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Lahore exams and World Cup matches

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Lahore exams and World Cup matches
« on: February 23, 2011, 01:13:10 PM »
Lahore, Feb 22: Students who love cricket are keen to watch their favourite cricket teams in action in the cricket World Cup 2011 despite their annual examinations. Students had shown their frustration over the fact that no matches were being held in Pakistan.

Usually, annual examinations are held in March every year in Pakistan. Thousands of matriculation students are upset because of the overlap of their exam date sheet and cricket World Cup schedule.

A conflict between parents and children is on the rise over whether to watch the World Cup matches or to prepare for exams.

A student of grade 10, Hamza, said, "My parents have declared that there will be no matches for me. They are getting ready to pack up the TV." He added that he had requested his parents if he could just get the updates of the ongoing matches, but his parents even rejected that. "To make matters worse, my parents are on the lookout and have forbidden me to use my cell phone, so that I don't receive updates of matches," he added.