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Eligibility for Admission in the Department of Biotechnology

For B.S (Four Years Programme) 1st year

Intermediate (Pre-medical/Pre-Engineering)

For M.Sc (Previous)

B.Sc with one subject being Microbiology or Biochemistry.

Admissions in B.S/M.Sc. (Prev) shall be granted on the basis of an aptitude test. Knowledge

of basic mathematics and proficiency in English language shall form part of the aptitude test

for Eligibility Department of Biotechnology

Following are the conditions for eligibility whether applying on merit or reserved seats:

         1.            For admission, the candidate should have obtained a minimum of 45 per cent

marks in the pre-requisite examination (Grace / Condonation marks will not be counted). A

student placed in 3rd division or obtaining less than 45 per cent marks in the pre-requisite

examination cannot be admitted in the University.
            A candidate who has already obtained a Masters degree is not eligible for

readmission. If any such case comes to the notice, the student's admission will be cancelled,

and legal action can be initiated against him/her.
         2.            Only those candidates can apply for Masters who have passed their Graduation

examinations in 2001 or later. For BS the candidates must have passed Intermediate / HSC

in 2002 or later.
         3.            3% seats in each department have been allocated on merit for candidates who

have passed the pre-requisite examinations more than 5 years ago.
         4.            Those students of B.Sc. Honours who have successfully completed their two

years of studies at the University of Karachi may apply in any other department for Master

degree with an application for conversion through the chairperson. 5% seats in each

department will be allocated for such candidates. These students will not have to wait for

one year after completion of two years B.Sc.
         5.            For those students who already have passed their Honours in any subject and

now wish to enroll themselves in any other subject for Masters Degree, 5% seats of the total

admissions of the department have been reserved. Such candidates shall be eligible for

admissions to previous class in the Masters Programme, provided that they qualify the other

conditions for admission.
         6.            Candidates desirous of taking admission on the basis of degrees/certificates

other than those given in the conditions of eligibility should get the equivalence of their

degrees/certificates determined by the University Equivalence Committee well before the

scheduled date of admissions. Candidates passing ‘O’ Level, ‘A’ Level or other foreign

degrees/certificates should also get the equivalence of their grades and marks determined by

the University of Karachi or IBCC before the scheduled date otherwise their application

shall not be entertained. Candidates possessing DAE certificates are reminded that even after

the determination of equivalence they will be considered for admission in only selected

departments which have been mentioned in this booklet. They are instructed to attach their

consolidated mark sheets with the admission forms, otherwise their forms would not be


Courses Department of Biotechnology

B.S. Four years / M.Sc two Years Programme
First Year

300.1(i.s)    Islamic studies
300.2(p.s) Pakistan Studies
300.1(e)      English
300.2(u) Urdu
301  Fundamentals of Chemistry
302  Introduction to Organic Chemistry
303   Biochemistry I
304  Biochemistry-II
311  Fundamentals of
312  Microbiology –I
Second Year
Third  Semester
Fourth Semester
400.1(f.m)Functional  Maths-I /
(bio) Biology-I
400.1 (f.m) Functional Maths-II
(bio) Biology-II
400.1(e)  English –II
400.2(e)  Computer Applications in Biotechnology-I
401 Energetics and Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Processes
402  Clinical Microbiology
403 Applied Microbiology &  Immunology
404  Metabolism of industrially  important micro-organisms
411 Cell and Molecular Biology 
412  Genetics
B.S. Third Year /M.Sc Previous 
Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

501   Introduction to social sciences
502  Communication  skills
511   Virology
512  Molecular Biophysics
521   Genetic Engineering
522  Research Methodology and Techniques
531   Protein Chemistry
532  Bioinformatics
541   Principles of Biochemical Engineering-I
542  Principles of Biochemical Engineering-II
551   Biosafty
552  Medical Physiology
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

601  Biostatistics
612  Ethical and Social Issues in Biotechnology
611  Biotechnology Business Applications
622  Food Biotechnology
621  Agriculture Biotechnology
632  Plant Tissue Culture and

631  Animal Cell and Tissue culture
642  Medical Biotechnology
641  Applied Immunology
652  Environmental Biotechnology
651  Applied Enzymology
662  Community Development


Contact Information Department of Biotechnology

For further information please contact:

Telephone:9261300-06 Ext:2474


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