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Medical graduates Foreign students to protest against equivalency tests
Islamabad:25 June:The regulations will also diminish the role of academies charging millions from students to prepare them for the entry tests. Moreover, the fee formula at medical institutions had already been fixed by the supreme court in March, according to which tuition fee for a medical student per year has been capped at Rs850,000.Published in The Express Tribune, June 25th, 2018.
Pakistan Medical Dental Council review admission test policy
ISLAMABAD:25 June: The regulator of medical education is planning on introducing new regulations for admissions to the government, as well as private medical colleges in the country, seeking to grant additional weight to those who have completed 12 years rather than just base it off the results secured in the standardised entry tests.

When the new central executive council of the Pakistan Medical Dental Council meets on Monday, which the Chief Justice of Pakistan is also expected to attend, it is likely to take up the new regulations.

At the moment, private medical colleges can grant admission to medical students as per the rules they set since the last central admission policy introduced by the PMDC was voided by the court.

The 2016 admission regulations by the PMDC had been struck down by the Supreme Court and in January this year. The court had also disbanded its council, constituting an ad hoc council to run affairs of the regulator of medical education which would be chaired by a Justice (retd) Mian Shakirullah Jan. Private medical and dental colleges had challenged the PMDC set up, claiming that it was illegal and functioning unlawfully because it was created under the PMDC (Amendment) Ordinance 2015. The law, they argued, had lapsed on April 25, 2016.

But the real issue, some PMDC officials claim, was the central admission regulations introduced by the council.

They claimed that in the past five years, four councils have been created because the private schools do not want the council to introduce and a test-based admission system for medical universities.

They pointed out that the latest challenge in the court came as a new policy on admissions, house jobs and internship regulations were introduced and another policy for 2018 was in the works which would further regulate the admission system in private medical colleges. The new regulations propose a central admission policy whereby private colleges are suggested to accord greater weight to the scores obtained in pre-medical education and asserts to minimize the role of entry tests.The news.
AIO University have a wide-range collection of research journals and theses
Islamabad :25 June: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is in a process of setting up a most modern repository that will have a wide-range collection of research journals and theses.

This is a special initiative taken by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui to meet the academic needs of research scholars and students M.Phil and PhD.

The repository is being developed as a part of extension plan of the University’s Central Library. The students other than the AIOU will have free access to the repository that is to carry the research material both in hard and digital form, said Incharge of the Central Library Muhmmad Umar Khan.

It will comprise special cabins of international standard having the capacity of around forty students at the same time for doing their research work.

The extension wok will be completed without next of couple of months.

The Vice Chancellor has been paying special attention to the development of library’s network during the last three and half years, since he believes that it serves as a major source of carrying out research work.

The AIOU as the country's mega institution has been hectically engaged in the recent years to fulfill its basic responsibility of constructing and creating knowledge and disseminating the same to the end users, through research-based activities.The news.
Information Technology University become first Pakistani university
LAHORE:25 June: Information Technology University (ITU) of the Punjab will become the first Pakistani university by conducting live virtual walk-through tour of the university by its founding Vice-Chancellor Dr Umar Saif along with all Deans and Heads of the Departments on Monday (today).
According to ITU spokesperson, the virtual walk-through tour is being arranged to facilitate the prospective candidates applying for admission to ITU’s Fall 18’ opened for applying online at with deadline of June 29, 2018 BS, MS, PhD in subjects, Economics with Data Sciences, Management and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Development Studies: Development, Technology and Policy. ITU also offers generous admission and need based scholarships. The spokesperson said ITU was one of the first universities in the world to enter a formal partnership with EdX (MIT and Harvard University online course platform) to introduce online learning of two Masters programmes in Development Studies and Data Sciences.

He also said ITU faculty members had won Rs700 million in competitive research grants, published 465 papers in top journals and conferences and made technology that solved local problems in Pakistan.The news.
A new Pashto poetry collection ‘Nauyata Sabawoon
PESHAWAR:24 June: A new Pashto poetry collection ‘Nauyata Sabawoon’ authored by Saudi-based poet Rafiq Yousafzai was launched on Saturday.

Chaired by Prof Dr Abaseen Yousafzai, the Pohantun Adabi Stoori had organised the launching ceremony at the New Barroom Hall at district courts here. Poets, writers and poetry fans attended the function in large number.

Speakers while critically analysing various aspects of the new Pashto title termed it a good addition to Pashto literary treasure trove. The new poetry volume penned by Rafiq Yousafzai, who is currently teaching management sciences at a Saudi Arab university was praised by literati as a fine reflection of Pashtun society.

Prof Dr Abaseen Yousafzai said though a science graduate from UK, the young Pashto poet had a natural flair for the art of poetry since his teenage. He said it was the third poetry book by the author which showed remarkable improvement in his poetic journey.

Nasim Afridi, a participant regretted that though Pashto poets and writers brought out their books almost every month but hardly found any serious readers. He praised the new Pashto collection as a fresh wind of creativity.

Kalsoomzeb, president of Khwendy Adabi Lakhkar (KHAL), a women writers club in Peshawar, said that Rafiq Yousafzai deserved great appreciation for bringing out his third volume of poetry despite being far away from homeland.

Prof Noorul Amin Yousafzai remarked that young writers should be encouraged for their creative works. He said the young poet hailing from Dir had crafted beautiful word images which would prove a precious gem for Pashto literature.

Sheikh Shaukat Hayat, another senior Pashto writer said the new Pashto title carried a positive image for the world people arguing that such literary works could help portray a true image of our people and the country at large.

Advocate Wakil Zaman Khattak, president of Peshawar Bar Association, Prof Aseer Mangal, Afsar Afghan, Nazia Durrani, Salim Bangash, Prof Zaryab Yousafzai, Engr Farooq, and Rashid Khan also spoke at the event.

Later, Aslam Salik, a young Pashto folk singer rendered a few select numbers of Rafiq Yousafzai from his new book and received appreciation from the audience.The news.
Education News from Sindh / Education Expo 2018 Karachi
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Education Expo 2018 Karachi
Karachi:24 June:Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair inaugurated The News Education Expo 2018 at the Expo Centre in Karachi on Saturday.

The two-day exhibition attracted a large number of visitors, including students, academicians and literary persons on the opening day.

They visited stalls set up by different universities and other degree-awarding institutes and obtained information of interest to them.

The event has offered more than 80 stalls of top higher education institutions in the metropolis.

Talking to the media, the governor said that education was the first step towards prosperity and development, and there was no concept of national growth without education in any society.

He said higher education and research activities were the ladder of success and such activities should be encouraged at every level.

The developed countries had a number of esteemed and prestigious educational institutions, which played an important role in making those nations superior to others, he remarked.

The governor lauded the efforts of the Jang Media Group for holding such a commendable educational exhibition that assembled a larger numbers of teachers, students and academicians under a single roof.

The relationship between students, universities and other educational institutions could be further enhance through such events, he said, calling upon the academicians to focus on research and developing research institutes.The news.
SAU allowed chopping down and sale of trees in its premises
HYDERABAD:23 June: The Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) has allowed chopping down and sale of trees in its premises. The move, according to its critics, smacks of an irregularity besides entailing environmental implications.

“Environmentally, cutting a tree is like killing a human,” said a professor who is one of the opponents of the allegedly recurrent practice of cutting the trees at SAU. He requested anonymity.

According to a notification dated June 5, the varsity’s Tree Auction Committee, in its meeting headed by Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Mujeebuddin Sahrai, approved the highest bid of Rs250,000 for 50 trees, including neem, jambolan, rosewood, eucalyptus and four other species sold at Rs5,000 per tree.

The trees were chopped down on Thursday. A sports ground is in close proximity of the area from where the trees were uprooted. The critics allege that there was no justifiable reason to cut the trees and that they have been sold on cheap rates.

Date trees planted on University Road dry up

Another professor, who also requested anonymity, said the trees had been sold on cheap rates. According to him, a mature rosewood tree is priced at least between Rs25,000 to Rs30,000, whereas a neem tree should not be sold below Rs20,000.

“All of these trees were planted 10 to 15 years ago and were mature trees. Their average worth shouldn’t have been less than Rs20,000 per tree,” he maintained.

Another SAU teacher, who claimed to have been constantly opposing the tree cutting, alleged that the practice paced up after Prof Sahrai was appointed as the VC. “Around a thousand trees have been cut since VC Sahrai took over the charge,” he said, adding that there was an area in the varsity with a large number of unwanted trees but the VC did not order to chop down those trees as they would either not be sold or would fetch a very low price.

An official bewailed that due to the tree cutting, one of the greenest universities of the province, located in Tando Jam, a rural town in Hyderabad, is being shorn of its beauty, besides the environmental damage.The news.
Islamabad Model Postgraduate College for Girls  gets new principal
Islamabad:23 June: Islamabad Model Postgraduate College for Girls F-7/2, the city’s premier public sector educational institution, has got a new principal.

The Federal Directorate of Education, which oversees government schools and colleges in Islamabad Capital Territory, has tasked head of the F-7/2 IMCG Department of Applied Psychology Dr Nasreen Kausar Rafiq with looking after the post of the principal until further orders.

She’s the college's senior most faculty member. The principal’s post had fallen vacant after the incumbent, Khalida Makhdum, retired on June 22 on reaching the age of superannuation.The news.
Education News from Sindh / BSEK announced distribution of cash prizes worth Rs25,000
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BSEK announced distribution of cash prizes worth Rs25,000
Karachi:23 June:The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has announced the distribution of cash prizes worth Rs25,000 among students who secured A-1 grade in their matriculation examinations, 2016-17.
In the budget 2018-19, Sindh government allocated Rs1.2 billion for the cash prizes to the students securing A-1 grade in their Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate across the province.

During the budget speech, former chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah had also announced to increase the cash prize for individual award-wining students whereas the students who have obtained the required percentage are yet to receive their rewards from the respective boards.

However, the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi distributed cash worth Rs25,000 among the best performing students last month. According to BSEK officials, the board has prepared a policy for the position holding students under which more than 19,000 children will receive cash prizes. They directed the students to collect application forms from the research department of the board or download them from the BSEK web portal. Students qualified for the cash prize are required to attach all mandatory documents such as attested marksheet, admit card, B-form, parents or guardian’s Computerised National Identity Card along with the application form before submitting it back to the department.The news.
Punjab HED is once again looking to hire College Teaching Interns
LAHORE:23 June: The Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) is once again looking to hire College Teaching Interns (CTIs). The aim is to meet teaching requirements at public colleges of the province for the upcoming academic year.

Along with the hiring of the CTIs, the department is also looking to fill vacant positions of men and women lecturers.

To this end, the HED formed a committee which would look into the requirement for each public college of the province. The department also sent a letter to the relevant office in this regard.

“The competent authority is pleased to form the following committee to hire CTIs for the next academic year against vacant posts in Punjab on regular basis.”

According to the letter, the committee included a representative of the HED, a director of education (colleges) and a deputy director (colleges).

No promotion for college teachers without training

The department, in the letter, said the committee would present its findings to the department after identifying the requirements for college-wise recruitment needs of CTIs in the province and subjects where regular lecturers (male and female) were required.

The committee had also been tasked with proposing the conversion of redundant subjects. That means it would identify subjects for which a lecturer was no longer needed and propose an alternative subject teacher in that place.

The CTI programme aims to compensate for the lack of staff in colleges across the province. According to the rules of hiring interns by HED, the interns were temporarily hired for an academic session or until he or she was replaced by a full-time appointee at the college. For the duration of the internship, the CTI is paid Rs30,000 per month.

The HED had earlier started the hiring process of lecturers for public colleges in Punjab. The department made appointments and postings of around 519 male and female lecturers against vacant posts in public colleges of the province.

These were for various subjects, including mathematics, chemistry, botany, zoology, physics, Islamiyat, Urdu and biology. Out of the total, appointments of 206 lecturers were made in different colleges of the province.Published in The Express Tribune, June 23rd, 2018.
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