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Declaration and labelling in Denmark

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Declaration and labelling in Denmark
« on: March 07, 2009, 09:09:49 AM »
Declaration and labelling  in Denmark

You have the right to know the manufacture date of the foodstuffs you buy as well as their

storage life. There are several schemes for the labelling and control of foodstuffs. For

example, this may be a guarantee that a product has been organically manufactured.

Non-foodstuff products are labelled to show whether they are environment-friendly or

energy-efficient, for example.
ط-mوrket (the Danish ط-label)

The ط-mوrket (the Danish ط label) is used in connection with foodstuffs and plants. The

Danish ط-label indicates that the product is guaranteed by state-control to be organic in

origin. This means that no pesticides have been used in the production process, with a few

exceptions such as sulphur, for example. Artificial fertlizer is prohibited if at least 80% of

pet fodder is organic.
The Danish ط-label
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