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Courses Chemical Engineering

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Courses Chemical Engineering
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Courses Chemical Engineering
B.E. (Chemical Engineering)

First Year
(Semester-I)    (Semester-II)
Course No.   Course Title   Course No.   ourse Title
300.1      English      300.2      Pakistan Studies
300.1      Islamiat / Ethics   CE-300      Applied Chemistry-I
CE-301   ChemicalEngineering Thermodynamics-I E-302   Chemical Process Principles-I
CE-303   Physics-I (General)      CE-304      Mathematics-II
CE-305   Mathematics-I      CE-306      Computer & Computation
CE-307   Engineering Drawing & Graphics   CE-308      General Engineering & Workshop

Second Year

(Semester-III)             (Semester-IV)
CE-401   Applied Chemistry-II      400.2   English-II
CE-403   Chemical Process Principles-II   CE-400   Introduction to Computer Programming & Software
CE-405   Mathematics-III      CE-402   Heat Transfer
CE-407   Fluid Mechanics      CE-404   Particulate Technology
CE-409   Electrical & Electronics Engineering CE-406   Logical & Critical Thinking
CE-408               Numerical Methods and Engineering Statistics   

      Third Year
(Semester-V)             (Semester-IV)
CE-501      Mass Transfer   CE-500   Engineering Materials
CE-503   Chemical Process Technology-I   CE-502   Chemical Reaction Engineering
CE-505   Transport Phenomena      CE-504   Simultaneous Heat & Mass Transfer Operations
CE-507   Chemical Engg. Thermodynamics-II CE-506   Engineering Economics
CE-509   Fuels & Combustion      CE-308   Instrumentation & Process Control

      Fourth Year
(Semester-VII)            (Semester-VIII)
CE-601   Chemical Process technology-II   CE-600   Chemical Engineering Plant Design Project
CE-603   Chemical Process Design & Simulation CE-601  Production & Operations Management
CE-605   Project Management         Elective-II
CE-607   Business Communication      Elective-III
CE-609   Chemical Engineering Plant Design   
The following Electives Subjects would be offered depending upon teachers availability. A candidates has to select any three Electives courses.


    * Chemical Wet Processing of Textiles
    * Petroleum Refinery Engineering
    * Polymer Engineering
    * Gas Engineering
    * Petrochemicals
    * Environmental Engineering
    * Waste Management
    * Renewable Energy Resources
    * Biochemical Engineering
    * Mineral Processing
    * Process Analysis & Optimization

          o 3 Credit hour means 3 lectures per weeks
          o 3 + 1 Credit hour means 3 lectures and 1 practical per week.
          o Each semester is of 16 to 17 weeks. (16 weeks for teaching).
          o Industrial training of 4 to 6 weeks during final year is must for all students.