which is one of the fastest growing educational website of Pakistan. We wish best of luck to all the students waiting for matric result.

Punjab Board Results

10th Class Result
9th Class Result
Matric Result
BISE Sahiwal Board / : Check Sahiwal Board Matric Result 2018
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We have a good news for the students of BISE Sahiwal, dear students BISE Sahiwal Board is soon going to announce the BISE Sahiwal 10th Class Result 2018 and BISE Sahiwal Matric Result 2018. Where as BISE Sahiwal 9th Class Result will be declared in August. Best wishes for students who are waiting for BISE Sahiwal Board Results. All the Sahiwal Board examination results will be available online at which is one of the fastest growing educational website of Pakistan. We wish best of luck to all the students waiting for matric result.

Punjab Board Results

10th Class Result
9th Class Result
Matric Result
We have a good news for the students of BISE Bahawalpur, dear students BISE Bahawalpur Board is soon going to announce the BISE Bahawalpur 10th Class Result 2018 and BISE Bahawalpur Matric Result 2018. Where as BISE Bahawalpur 9th Class Result will be declared in August. Best wishes for students who are waiting for BISE Bahawalpur Board Results. All the Bahawalpur Board examination results will be available online at which is one of the fastest growing educational website of Pakistan. We wish best of luck to all the students waiting for matric result.

Punjab Board Results

10th Class Result
9th Class Result
Matric Result
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