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Protests staged to undermine BSEK, Fears Chairman

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Protests staged to undermine BSEK, Fears Chairman
« on: August 06, 2015, 11:48:24 AM »
Protests staged to undermine BSEK, Fears Chairman
Karachi:06 August:The hue and cry made by ‘failed’ students and hundreds of protesters could be part of a conspiracy against the board office and the BSEK chairman Anwar Ahmed Zai, who shared his apprehensions while talking to The News.
After resuming charge of the board recently, I have told all employees that transparency must be given top priority,” he said. “I have asked them to seal every loophole, through which education mafia used to get favourable results in the past.”
He said the board had two choices. The first was to bring transparency and improve its credibility among the people, while the second was to accept the influence of “outsiders” and entertain them by forging results.
He promised that the students who had mistakenly been declared absent would soon get their fair results. But those protesting, he said, would remain failed if they have nothing in their answer sheets despite their hue and cry.
We have done nothing wrong, so we are showing the answer booklets to parents and students together. If any of the board officials are found guilty then he or they will face strict departmental action,” he said. “We could surrender to the mafia or use all our powers to stop them forever and improve the standards of education and bring the BSEK’s dignity back. We can oblige people or establish a merit-based system.”
Zai said there was a need for conducting an academic audit in the examination board. He said the BSEK would be pleased to rectify its mistakes as per rules and regulations, since it would help bring transparency and improve its performance. However, he said, the board will not accept any outside influence over the results.
The chaos created during the past three days was fabricated and aimed to undo the work being done,” he said. “I am sure that with the passage of time, I will be able to reach the responsible elements who had pressed the ‘panic’ button.”
On the other hand, a few officials whose dislike for Zai is an open secret, remarked that Zai had not problems and did not take any action in the past when the said mafia was operating brazenly in examination boards, including those led by him in the recent years.
These officials were of the view that these mafias could not be stopped but with proper planning and teamwork, which needs to be consistent to be able to cap its efforts.
There is a need to implement policies for stopping the mafia from exploiting the system,” they said.The news.
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