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Higher Education Commission finalises curriculum of BS Public Administration

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Higher Education Commission finalises curriculum of BS Public Administration

Karachi, Feb 17: The National Curriculum Committee of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has developed a competency-based curriculum for a four-year BS Public Administration to be taught at public sector universities and institutions of higher learning in Pakistan.

The committee which met at the Higher Education Commission regional centre Karachi recently, decided that the course outlines proposed previously with the recommendation of experts of the discipline should be given a final shape keeping in view the most modern global trends.

The committee unanimously selected Dr Zafar Iqbal Jadoon from the University of the Punjab as Chairman; Dr Abuzar Wajidi from the University of Karach as Co-Chairman and Dr Bushra as Secretary of the committee for the proceedings of the meeting.

The committee reviewed the courses thoroughly and after making necessary revisions finalised the scheme of study for the four-years eight-semester system for Bachelor of Public Administration carrying 131 credit hours.

The committee decided that the main objectives of the BS programmes should be based on desired knowledge areas and learning outcomes. In this regard, the courses were allocated among the members of the committee and a format was agreed upon for developing course profiles. To discuss the product aspect of the courses, two groups were formed, one for business and second for public administration courses.

The committee developed the courses concerned with implementation guidelines of Public Administration, Quality Assurance in Public Administration Programmes and Employment of Public Administration Graduates.

The committee suggested that a national body to promote and ensure quality assurance in Public Administration programmes on the pattern of other professional bodies such as Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Bar Council and Pakistan Pharmacy Council should be formed under the aegis of the HEC. It suggested for organising summer schools every year for the students and faculty of the discipline for sharing knowledge and removing the bottlenecks in the universities. The News
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