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Physics, mathematics, chemistry textbooks not provided to students at schools
MINGORA:24 April: The studies of the students of Grade-IX have been affected due to the lack of science books.Physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology textbooks have not been provided to students at schools. Parents feared that academic activities will be affected due to lack of textbooks. The parents asked the government to ensure provision of school textbooks in government schools.The news.
Private Schools Regulatory Authority’s notification was illegal
PESHAWAR:24 April: The private schools on Monday launched a two-day protest against the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority (KP PSRA) notification on fees and other issues.
Most of the private schools remained closed and the closure will continue today (Tuesday). President of the Hub of Private Education (HOPE), one of the main bodies of the private schools associations, Aqeel Razaq, told The News that the PSRA’s notification was illegal.

He said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly has passed the Private Schools Regularity Authority Act 2017 that allowed 10 per cent yearly raise in fee. Aqeel Razaq claimed the act stated that first child would pay full fee while the remaining siblings would get 20 per cent discount in the school. It has no mention of receiving fee during holidays, he added.

Aqeel Razaq said that despite clear mention of raise in the act, the PSRA had now issued a notification directing schools not to raise fee and allowed 50 per cent discount while the holidays fee had been fixed at half of the original rate.

“We cannot accept this notification and announced protest against it. Our demands are not illegal. These are within the country’s law,” he added.Regarding the fee issue, he said the act had mentioned categorisation of schools. They should categorise the schools and then set the fee limits for different categories. But they should not implement similar rules on all private schools.

He said the government was collecting 12 different taxes from private schools. He claimed that these schools were providing education to six million children.None of the government schools is in the top 20 in the results of the boards that show that private sector is providing quality education.

He questioned the Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) visits to private schools, saying that IMU had failed to improve the conditions in state-run schools. He said that IMU’s monitoring was for evaluating the teaching at private schools.

Aqeel Razaq said the private schools also wanted an educationist to head the district scrutiny committee, saying that a bureaucrat had no capacity to evaluate education system. He said that Balochistan had not yet implemented the Regulatory Authority Act while other provinces were yet to pass a similar act and added that private schools accepted the act despite reservations.

Aqeel Razaq said that private schools’ input had been included in the legislation process but claimed that their input was not included in the 300-page rules of the regularity authority. He said the government was discouraging people from investing in the private education.

Parliamentary leader of the Awami National Party (ANP) in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Sardar Hussain Babak, who was minister for education during the ANP government, told The News that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government was doing political point-scoring. Its solo flight to gain cheap popularity and lust for getting credit for what they claim a large number of legislation is not a good precedence, he claimed.

CHARSADDA: All the 571 private educational institutions remained closed against the government policies. The private schools owners held a protest camp outside the Charsadda Press Club. The protesters said that the government anti-education policies were targeting private sector which was providing quality education. They said the government was violating the Private Schools Regulatory Authority Act 2017.
NOWSHERA:  The Private Education Network (PEN) held a protest against the monitoring by the district monitoring officers. The network declared the education policies of the government detrimental to the education sector in the province. They said the government should have taken private schools management into the confidence before forming education policies.
MINGORA: The private educational institutions remained closed on the first day of the two-day strike against what they termed the interference of the non-governmental organisations in the government policies.
All Private Schools Management Association provincial president Sawab Khan and general secretary Nisar Ahmed led the protest march from Grassy Ground to Swat Press Club. The protesters said that they were against the government unilateral policies aimed at jeopardizing the education in private sector.
MANSEHRA: The owners of private educational institutions took to the streets to protest against what they said crush education policies of the PTI-led provincial government. The protesters marched on the Chakia Road and raised slogans against government and in support of their demands.
HANGU: The private schools owners in Hangu district also protested the government policies. The protesters said that they were not charging huge fees.
LAKKI MARWAT: The heads and owners of private schools also held a protest demonstration in Lakki city against appointment of IMU district monitoring officer as head of district scrutiny committee for registration and renewal of private schools.

The protesters took out a rally from a private school located near Faqeeran graveyard in Mohallah Haqdad Abad and they marched on Tajazai Darra Tang and old Kutchehry Road.The news.
two-day strike by private schools was totally illegal
PESHAWAR:24 April: Parents staged protest rallies Monday in the provincial metropolis and other parts of the province against the private schools owners for not accepting the directives on fees and other issues and closing the educational institutions for two days as pressure tactics.

Two rallies were staged in Peshawar. One was arranged by the All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Parents Association and the other by the local government representatives which was attended by the members of the civil society as well.

The protesters were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the private schools managements and in support of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority.

The speakers said the two-day strike by the private schools was totally illegal and amounted to defiance of the law and court orders. They said the private schools were charging high fees from the students and raising the same on annual basis, caring little for the parents who were forced to pay these ever-increasing charges.

The speakers praised the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led provincial government for taking a bold step in the right direction by forming Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority.

They said it was the first time that a government had taken a bold step and tried to regulate the private schools which were fleecing parents in one way or the other. The protesters fully supported the move by the government to bound the private schools on the fee structure, annual raise in the charges, sibling discount, fees rate during vacations and others steps such as inspection and performance monitoring.

The speakers asked the government not to bow to the blackmailing tactics of the private schools owners such as strike and take action against the private schools owners for wasting the precious time of students by resorting to strike and closing down the schools for two days.

The speakers requested the courts to take notice of the, what they believed were, pressure tactics being employed by the private schools. Parents also staged in other major towns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to express anger at the attitude of the private schools owners.The news.
Education News from Sindh / Pakistan marked World Book and Copyright Day
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Pakistan marked World Book and Copyright Day
Islamabad:24 April: Like other parts of the globe, World Book and Copyright Day was marked in Pakistan on Monday.

The day is annually observed on April 23 to mark the anniversary of the birth or death of a range of well-known writers, including Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Maurice Druon, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Haldor Kiljan Laxness, Manuel Mejía Vallejo, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and William Shakespeare.

For this reason, UNESCO''s General Conference chose this date to pay tribute to books, the authors who wrote them, and the copyright laws that protect them. People of all ages appreciated books and their authors on World Book and Copyright Day.

A range of activities promoted reading and the cultural aspects of books held all over the world. Many of these emphasised international cooperation or friendships between countries. Events included relay readings of books and plays; the distribution of bookmarks; the announcement of the winners of literary competitions; and actions to promote the understanding of laws on copyright and the protection of authors'' intellectual property.

World Book and Copyright Day an occasion to pay a worldwide tribute to books and authors and to encourage people to discover the pleasure of reading. It is hoped that this will lead to the renewed respect for those who have made irreplaceable contributions to social and cultural progress.The news.
Education News from Sindh / Riphah University become a member of International Network
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Riphah University become a member of International Network
Islamabad:24 April: Riphah International University has become a member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), a world-wide association of organisations that are active in the theory and practice of quality assurance (QA) in higher education (HE).

Riphah’s decision to seek membership in INQAAHE must be understood in the context of the pivotal role of quality assurance and continuous improvement in the global higher education environment. The internationalization of higher education has made affiliation with bodies like INQAAHE critical to the sustained growth and development of higher education institutions. They enable institutions to share best practice and expertise that promote continuous improvement. Additionally, participation in global initiatives like INQAAHE leverages the benefits of supranational collaboration and advocacy in a competitive international environment.

Director QEC Riphah International University, Islamabad Brig (r) Engr. Salim Ahmed Khan got elected as INQAAHE Board Director through global voting, getting second highest vote amongst the contestants of 17 countries. INQAAHE membership creates easier access to current information and practical tools on the assessment, improvement and maintenance of quality in higher education.The news.
Education News from Sindh / International Islamic University role in providing education
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International Islamic University role in providing education
Islamabad:24 April: Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal lauded the role of the International Islamic University in promotion of Islamic character. During a visit to the university, the minister congratulated IIU President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh on the extension of his term in office for four more years as decided by the university's Board of Trustees.

He appreciated the achievements and success of the university during the tenure of Dr Al-Draiweesh and hoped that his leadership would double the pace of varsity progress.

The IIU president thanked the minister for visiting the university and congratulating him in term extension. He apprised him of the university's plans and achievements, especially for the promotion of peace, moderation in the country.

The IIU Board of Trustees had extended the term of the university's president of Saudi origin Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh for four years last week. Dr Ahmed was appointed to the top IIU office in 2002. A Saudi resident, Dr Ahmed had acted as the pro-rector of Imam Muhammad Ibn-i-Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, before his appointment to the IIU.The news.
A colourful posters’ exhibition at Allama Iqbal Open University
Islamabad:24 April: A colourful posters’ exhibition reflecting journey of friendship and brotherhood: pictorial survey of Turkey-Pakistan relations: was held here at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), says a press release.

The exhibition was jointly organized by the Department of History (Faculty of Social Sciences), Institute of Educational Technology and Uunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre. It was inaugurated by Ambassador of Turkey Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul and the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui.

Director of Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre, Lahore Prof. Dr. Halil Toker, besides senior officers and academic staff of the University were also present on the occasion. More than hundred posters were displayed that reflected the Turkish history, traditional life of the Turkish people and decades’ old bonds of Turk-Pak friendship.

Some rare photographs of Sheikh Faisal Azeem, head of the University’s Photo section were also put on display on the occasion. Thousands of students visited the exhibition and took keen interest in the historical pictures of Turkey.

We are glad for our cooperation with the Turkey for promoting its rich historical culture, said Dr. Shahid Siddiqui while inaugurating the Exhibition. The Turkish people very close to their heart and the University wishes to be on forefront to celebrate their jubilation, he added.

The University, he said will be looking forward strengthening ties with Turkey’s educational institutions. Its department of History introduced some new courses regarding history of Turkey; modern Muslim world (Turkey), the VC added.

The Turkish ambassador in his remarks on the occasion thanked the University’s administration for their gesture of goodwill towards his country and the people. He assured his country will welcome the AIOU for bilateral cooperation in the education sector.The news.
inaugural ceremony under PHEC's Induction Training of College
LAHORE:24 April: Teachers must focus on the conceptual learning of the students and should discourage rote memorisation which erodes the critical ability and productivity of education system.

This was said by Provincial Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gilani while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the first batch of new college teachers under PHEC's Induction Training of College Teachers programme, according to a press release issued Monday.

The ceremony which held at Faculty Development Academy was also attended by PHEC Chairperson Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, UoE Vice-Chancellor Prof Rauf-e-Azam, Additional Secretary Muhammad Tanvir Jabbar, and Academic Committee for Training of PHEC.

Emphasising the need for teacher training Raza Gilani said the modern trends of learning at the global level were rapidly changing, our teacher must get their knowledge and skills up to date matching the global trends. “We need to enable our teachers to effectively share the knowledge and skills with the students in our classrooms, to bring students to their own level by their knowledge, skill and competence. For this we have to change our system; there is a dire need to teach the teachers” the minister said. “At Faculty Development Academy, we have the best resource person to train you for this 12 days intensive training programme” he added.

Talking about restoring the trust of students and parents on the public colleges, the minister said that we were to understand the learning needs of our students; create their interest towards learning; and handle them with respect, love and politeness. This would bring the students to public colleges and help them in conceptual learning.

Speaking about the BS 4-year programme run by selected public sector colleges of Punjab, the minister said the programme is being extended after a thorough evaluation “By 2020, we are planning to introduce BS 4-year programme in 736 public sector colleges of Punjab” he said. Trusting upon the newly-inducted lecturers, the minister said “we rely on you for the success of this programme; you have the experience of that semester system; you have up-to-date knowledge, and you have a devotion” he maintained.

The minister said that total 3,271 lecturers have been inducted this year, the majority of them are women “we are encouraging females to be the part of college faculty” he said. “To improve the college-student ratio, we will recruit around 4,000 more college teachers in the year to come” he added, ”we have built 26 new colleges in the province as well” he added.

He said that a 12-day training programme will be monitored and evaluated and there would be no compromise on the quality. “We have devised a proper mechanism; this training and the future ones, have been linked with the regularisation, promotion, scholarship, and transfer posting of the faculty members, only those who will perform better will reap the benefits” he added.

The minister maintained that the commerce colleges of the province have also come under the administrative ambit of HED, “we will develop the structure, make up missing facilities, and work on capacity building of those colleges” he added.

Welcoming the college teachers at Faculty Development Academy, Chairperson PHEC Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin said that a 12-day training programme is designed to orient the newly-inducted college lecturers with new teaching methodologies, class management skills and service rules, regulations and process. “You are the pioneer of this training programme; we are going to make you know that your role is more than a teacher, you people are the active members of higher education department to meet its vision of quality higher education,” said Dr Nizam.

He emphasised that college teachers should adopt interactive learning approach rather than lecture the students “you should make your classrooms more interactive, inclusive and discussion oriented, should encourage a two-day learning to boost the critical learning abilities of students” Dr Nizam added. “Faculty Development Academy of PHEC practice this innovative and interactive approach; we are providing our teachers with full residential facilities so that they may interact with each other, know themselves, and share their knowledge and skills” he maintained. Dr Nizam appreciated the Higher Education Department, the Punjab government for making the induction training as pre-condition for promotion/regularisation.

Additional Secretary HED, Muhammad Tanveer Jabbar, at this eve, said “There were not proper induction training of the college teachers before, which was begetting the issues of quality and competency of teaching and teachers; establishment of Faculty Development Academy with the collaboration of PHEC has provided a proper training institute for teacher training.The news.
Education News from Sindh / genuine knowledge depended on books study World Book Day
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genuine knowledge depended on books study World Book Day
LAHORE:24 April: Managing Director Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Abdul Qayyum Monday said book was vital in seeking, imparting and promoting knowledge.

Addressing the participants of a walk held on the occasion of the World Book Day, the MD said genuine knowledge depended on books’ study.He said study broadened vision of man and an ignorant man could not make distinction between good and evil. Qayyum said progress of any nation hinged upon knowledge. He stressed the need of inculcating the habit of study in children before going to sleep. About modern psychological troubles, the MD said study of good books kept man away from several problems.
The walk started from the PCTB, Gulberg-3 and culminated at Qaddafi Stadium.The news.
Education News from Sindh / PU inaugural ceremony of Pakistan Co-curricular Competitions
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PU inaugural ceremony of Pakistan Co-curricular Competitions
LAHORE:24 April: Punjab Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gillani has said that Pakistan’s young generation is full of potential and their abilities must be utilised for the development of the country.
He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of All Pakistan Co-curricular Competitions being jointly organised by Punjab University, Punjab Higher Education Commission, National Accountability Bureau and Lahore College for Women’s University, at New Campus here on Monday, according to a press release issued here.

Addressing the ceremony, Syed Raza Ali Gillani said that we must remove the inferiority complex of giving preference to English speaking people. He said if we follow the principles of Islam, the West would start following us. He said that Pakistan had provided us an opportunity to excel in and now it is up to us to use our professional energies for development.The news.
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