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Students say Lahore College for Women University returned wrong cell phones

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Students say Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) returned wrong cell phones

Lahore: Several Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) students have claimed that the LCWU administration has returned the wrong cell phones to them.

Nadia Ahmed, a student, said, "The administration had snatched my Sony Ericsson cell phone, but now they are returning me a Nokia." Faria Sikandar, another student, said, "The administration has returned my cell phone but replaced its accessories."

Saman Nawaz, a student, said, "The administration has no record of the confiscated cell phones. During the drive against cell phone, teachers beat several students who were found with cell phones."

Erum, another student, denounced the LCWU administration for charging Rs 1,000 upon returning the cell phones.

LCWU Proctor Dr Suraiya said that the administration was returning correct mobiles, as they maintained careful records. She said the administration had returned 100 cell phones so far. She said they had not imposed a Rs 1,000 fine on the poor students.

In February, the LCWU administration started a campaign against students with mobile phones and confiscated any that were being carried by students. The administration also barred students from using mobile phones on campus.

After imposing the ban, the LCWU administration had deployed security personnel on the main gate, along with some teachers, to frisk students for cell phones.

LCWU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Bushra Mateen had said on February 1 that it was a good step and insisted that parents and students should co-operate with the LCWU administration in this regard. She had said, "Mostly intermediate students are the victims of mobile mania."

The LCWU students, while denouncing the administration, had said on February 1 that the ban on the use of mobile phones on campus was unfair. They had said, "It is discrimination because we do not know of a single institution for male students that has banned them from using their mobile phones." They had demanded on-campus mobile booths and public call offices. An LCWU official said the administration had snatched 450 cell phones from students in February. Daily Times