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Book on education mythodology launched

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Book on education mythodology launched
« on: February 11, 2009, 01:16:05 PM »
Book on education mythodology launched

Peshawar: 'A Dynamic View of Education' - a 200-page English-language book on education methodology by an eminent educationalist, Ahmad Nawaz Salim Qureshi (late) - was launched here Tuesday.

Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, son of the author and former chief secretary of NWFP and Sindh, was the chief guest of the ceremony organised by Gandhara Officers Club, a body of the public servants affiliated to Gandhara Hindko Board, a literary, cultural and social welfare organization that has brought the work into fine print.

The function was presided over by Professor Dr Zahoor Ahmad Awan, a noted writer, critic and research scholar and laureate of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz who has compiled the work of the distinguished educationalist from Dera Ismail Khan.

The speakers expressed views on the life and work of the author and termed the book very useful in that discussed in full details the problems and challenges of the education system and suggested remedies for the same. They hailed the book as a dependable account about a vital sector that warranted attention.

Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, a former bureaucrat of impeccable character, in his speech said the book authored by his illustrious father and completed on December 15, 1976 was the result of 40 years of experience put in by him as a teacher and educationalist. He said his father devoted his life and invested all energies in his profession. "While some information may be dated, as the manuscript was finalized in mid-1970s, the substance and ideas are still relevant," said Ejaz Qureshi, hoping that the teaching community would find it a useful and insightful publication on the subject.

The recently retired high government official thanked the Gandhara Hindko Board for encouraging and helping him to get the manuscript published. He was particularly grateful to Professor Dr Zahoor Ahmad Awan and Muhammad Ziauddin for carrying out the task. "A lot of their labour of love has gone into this endeavour," said Qureshi while extending gratitude to the literati who have also published another book by the same author "Diyaar-e-Dil" in Urdu language.

Professor Dr Zahoor Ahmad Awan said, "A dynamic view of education" was the work of a dedicated and dynamic individual who had his career as a teacher and educational administrator. "The author studied in the pre-partition India in famous Aligarh College and University and imbibed in himself the Aligarian values of education-honesty, hard work and dutifulness. He learnt from great Sir Syed's institution the love, humanity, humility and modernity without severing links with his cultural, religious and social norms," said Zahoor about the author who died on October 3, 1968 in Peshawar after leading a fruitful life.

Muhammad Ziauddin, who went through the manuscript and supervised the publishing task, said he took the assignment as an honour. He hoped the book would prove to be a milestone in the development of education. "This writing is illustrative of the author's clear roadmap for bringing about a great change in the education sector. It is imperative that the importance of education should not only be acknowledged but also far-reaching practical steps taken to achieve the objective. The author has aptly pointed to such measures and laid out rules and regulations for accomplishing the task," he added.

Associate Professor Dr Adnan Gul said the book 'A Dynamic View of Education' was a rare book on the subject showing writer's calibre, knowledge of the subject and expertise in the field of education. "The author has discussed the educational problems and enlisted the solutions as well," said the speaker, adding the lucid, clear and candid style had made the publication more impressive.

Shahid Masood Kakezai in his brief speech said the contents of the book spanning 10 chapters were interesting and made the book attractive even for those who were not oriented in the field of education as a discipline. He said the publication showed the love of the author for his nation and the country.

A set of publications brought out by Gandhara Hindko Board in year 2008 were also presented to the chief guest at the end of the function that was attended by academicians and literati apart from several serving and retired government servants. The News