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Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in Cyprus

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Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in Cyprus
« on: March 24, 2010, 05:17:10 PM »
Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in Cyprus


University of Cyprus

Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service

Announcement of Scholarships for Postgraduate Programmes Addressed to Cypriots Expatriates and Foreign Nationals from Non EU Countries

The University of Cyprus announces scholarships for the academic year 2010/2011. The scholarships are for post graduate courses (beginning study in September 2010) and their aim is to develop and strengthen the relations and cooperation of the University of Cyprus with the Cypriots expatriates and to attract a large number of foreign students. The scholarships cover various fields of study and addressed to Cypriots expatriates and to foreign nationals (from non EU countries). The applications will be routed through Higher Education Commission.
Eligibility Criteria


Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to claim a scholarship:

1.      Be a foreign national from non-EU countries.
2.      To have a satisfactory academic performance.
3.      To have high moral.
4.      Each academic department will decide whether the candidates need to posses a certificate of Greek language skills when applying for a place in their postgraduate programs and for a scholarship grant. In the case that the specific program of study requires knowledge of the Greek language then the department concerned will determine the required level of knowledge of Greek.

5.      The applications to both postgraduate programs and scholarship grand claims by foreign applicants (non-EU) require securing a Visa to Cyprus or renewal of their temporary residence permit in Cyprus.

For detailed eligibility criteria, in a specific discipline, the applicant must properly go through the website


Students are required to attest the following documents by the appropriate /relevant authorities in their home country:

·        Academic documents
·        Police clearance certificate
·        Passport

The attestation process to attest the following countries that have signed Hague convention, 1961 (apostile) and those who have not. Attested documents must be in English; in cases where translations are necessary, these must be done by an approved translators and attested by the relevant authorities in home country.

Students applying from home country that have not signed the Hague Convention 1961 (Apostille) but have a Cyprus Representation in their home country i.e., Pakistan etc.

Students must have their documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their home country and then further attested by the Cyprus Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.


1.      The Departmental Council may decide to suspend, reduce or terminate a scholarship in a particular student if it considers that special circumstances so require (e.g. reasons for the academic performance of fellow).

2.      The departmental Council will consider renewal of the scholarship provided that the student’s academic performance is satisfactory. The performance of the fellow will be certified by her / his academic / research supervisor.

3.      In case that the fellow is admitted to a graduate program of another Department, the new Department accepting the student will examine and decide whether will grant the scholarship.

4.      In case that the fellow interrupts her / his studies during the first year of study, the Department Council may request her / him to return the amount of the scholarship paid by the department.
How to Apply

Before applying it is mandatory to properly go through the below mentioned website, as the documentary requirements are different for almost each discipline.

1.      Interested Applicants should fill the HEC application form and Cyprus scholarship & other relevant application forms as mentioned in the website

2.      Attach the Ministry of foreign affair’s attested copies of all transcripts and degrees, medical forms, and other requisite application forms etc , as per above mentioned website, with Cyprus Scholarship Application form.

3.      Send the application package, before 05-04-2010, to the address mentioned below:

Asif Kaleem Malik,
Project Manager (FFSP/Cyprus)
HRD Division, Higher Education Commission,Sector H-9, Islamabad.