BA Islamic Studies

This is BA Islamic Studies Past (old) paper year  for Punjab University
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BA Islamic Studies Past (old) paper

BA English,Islamic Studies(Ethics)

Pakistan Studies(Pak-Study)old Paper 2010-2011 and

یہ بی اے اسلامیات لازمی کے سابقہ امتحانی پرچہ جات ہیں۔ بی اے اسلامک اسٹڈی کے پرچہ جات، پنجاب یونیورسٹی کے سابقہ امتحانی پرچہ جات یہاں موجود ہیں

BA.Part 2 islamia books translation only written by prof, hamid kokar kindly add them for the student of graduate so that can take help and develop the future of Pakistan. kindly add them in pdf format reach the website pakstudy with new atmosphere of knowledge i will be very thankful inam kpk pakistan current location shrj dubai

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Plz help me in english n ye k b.a 1 sall mein ho jta ha ye ni plz cnfirm me.n B.A english notes plz kindly send on my E-mail.