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College of Textile & Polymer Engineering

College of Textile and Polymer Engineering was established for providing quality education by the Board of Governors of Synthetic Fibre Development & Application Centre and Plastics Technology Centre. The College is engaged in providing engineering education in a peaceful academic environment with back-up of in-house plants and well equipped modern laboratories. Four years Bachelor of Engineering programs are offered in the field of “Textile” and “Polymer” in affiliation with Hamdard University, Karachi.

“Textile” and “Polymer” are two very important fields for the economical growth of Pakistan. Pakistan is a cotton producing country and has largest textile industrial sector. At our College, we are engaged in imparting quality textile education in the fields of Synthetic fibre manufacturing, yarn manufacturing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing alongwith all related subjects. The presence of plants, equipment and laboratories help in producing the textile engineers who could negociate with the demand of time.

Realizing the importance of “Polymer Engineering” we are the pioneer in offering “Four years Bachelor of Polymer Engineering program”. The discipline of Polymer Engineering involves studying relationship that exist between the structure and properties of polymeric materials, their structure and properties, product design and their applications etc. The Polymer Engineering course offered is aimed at producing competent and skilled graduates who wish to seek careers as engineers, scientists and managers in the polymer industries.

The merger of resources of two Centres provide the foundation for starting the M.S program in near future in the field of Textile & Polymers. The postgraduate qualified manpower in both engineering disciplines is rare and they are highly in demand by both the sectors. The students get full benefit of College facilities and by learning knowledge of their chosen field, they not only get the skills but also develop a well integrated personality.
Sector 30, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi-74900.
Tel:021-506 4112-3, 021-506 8151-2
Fax:021-506 0400 &5060373    

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