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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) پاكستان سٹیٹ آئل

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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) پاكستان سٹیٹ آئل
« on: November 15, 2007, 07:47:46 PM »

Pakistan State Oil (PSO)

یہ كارپوریشن پاكستان میں پٹرولیم كی درآمد ،فروخت اور ریفائن كرنے كی سب سے بڑی كارپوریشن ہے۔اس كارپوریشن كا انتظام وزارت پٹرولیم اور قدرتی وسائل چلاتی ہے ۔اس كارپوریشن كے تیل صاف كرنے كے كارخانے اور پٹرولیم كی مصنوعات كی فروخت اور ڈسٹری بیوشن كے ڈپو ملك بھر میں قائم ہیں ۔اس كارپوریشن میں میٹرك پاس نوجوان كو بطور سیلز كلرك،سیلز مین اور ہیلپر كے ملازمت مل سكتی ہے۔اس كارپوریشن كا ہیڈ آفس كراچی میں ہے۔

Pakistan State Oil (PSO)

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is the oil market leader in Pakistan enjoying over 82% share of Black Oil market and 61% share of White Oil market. It is engaged in import, storage, distribution and marketing of various POL products, including Mogas, HSD, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, LPG, CNG and petro-chemicals. This blue chip company, the winner of "Karachi Stock Exchange Top Companies Award" and a member of World Economic Forum, has been a popular topic of case studies in Pakistan and abroad based on its radical corporate turnaround over the last few years.
Excellence in Customer Service

PSO serves a wide range of customers throughout Pakistan, including retail, industrial, aviation, marine and government/defence sectors. Professionals at PSO strive for providing unmatched and diverse services to the customers in line with best international practices. PSO's state-of-the-art New Vision retail outlets are equipped with the most modern facilities, including auto car wash, electronic dispensing units, convenience stores, business centres, internet facilities and Easy Payment Centres for payment of utility and Citibank credit card bills. The concept of Quick Oil Lube Vans introduced by PSO, provides the lube change facilities at customers' doorsteps. About 21 Mobile Quality Testing Units ensure top of the line quality of products and services. As innovative customer service initiatives, PSO has launched Loyalty Card, Corporate Card, Fleet Card and Prepaid Card. These cards provide added convenience, flexibility and security to the customers while enabling them to earn redeemable loyalty points and avail attractive discounts for purchase of non-petroleum products at a large number of merchant outlets in various cities on use of Loyalty and Corporate Cards.

For efficient handling of customer complaints, queries and suggestions, PSO has developed Customer Service Centres at all its 14 divisional offices. Furbished with a toll free telephone number (0800-03000) and automated customer feedback registration system, these centres provide an efficient system of 24-hour customer care. An attractive and comprehensive.
Total Quality Control

PSO has been meeting the country's fuel needs by merging sound business sense with national obligation. In order to satisfy the customers' needs while ensuring the highest quality of products and services, PSO has introduced total quality management system in its operational activities. Consistent conformance to prescribed standards and specifications across the whole range of activities from receipt, storage, transportation and delivery of products is the cornerstone of PSO's quality management system. In addition to quality assurance in upkeep and maintenance of existing facilities, compliance with quality standards is ensured in construction of new facilities like recently developed state-of-the-art facilities for Aviation customers at Lahore Airport.
Health, Safety and Environment

Ensuring the health and safety of PSO employees, contractors, customers and members of public likely to be affected by the Company's operations is one of the basic corporate objectives, and as a priority it ranks equally with market share and profit. Accordingly, it is the Company's policy to perform work in the safest practicable manner, consistent with best industrial practices while adhering completely to the requirements of health and safety codes and practices. The Company's Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Steering Committee monitors HSE compliance on regular basis while HSE Site Committees ensure that HSE Requirements are met at all operating locations, including Depots, Terminals, Plants, Retail Outlets and Airports. Use of relevant safety equipment at work is mandatory for employees. Regular HSE audit of facilities and HSE training of relevant staff is carried out and commissioning of new facilities is subject to HSE clearance. Adequate resources are made available to ensure the success of HSE policy.
Corporate Social Responsibility

PSO is highly committed to fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility and believes that the benefits of the Company's progress and financial gains must flow down to public at large upto the grassroots levels, particularly to the under-privileged and deprived sections of the populace irrespective of ethnicity, caste and creed. PSO has undertaken a wide range of initiatives to support several social, health and educational programs. Such initiatives include instituting gold medals, cash awards and scholarships for top students of leading professional educational institutes, providing computer training to students and other residents of Badin district in rural Sindh province through a well facilitated training institute established for this purpose, providing moral and financial support in form of donation on compassionate basis to charitable institutions, installing direction signs and traffic signals at major streets and thoroughfares, supporting Citizen Police Liaison Committee and sponsoring road awareness programs like Karavan Karachi for the children.
Reform of Corporate Governance

PSO's comprehensive and far-reaching corporate renewal programme resulting in dramatic corporate transformation has been widely appreciated at various national and international forums, by world's leading consulting and financial advisory firms and by leading educational institutions. This programme covers the revamping of the organizational architecture, rationalization of staff, employee empowerment and development, and efficiency and transparency in decision-making through Cross-Functional Teams.

PSO's corporate structure has evolved into a matrix, which has divided the Company's major operations into independent activities supported by the financial, legal, information and other services. These activities operate in an autonomous and collegial manner in the form of Strategic Business Units based on the clear and transparent allocation of responsibility and accountability. This structural change has been reinforced and related checks and balances have been established by putting in place several corporate monitoring and control systems.

One of the top priority areas of PSO's corporate reform is Human Resource Development. The Company has undertaken several initiatives to ensure induction and training of professionals with the objective of ensuring high level of professionalism and productivity at all levels of its employees. Through computer training, various in-house courses, sponsorship of staff for studies at professional institutions and seminars, the Company is providing its employees the opportunities for continuous development and learning.

Effective implementation of corporate reform and business development strategies in line with best international practices has enabled PSO to maintain its market leadership position in a highly competitive business environment.
Disclaimer: This profile of PSO (the Company) is provided for introductory and informational purposes only and neither the Company, nor any of its employees or representatives is liable for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. This profile does not comprise an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities of the Company and should not be relied on for purpose of making an investment or business decision with respect to the Company