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BSEK Parents of failed students to Check answer booklets

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BSEK Parents of failed students to Check answer booklets
« on: August 06, 2015, 11:46:48 AM »
BSEK Parents of failed students to Check answer booklets
Karachi:06 August:Meanwhile, the BSEK chairman, a press conference on Wednesday gave parents of failed students an open invitation to come and check the answer booklets of their children.
If the parents believe their child should have cleared the matric exams but were deliberately failed by the board office, they should come and see the answer sheets,” said Zai. “Though we are no legally bound to do so, I am giving an open invitation to all those who claim that the BSEK has not done justice to students.”
He said the students who have been protesting since Monday have been claiming that they were deliberately marked absent or failed in the results announced for science and general groups.
To deal with the matter, he said, the BSEK had set up special counters to reply these two major complaints. “We are providing subject-wise marks to the protestors and also showing their answer copies to parents and elders coming with the protesting children,” said the BSEK chairman.
The protesters claim that brilliants students were declared fail or were marked absent while many a parents claimed that their child had secured more than 80 percent marks in class nine or SSE part I exams last year, but this year they were declared fail by the board.
However, responding to the allegations, Zai said the board’s examiners only awarded marks if the student had given the correct answers. “If there is nothing in the answer script then how can a student get marks,” he said.
By judging the numbers of copies, I feared that previous marks were not transparent. I do not know how the students bagged those colouring marks in previous annual exams since I was not the BSEK chairman at that time. But this time, I can assure anyone that so far I have not found a single genuine candidate who was mistakenly or deliberately declared fail by the board.”
He said most of the answer copies were being rechecked in the presence of parents by board examiners in his presence, and nothing was found in them to award marks. He claimed that hardly any of the students who obtained more than 80 percent marks last year scored more than 20 when they copes were rechecked.
I also questioned some of the candidates but they could not reply properly,” he said. “In case, any student was mistakenly or deliberately marked absent, his case will be cleared. Senior officials and I am seeing the matter.”
Sharing his experience with a student, Zai said he found a girl student leading the protest outside the board office by raising a hue and cry and loudly cursing the controller examinations.
I called her into my office and asked the section concerned to bring her answer booklet. The examiners and head examiners checked her copy again after which I examined it too before showing it to her mother. Instead of answering questions, the candidate had written a request to the copy checker to award her 90 percent marks in the subject, saying that she was a Hafiz-e-Quran and she had scored more than 80 percent marks last year.”


He also showed the answer booklet to the media during his press conference. He said if the board declared failed students “pass” then it would be unfair to merit and hundreds of other students who studied hard all year round and deserved their high marks.The news.
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