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SPORTS Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi

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SPORTS Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi
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SPORTS Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi

The students of the college may take part in one or more games according to their choice.
The game facilities will be provided by the Principal of the College according to the local situation.

Any student wishing to take part in more than one game can do so on payment of extra subscription fixed by the college authorities.

Students taking part in various sports clubs will pay additional subscription as fixed by the clubs.

Physical Medical Examination

Every student is to undergo physical medical examination at least once a year. The examination may be repeated in cases requiring further investigations. Findings are recorded in a case book, containing the four years medial and physical history of a student, medical defects are brought to the notice of parents or guardian and treatment is given in the college hospitals. Serious medical defects requiring operations and detailed investigations are reported to parents and every possible assistance is given to have the defects removed at the college hospitals.



Every student is required to attend punctually at the hours notified for lecture and practical classes.


When the teacher enters his class room, the students should stand up and remain standing till they are directed to sit or till the teacher takes his seat.
No pupil is allowed to leave the lecture room without the permission of his teacher or until the class is dismissed.
Immediately after assembly of the class, the roll will be called and absence of any student noted. A student coming late into the class room will be marked absent unless his excuse is accepted by the teacher. Any student misbehaving in the class room shall at once be reported by the teacher to the Principal, who will take such action as he may deem proper.
Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture room except during the prescribed hours of lectures.

Students attending hospital are required to abide by the hospital rules and while in the hospital are under the Principal, for disciplinary purpose, who may impose any of the following punishments on any student committing any offence in the hospital or for neglect or not properly carrying out any duty entrusted to him/her in the hospital.
Debar him/her from attending any or all the departments or hospital for a period not exceeding three months.
Impose such fine not exceeding Rs. 500.00 as he may consider appropriate.
The same punishment and procedure will apply to the students for any offence done in the hospital as is applicable under OFFENCES and PUNISHMENTS. (page 49)

Applications for leave from students doing duty in the hospital wards or out patients departments must be submitted through their respective medical officers to the Principal of the college.
Every student is required to attend punctually at the hours notified for clinical practice and ward duty.


Students are not allowed to take into the examination hall text books, notes or manuscript of any kind.
Any student found infringing the examination rules or having recourse to unfair means may be expelled from the examination and the matter shall be reported to the Principal, who may refer his case for action to the college disciplinary committee.
Late comers arriving at the examination hall more than 15 minutes after the start of the paper will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.

1. All leave of absence from the college with the exception of sick leave will be without scholarship.
2. Sick leave will only be granted on the production of a medical certificate from an authorised medical officer appointed by the Principal of the college except when the student is already on leave out of station.

3. In all cases leave taken will be at the student’s own risk so far as the percentage of attendance is concerned and even medical certificate will not condone a deficiency in attendance.

4. Students must not leave the station without the permission of the Principal

5. A student, who is absent without leave continuously for a period of four weeks, will be struck off the college roll.

Students residing outside the college premises must obtain a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
Students residing in the college premises including those on duty in the hospital, the medical certificate must be signed by a professor/associate professor / assistant professor of the college.
Medical certificate in support of absence must be produced at the earliest possible date and not weeks or months after the absence.
A medical certificate must specify the nature of the illness and the period with dates of leave recommended on account of that illness.
Students who fall ill will be provided treatment on outdoor basis by a medical officer, specially assigned for this purpose. Medicine available in the hospital will be provided on the doctor's prescription. Student needing hospitalization will be entitled to the facilities of the general ward patients.


Every student shall provide himself with all the prescribed text books and other necessary appliances


Students desirous of addressing the Principal, by a letter must do so separately. Joint applications are entirely prohibited and will not receive attention.
Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right of direct access to the Principal, at any time during the college hours.
The Principal, professors and other staff are accessible at any time for listening to the difficulties and grievances of students and shall always be pleased to advise them.


Students are required to observe order and discipline at all times in the college.
Smoking within the college premises is entirely prohibited.
No game of any sort is to be played during the college and hospital duty hours.
Displaying and distribution of partisan and political pamphlets or circulars etc., in the college and hospital premises are not allowed.
All irregularities, neglect of duties and breaches of discipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal by the professors under whom the student is working.
Every student to whom books or other property of government is entrusted shall be held responsible for their preservation in good condition and in the event of their being lost or damaged shall be required to replace them or repay their cost.
Any student breaking or damaging any college property shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement.
In case of willful damage, he shall be punished under the college disciplinary rules.