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Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba kARACHI and Imamia Students Organisation clash over NED

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Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba  kARACHI and Imamia Students Organisation clash over NED students death

Karachi:The University of Karachi (KU) witnessed on Monday yet another bloody clash between activists of the Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) and the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT). Three people were injured, the teaching process was interrupted, and an atmosphere of fear descended on the university.

Eyewitnesses said that the clash began after both parties glared at each other and exchanged harsh words.

ISO media spokesperson Qambar Rizvi told The News that there was a misunderstanding on punishing the driver who was responsible for the death of the NED University student Faiza Zaidi. We wanted to seek quick punishment for the driver and we were talking to university officials. The IJT interfered in our business, he complained.

IJT spokesperson Noman Burney disagreed with the surmise given by the ISO, and said that the ISO had begun the offensive for no reason. Burney accused the ISO of trying to use the death of the NED student to advance their political agenda. We took Faiza Zaidi to the hospital. We protested against the death and coordinated with her parents. Now the ISO are trying to convert this tragedy into a sectarian battle. For us, Zaidi was a student who met a death she did not deserve, he said.

A female KU student called The News and complained about the beating of her classmate by the ISO. I am devastated. I do not belong to the IJT but the merciless thrashing of a student was simply heartbreaking for me and my classmates, she said. According to university officials five students from both warring parties were injured.

Meanwhile, KU teachers have expressed resentment against the uncivil behaviour of Rangers personnel at the gates of the university. In the aftermath of the ISO-IJT clash, Rangers posted at the KU gates resorted to searching the cars of teachers, and that too, in an allegedly harsh manner.

Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) Joint Secretary Asim Ali was searched by the Rangers while he was leaving the campus in his car. The car had the sticker allotted to the teachers and is therefore not supposed to be subjected to such actions. A few other teachers were accorded the same treatment. KUTS Secretary Dr Shakeel Farooqui spoke to the Rangers personnel and one Sub-Inspector, Shamim, conceded that nobody had ordered them to frisk teachers or search their cars.

KU Security Officer Arman Ahmed said that the KU administration had not given any orders that allowed searching teachers.

Salis bin Perwaiz adds: Station House Officer (SHO) Mobina Town Shabbir Hussain said around 8.30 am Monday, IJT activists went to the place where KU Point buses were stationed and blocked their way to protest against Zaidis death. They stopped the KU buses from moving. He added that in the meantime, ISO activists came to talk to the IJT activists and told them to let the buses go. The IJT refused, and a scuffle ensued. Both groups pelted stones at each other and moved back to their places.

Later the activists belonging to the Pakhtoon Students Federation and the ISO tried to defuse the situation, SHO Hussain said. IJT activists attacked the group and a clash occurred between the three student organizations.

The SHO further said that a contingent of Rangers moved in and arrested six students, including an IJT activist who was armed with TT pistols and was using them for aerial firing. The six were later handed over to the Mobina Town police station. The arrested activists were identified as Faraz Iqbal (from the IJT), Abbas, Rizwan Hyder and Wajid from the ISO, and Husnain and Arif from the Pakhtoon SF. Separate cases were registered.
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