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Youth Day, Independence Day marked at PYHA

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Youth Day, Independence Day marked at PYHA
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:59:23 PM »
Youth Day, Independence Day marked at PYHA
Islamabad :12 August: By International Youth Day and Independence Day celebrations held at Pakistan Youth Hostel Association’s (PYHA), Islamabad chapter here on Saturday, says a press release.Titled as ‘Meet the Talented Youth’ of Pakistan, the event showcased conversation with youngsters from a diverse range like painting, doll-making, poetry, sports, singing, education, wildlife conservation, and language learning.

They shared their story of success and expressed belief in the bright and lasting future of Pakistan. All of them had a dream common: To do something that their country feels proud of them.

Talia Noor, the painter shared with the audience her journey as she always liked and loved to play with colours.

“My teacher motivated me after seeing my interest in paintings and today my work has been showcased in a number of exhibitions that is quite encouraging,” said Noor. The moderator of the event Prof Munir Fayaz noted the bright shades and strokes in her paintings reflected colours of life.

Rameez Ishaq is an accomplished singer in the twin cities. He said Rawalpindi Arts Council contributed a great deal in polishing his talent. Later, he performed at a number of programmes and events. To a question, he said in the beginning his family opposed his choice of profession as singer but now they respect his decision.

Ambreen Fatima, an artisan and fine doll-maker had come with her dolls which were at display at the PYHA. My mother too was also an artisan and worked at Lok Virsa, she shared her story of success. I used to watch her make doll and later tried my hand at it. Today she is an accomplished doll maker herself and her dolls are put on display at exhibitions not only at home but also abroad.

Muhammad Azeem Babar, a champion in table tennis and badminton both is also a gifted Pakistani young man who has won a number of laurels for Pakistan and is a junior champion in badminton. I have performed in China, Malaysia and India and have defeated Indian counterparts winning trophy my country, said he.

Ali Kaswar, the poet also spoke about his poetic journey. I belong to a family of acclaimed poets of Pakistan Anjum Khaliq (father), Khaliq Qureshi (grandfather), Khurram Khaliq (uncle), he said.

It would be rather a surprise for everyone if I had not tried my talent in this genre, he said. He also read out a ‘ghazal’ on the occasion which was greatly praised by the audience.

Besides these gifted Pakistani youths, talk by Turkish national Tahira Andleeb who is working as interpreter at the Parliament House and knows a number of languages like Urdu, French, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish and others and can speak them fluently was also highlight of the evening. She said she found Pakistanis great friends of Turkey and very lovable. She said she had read great Urdu poets and writers like Allama Iqbal, Noon Meem Rashid, Mazharul Islam and they had greatly inspired her. She said she was lucky to be part of a ceremony where Mazharul Islam was also present. Child Ambassador of Pakistan Wild Foundation (PWF), Minahil Safwan also shared how she upheld and promoted the cause of animals and raised the issues on a number of forums. At the end of the event, Manager of PYHA Adnan Qureshi distributed certificates among the participants.The news.
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