Biology Notes(class 10th)

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Biology Notes(class 10th) This is "Biology" Notes in Urdu for Preparation of exam Click Here Biology Notes For Class 10th جانداروں میں ترسیل Transport in Organisms عمل اخراج یا ایکسکریشن Excretion سپورٹ اور حرکت Support and Movement کوآرڈینیشن Response and Coordination عمل تولید یا ریپروڈکشن Reproduction جینز اور وراثت Gene and Inheritance ارتقا Evolution انوائرمینٹل بیالوجی Environmental Biology

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I read in this website nice very Good collection notes I like and appreciative who wrote and published in this I hope that in next others bok will be publishe here Thx lot of thanks .

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