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Until a few years before the partition, Secondary and Higher the University of Bombay controlled Secondary Education in the Province of Sindh. The University of Sindh was established in April 1947 at Karachi and later on Secondary Education was transferred to it.

   By the promulgation of the Central Legislative Act No. XVI of 1950. The Board of Secondary Education Karachi was established in the year 1950. Thus the control of Secondary Education was handed over to the Board of Secondary Education Karachi.Mr. Sultan Mohyuddin was appointed its first President.
Initially the Board started functioning in a three roomed ground floor of a residential house at Fatima Jinnah Colony, off Jamshed Road , with a skeleton staff of 3 or 4 persons only


The Board held its first examination for 1,461 examinees. The curriculum and courses of studies were prescribed by the University of Sindh which in itself was an adaptation of curriculum and syllabi of the Bombay University in 1951.
The Board drew up its own curriculum & syllabi in 1952.Mr. A.F.M Abdul Haque was appointed in 1953, as Second President and Committees of Finance, Examination and Recognition were constituted.In 1954 Heads of schools were advised to issue certificates in non-examination subjects on the basis of Cumulative Records. The Board office was shifted from F.J.Colony, Off Jamshed Road, to Bilquis Mahal, a rented building at 1st Chowrangi, Nazimabad, in November 1955 .

Dr Akhtar Hussain Raipuri was appointed the third President of Board.

The first examination was conducted by the Board under the own curriculum and syllabi, namely Secondary School Leaving General and Secondary School Leaving Technical Examinations in 1956.The Board undertook publication of a set of books in English, Urdu, History & Geography books were published in collaboration with Silver Burdett Company of U.S.A.The Board organized a comprehensive symposium, on Secondary Education which persuaded Educators & Educational Administrators to think seriously on educational matters.

Dr. Surat Ali Khan was appointed the 5th President of the Secondary Board.    
The Board Office was shifted from Bilquis Mahal, Nazimabad to PECHS in two bungalows, one at Sir Syed Road and the other at Khalid Bin Waleed Road.    
National Education Commission was formed and curriculum was formulated in five groups: Science, Humanities, Commerce, Home Economics and Industrial Arts.
Nine medical officers were appointed in various localities to look after the health of the employees of the Board and their families.
System of External Evaluation was introduced in the ratio of 75:25 respectively. Research and Evaluation Cells were established within the Boards    

Professor Qaiser Hussain Khan Bakhtiari took over as the sixth President of Board.    

New curricula and syllabi framed by the Curriculum Committee, for Secondary Education as approved by the Central Government, was adopted.

On 8th January, 1962, the then West Pakistan Government replaced the Karachi Secondary Education Act XVI of 1950 by promulgating an ordinance known as West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Karachi Ordinance No. III of 1962. By this ordinance Intermediate Education was transferred from the University to the Board and the designation of the President was changed to Chairman. Prof. Qaiser Hussain Khan Bakhtiari took over as the first Chairman of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Karachi.    

The newly constituted Board conducted its first SSC & HSC Examinations in Ma, 1962, for 17,000 and 8,000 examinees respectively. By this time the Board had 133 recognized schools, as against 31 in 1951, and 21 affiliated Intermediate colleges.    

A plot of land was procured in Nazimabad and the construction of a three- storied modern building started.    

Modern Group with following courses, for those students who could not continue with the prescribed syllabi at Matric Level was introduced.    

(i) Urdu (ii) Functional English (iii) Social Studies (iv) Related Mathematics & Science.
     (i) Clerical Practice (ii) Electrical Work (iii) Tailoring (iv) Machine-Shop Practice.    
     A Teachers Directory giving biographical and academic information regarding 2,568 teachers working in schools and colleges affiliated to the Board, was published.    
     A quinquennial review (1958 62) for the Secondary School Leaving Examination, of Board was published.    
     Home Economics group was introduced.    
     Reports as Decade of Reforms & Development (Souvenir) were published on examination statistics, as well as field studies, in the area of curriculum development, testing and measurement, examination reforms and program evaluation.    
     Centralized system of assessment of scripts was introduced. A report on the new method of controlled and centralized assessment of SSC & HSC examination scripts was published.    
     Students, after passing oriental languages examination in Sindhi, Pashto and Punjabi were allowed to appear in the subject of English for SSC Certificate.    
     Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarship of Rs. 25/- each per month were awarded to 75 students and 25 scholarships of Rs. 25/- each per month were also awarded to the teachers children.    
     Scheme foe award of Merit Scholarships of Rs. 30/- per month, for a period of two years, to students securing top three positions at the SSC/HSC Examinations was introduced. The number was increased to 10 in 1962 & 50 in 1963.    
     A Directory of College Teachers, with names, designations and addresses, was published.
    New office building , Library Hall, Conference Hall, two bungalows, six quarters for class IV servants were constructed , at a cost of Rs. 12 lacs, on 12000 sq.yds, in North Nazimabad.    
     Aptitude tests were introduced, whereby students of 8th class were advised to opt for one of the five groups, for their Matric Examination.    

     National Youth Center was constructed in North Nazimabad for extra curricular activities.    
Staff quarters were constructed on a strip of land measuring 3.11 acres within the premises of National Youth Center.    
Public Relations Section was established, The All Pakistan Education Seminars were arranged to improve and modernize the techniques and methods of Education, with the help of different committees.    
     Nine-paper Scheme for S.S.C. Examination was introduced.    
Syllabi of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics of Higher Secondary stage were revised.
     Social studies courses (History, Geography & Civics) were revised and renamed as Pakistan Studies.    
     Braille transcription system at S.S.C stage for blind students was introduced.    
     A book Mashraki Uloom ki Taleem-o-Tadrees, prescribed by the West Pakistan Government was introduced.    
     Books on various science subjects were published.    
     To minimize the time taken for the preparation of result, centralized system of assessment was introduced.    
     To improve the reliability & validity of the Boards examinations, objective achievement tests were introduced.    
     Oriental & Merit Award examinations were introduced, Certificates & Gold Medals were awarded to the meritorious students.    
     Physical Education section organized games & sports and published a quarterly magazine Sports & Culture covering news about sports & cultural activities in the affiliated institutions.    
     Talks & features on various aspects, of Education, through broadcast on Radio Pakistan, were arranged by the Public Relations Section.    
     A monthly Urdu magazine Fikro Khayal was published.    
     The Research Section, analyzed and maintained Examination statistics of the Boards S.S.C Examinations, according to groups, sex, divisions, sectors and schools.    
     Separate objective-type question papers were introduced along with essay-type question papers.
     Grade System was introduced in examination results replacing the Division System    
     International Tournaments were arranged at the Youth Center. Scheme of maintaining Cumulative Record Card System was introduced in Secondary Schools, under Education Policy 1972.    
   The ordinance of 1972 was amended by an Act No. 23 of 1972 & No. 10 of 1974, whereby Board Of Secondary Education Karachi was bifurcated into two Boards, Board of Secondary Education Karachi & Board of Intermediate Education Karachi. The Board Of Secondary Education Karachi remained in the old premises whereas the BIE was housed in the Hostel Building of National Youth Center. Mr. Rustom V. Divecha was appointed as first Chairman of the Board Of Secondary Education Karachi . The two Boards started functioning separately from 1st. February, 1974.The scheme for the award of the Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarship was introduced.National Youth Center was renamed as Bakhtiari Youth Center in recognition of the services of late Q.H.K.Bakhtiari, ex-chairman of the Board.A report of experts committee on the Causes of Student Unrest and Remedial Measures was prepared.A Research Report on the development of General Science Curriculum at the Secondary Level in Pakistan (1947-73) was published.    
     New scheme of studies at secondary level was introduced.    

Geography of Pakistan was introduces in place of Pakistan Studies for Foreigners in lieu of Urdu.
Scheme of Grades was introduced in place of Divisions and subjects of 5 groups Science, Arts, Commerce, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, were integrated into two groups, Science and General.    

System of codification was introduced in Answer books of IX & X class science group


Separate gold medals were awarded to the students, obtaining highest marks, at the SSC Annual Examination in Science and General Groups.
Mr. Nurul Hasan Naqvi was appointed as second Chairman on 31-12-80.

   Mr.Mir Muhammad Siyal was appointed as third Chairman on 14-10-82 .    
   Mr. Wasiullah Kidwai was appointed as fourth Chairman on 17-11-84.    
On experimental basis, computerization of results was approved in principle.    
The amount of Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarships was increased from Rs. 25/- to Rs. 75/- per month. Number of students was also increased from 75 to 200, including scholarships for the Teachers children.    
President Talent Farming Scheme was launched on all Pakistan basis by the    

Federal Ministry of Education with the blessings of the President of Pakistan.
Considering the provision of policies, codes and rules pertaining to minimum age of class VI as 10+, the violation of rules by prescribing lower age for S.S.C Examination was checked and the age for S.S.C Part I Examination was fixed as 14+.    
Quarterly journal Sindh Educational Journal was published jointly by all the Boards of Sindh Province.    
Prof. Q.H.K.Bakhtiari Educational Research Award was introduced    
   Mr. Muhammad Ismail Memon was appointed as fifth Chairman on 04-09-85.    
Scheme of Merit Cash Awards for the Deaf students securing 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions at the SSC Examination was introduced from 1984.
Board of Secondary Education Karachi purchased a mainframe computer in March 1985. It was commissioned in Nov.1985.    
The Computer Cell was inaugurated in November 1985, by Dr. Shafquat Ali Shah, the then Education Minister.    
By the Grace of God, the Board was able to construct SSC Annual Examination 1986 results on computer. Thus the Board of Secondary Education entered into the Computer Age.    
Construction of new block adjoining the Main Building of the Board was approved.    
Research projects were completed on, A study of the feasibility of combining essay-type and objective tests to improve the validity and reliability of examination at Secondary Level and Students perception to education system, its objectives, relevances and functioning.    
Malaysian Educational visited the Board in Sept.1985.    
The International Youth Year was celebrated by the Board in 1986.    
Seminar on Computerization of Examination System for the improvement of Boards examinations was organized in 1986.    
     For the introduction of the scheme of Short-Answer Questions in the Boards examination, Method of Techniques for the preparation of Short-Answer Questions on different subjects was introduced.
A research journal Caliber was published for the first time and distributed to the meritorious students on Merit Cash Award Ceremony, 1987. Mr. Akhtar Ali G. Kazi the then Minister for Education, government of Sindh was the chief guest.
Two workshops were held in 1987 and 1988 for the teachers who had registered themselves for participating in Prof. Q.H.K. Bakhtiari Educational Research Award Competition.
An Inter-School Debate Contest (For Girls) was held in 1987 to commemorate Professor Bakhtiaris death anniversary.
Coaching camps for schoolboys in Athletics and Basketball were organized.
The 24th Inter Collegiate Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony 1986-87 was held in the premises of the BSE Karachi. Mr. Akhtar Ali Kazi, the then Education Minister, Government of Sindh graced the functions as Chief Guest.    
     The Editorial Board of Sindh Educational Journal was formed in 1987 in order to encourage authors, producing work of high caliber, and to award prizes of Rs. 1000/- each for the best articles published I the last four issues in Urdu, Sindhi & English languages.
    Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan Thaheem was appointed as sixth Chairman on 04-11-89.
Haji policy for the employees of the Board was formulated.    
An Inter Board Committee at Provincial Level was formed.
Prof. Naimullah Siddiqui was appointed as 7th Chairman on 10-03-91.
Mr. Muhammad Ismail Memon was appointed second time as Chairman on 28-06-92.
The system of Home Assessments was discontinued due to certain reported mal practices and the system of Centralized Assessment was re-introduced to make the assessment more valid and reliable.
Minimum age for appearing at SSC Part I Exam, for regular and private candidates was fixed as 14+ and 16+ respectively in accordance with the rules.
Workshop was organized on Paper Setting and Moderation from 16-11-1993 to 11-11-1993, for the training of new paper setters Caliber 1993 indicating and highlighting the performance of school teachers and students at SSC Examination for the period of 1987-1993 was published for the second time and distributed, on the occasion of Annual Gold Medals, Merit Certificates and Merit Shields Award Ceremony. Mr. GD. Memon, Adviser to the Governor of Sindh was the Chief Guest.
Fifth Inter-Board Essay Competition & Sixth Inter-Board Science Poster Competition were held in collaboration with Pakistan Science Foundation.
Commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Pakistan a Science Exhibition was organized at Fatimiyah Girls Secondary School, Britto Road. The exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali, the then Minister of Education.
Inter-School Quiz Competition was organized on District Level on 20th Nov. 1997.
10th Inter Board Science Essay Competition and 11th Inter Board Science Poster Contest was held on 10-02-1998 & 30-04-1998 respectively, in collaboration with Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad.
History of the Board was written in May, 1998.
Unified Course of Mathematics for Science and General Group was introduced for the session of 1998-99 by Press Notification on 28-07-1998.
Award Ceremony for the students of 1995 & 1996 was held on 18-08-1998. A caliber of 1998 was published.
Seminar on the Scheme of Studies was made on 15th to 17th Sep. 1998 in the Ministry of Education, with Professor Miss Anita Ghulam Ali.Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Aziz Ansari, as a Chairman, B.S.E. Karachi, was made on 19th November , 1998.
Compilation of the New Syllabi & Scheme of Studies was made on 12-12-1998.
Award Ceremony for the students of 1997 & 1998 was made at Bahria Auditorium on 15-04-1999.
Entry in the Examination form of SSC Examination, 1999, for the Completion of Nazra Quraat upto Class VIII, was made on 18-05-1999.
Textbook of Computer was introduced for the session of 1999-2000 by a press notification released on 15-06-1999.
     The rate of Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarship was enhanced from Rs.75/- to Rs.150/- on 20-07-1999.
transfer of Mr. Aijaz Ali Baig Mirza, Secretary, Board of Secondary Education Karachi was made on 31-07-2000.
Appointment of Mr. Shafiullah, as a Secretary, Board of Secondary Education Karachi, was on 31-07-1999.
10TH Inter Board Science Essay Competition and 11th Inter Board Poster Contest was held on 14-09-1999 & 07-10-1999, respectively, with collaboration of Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad.
First prize of 11th Inter Board Poster Contest was awarded by Board of Secondary Education Karachi at National Level.
Darse-Nizami Group was introduced for the session of 1999-2000 by a press notification released on 21-12-1999.
     Inter School Naat Competition was held on 25-01-2000.
Sindh Inter Board Essay Competition was held on 01-02-2000, in collaboration with Board of Inter Education, Hyderabad.
IBCC accept the students of Sindh Boards with their passed SSC Part-I, Examination, with Sindh & English Subjects, if they migrated from Sindh to any other province of Pakistan, from 18-02-2000.
Meeting of the Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarship Committee was held on 15-03-2000 to award 200 scholars, at the rate of Rs.1800/- per student.
Research report on Communication Process was made on the requirement of IBCC meeting held on 20-04-2000 at Rawalpindi.
Report of Examination performs & Mal practices were made on 21-04-2000 required by the Ministry of Education, Islamabad.
Meeting of Islamiat teachers, for the preparation of Model Paper of Islamiat was held on 25-04-2000 & 29-04-2000 and press notification for Islamiat was released on 30-05-2000.
Sindh Inter Board Debate Competition organized by Board of Secondary Education Karachi, on 17th & 18th May, 2000 and awards were distributed by the honorable Minister Education Prof. Miss Anita Ghulam Ali on 18-05-2000.
New textbook of Islamiat was introduced on 30-05-2000, with model paper prepared by Board of Secondary Education Karachi.
On 09-04-2001 a report of 37 pages about proposals for introduction of problems in Examination System, registered to Abdul Qayyum, Assistant Secretary I.B.C.C. on 09-04-2001.
Pakistan Inter Board Competition 2001 after selection on 07-04-2001 names of the selected students (a student, 3 Qiraat, 3 Urdu + 3 English Debate) were fixed and registered to Sargodha Board on 14-04-2001.
On 08-05-2001 Meeting with Mr.Maqsood Raza, deputed by Governor Sindh to submit a report about Board.
On 10-05-2001 report on the part wise Examination System submitted to the Secretarys Office on 10-05-2001.
On 31-05-2001 report regarding private examination Board, (Agha Khan Private Examination Board) prepared and letter to Dr. Perveen Shahid, Ministry of Education, Curriculum Wing, Islamabad registered on 31-05-2001.
Approved result of the participation in the 7th Quraan Majeed Conference at BISE Multan registered and fixed on 31-05-2001.
From 24-09-2001 to 29-09-2001, go to Multan with the team of selected students to participate, Qiraat, Naat & Speech Competition.
All Pakistan 7th Quran Majeed Furqan Hameed Conference held on 26th, 27th & 28th September, 2001 at Multan. Three students participated and Mr.Abdullah Tariq, student of Chiniot Islamia, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, awarded Gold Medal of 1st prize in speech competition, Adnan Nazar student of P.N.Boys School, Hanif SRE Karsaz got the 3rd prize in Naat Competition at Pakistan level and Board of Secondary Education Karachi win the shield at Pakistan Level.    

From 06-11-2001 celebration of Iqbal Week with Bait Bazi Speech on Iqbal and tableau competitions at Board of Secondary Education Karachi. On 10th November, 2001 Prize Distribution for the winners of Iqbal Week.
Distribution of cheques made to the meritorious students of SSC Annual Examination 2000 from 23rd November 2001.
Distribution of cheques Rs.2000/- each to 250 scholars of Poverty-cum-Merit scholarship 2000 made on 26th November 2001.
Cheque for Rs.10.000/- made for All Pakistan Educational Conference as contribution of fund by Board.
Issued Press Notification for traffic Rules on 08-07-2002.
Distribution of cheques to the position holders of A O level students and SSC Examinations 2000 student by Minister of Education, Anita Ghulam Ali made on 22-07-2002 at Board of Secondary Education Karachi.
12th Inter Board Essay Competition was held from 10th to 12th September 2002.
Inter School Essay Competition for Urdu, English and Sindhi languages is made on 10th, 11th and 12th September, 2002 respectively at Board of Secondary Education Karachi.
Selection of three best posters by the Judges is made on 15-10-2002 at Board of Secondary Education Karachi for 12th Inter Board Competition in collaboration of Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad.
Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarship 2002 awarded on 05-11-2002.
Brig. Muhammad Shafiullah Qureshi SI(M) (Retd.) join the Board as a Chairman on 16-12-2002.
Muniza Naseem student of G.G.H. Pilot Sec. School, Nazimabad No.3 got the 1st position at National Level in the 12th Inter Board Science Poster Contest at National Level, collaborated by Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad.
Sofia Wajid student of Zubair Public School, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, got the 3rd position in 12th Inter Board Science Essay Competition, Similarly Huma Talpur student of Pak.Navy School , Majeed SRE and Marium Shah of Aisha Bawany G.S.S. got the 1st and 2nd positions respectively in 12th Inter Board Science Essay (Sindhi Language) Competitions at National Level.
Students Week Celebrations from 6th January to 10th January 2003, Husn-e-Qiraat, Hamd/Naat Khawani, Urdu, English, Sindhi extempore speech contest. Mrs. Sadia Rashid (daughter of Hakeem Saeed) was the chief guest on the prize distribution ceremony held on Saturday 25th January, 2003 in the Conference Hall of Board of Secondary Education Karachi
On 4th March, 2003, meeting of the Committee for Poverty-cum-Merit Scholarship 2003 for the selection of 250 scholars at the rate of Rs.2000/- each.
On Monday 21-04-2003, research section is shifted from Room No.43 1st floor to the Library on the ground floor of Board of Secondary Education Karachi.
On 24-05-2003, Research Officer-II was awarded by Gold Medal from South Asian Publications 2002 as an educational researcher women of 2002 at Behria Auditorium Karachi. Dr. Ata ur Rehman was the Chief Guest.
Annual Melad arrangement made on May, 2003 renounced shields were distributed to the retired persons from Board of Secondary Education Karachithe name of Secretary, Board of Secondary Education Karachi was reopened from the Kurra alongwith the three employees of the Board for Haj facility provided by the Board.
On Monday 13-10-2003, Award Ceremony for the merit position holders of S.S.C. Examinations 2002 & 2001 was celebrated at Regent Plaza, Honorable, Governor Mr. Ishrat ul Ebad was the Chief Guest.
From 10-11-2003 to 13-11-2003 (Monday to Thursday) workshop on paper setting technique and improvement of assessment of scripts of SSC Examinations 2003 was conducted in the Conference Hall of Board of Secondary Education Karachi.
13th Inter Board Science Essay Competition was made from Tuesday 2nd December to Thursday 4th December, 2003. Inter School Husn-e-Qiraat, Naat recitation, Quiz & Speeches in (Urdu, English & Sindhi) languages Competitions were arranged.
13th Inter Board Science Poster Contest 2003 was arranged on 16th & 17th December, 2003 in the Conference Hall of Board of Secondary Education Karachi.
On 23rd December, 2003 meeting for the members of Poverty-cum-Merit scholarship 2003-2004 was made for the selection of 250 deserving scholars from 3000 applications, for Rs.2000/- each.

On 17.02.2004 Rs10,000/- donated by Board of Secondary Education, Karachi for All Pakistan Education Conference, Islamabad.
On Monday 5th July 2004 Annual Jalsa e Seerat-Un-Nabi was made in the conference hall of Board of Secondary Education, Karachi. Respected Mufti Madharullah Sialvi was the special guest Brig.
Muhammad Shafiullah Qureshi, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military) Chairman Board of Secondary Education, Karachi,announce the names of three lucky employee of the Board selected (by Kurra process) for the grant of Hajj expenses.In pursuance of office memorandum No.FD(SR-1)-1(51)2004 dated 22.07.2004 issued by Govt. of Sindh
Finance Cooperation Department Karachi, the Chairman in anticipation of Boards approval is pleased to allow payment of adhoc relief @ 15% of the basic pay per month w.e.f. 01.07.2004 to all the employees of the
Board of BSP-1 and above (vide Reso. No.4 dated 26.06.2004 approval of Board)
Selected students of Board of Secondary Education, Karachi went to participate in the 8th Quraan Majeed
Conference, held from 22 to 24 September, 2004 at Multan. Mr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui student of Happy
Home School, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, awarded Bronze Medal.
Students week 2004 celebrated by Board of Secondary Education, Karachi from Monday 4th October to 9th
October 2004. Prizes to the winners of Madar-e-Millat year 2003, winners of 13th poster and essay contest
2003 at National Level and winners of Students week 2004 were awarded by S. H. Hashmi, who was the Chief Guest on 9th October, 2004 at Board of Secondary Education, Karachi. Prize winners of Qiraat and Naat competitions of 8th Quraan Majeed conference held at Multan, were also awarded by Rs.25,000/- cash by Chief Guest S. H. Hashmi, Managing Director, Orient McCann Erickson.'
Circular for 14th Inter Board Science Poster and Essay Contest issued on 29.10.2004. Display of posters made on 20.11.2004 and essay writing competitions arranged on 7th, 8th and 9th December 2004 at Board of Secondary Education, Karachi.
Circular for Poverty cum Merit Scholarship, for award of five Lac rupees to 250 poor students (Rs.2000/- per student) issued on 29.10.2004.
Award Ceremony for the meritorious students of S.S.C. Examinations 2002 and 2003, was held at the Regent

Plaza on 20th December, 2004. Dr. Sardar Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Senior Wazir, Finance Minister, Govt. of Sindh was the Chief Guest on behalf of Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan, Governor of Sindh.

Report of Students week 2003 2004 regarding co-curricular activities Madar-e-Millat year/Students week Celebrated from 8th December 2003 to 12th December 2003 and for the winners of each event, prize distribution ceremony arranged on 9th October 2004 at 11:00 A.M. in B.S.E. Karachi. Mr. S. H. Hashmi (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) Chief Executive, Orient Mac Cann Erickson had kindly consented to be the Chief Guest and gave away the prizes.

Report regarding New Scheme of Studies and Provincial Implementation of New Part wise Scheme of Studies is submitted to the Chairman office on January 2005.

Mr. Asif Pasha Siddiqui Join the Board as Director of Educational Research on Thursday 27.01.2005.

Farewell Ceremony of the retired employees of B.S.E. Karachi held on Wednesday 09.02.2005 in the conference hall of B.S.E. Karachi Chairman Brig. Muhammad Shafiullah Qureshi SI(M) Rtd. was the Chief Guest.

Minutes for the Poverty cum Merit Scholarship 2004 2005 is submitted for the meeting of the Board held on Monday 14th February 2005 in the conference hall of B.S.E. Karachi.
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BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION KARACHI SSC Part-I and II (Class IX and X) Annual Examination, 2008

Notification for the information of all concerned who have appeared at the SSC Part-I and II (Class IX and X) Annual Examination, 2008 without obtaining required permission i.e. for Improvement of Grade, Ten Papers, Alternative Course of Language in lieu of Sindhi Salees, Geography of Pakistan (for foreigners only), Additional Papers/Subjects. Their permission forms will now be accepted with a late fine of Rs.500/= till the announcement of result and with a late fine of Rs.1,000/= after the declaration of result. Permission Forms shall be accepted in the Accounts Section of the Board after checking of the Permission Form from the
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